(upbeat music) Hey guys, this is Karina.
it’s Ronald here from Sis versus bro. And today we’re doing the cake Challenge. So we have two options. Chocolate cake. Or vanilla cake. And we’re gonna put some toppings on them. Some of them are gonna be crazy, like crazy. And some of them are gonna be like, aww that’s delicious. I could eat that alone. So we’re gonna put a bunch of toppings inside them and then decorate them. And at the end we’re gonna be judging by its taste and by its looks. So it gotta be pretty Ronald. And it gotta be tasty. Yeah. I think that’s gonna be quite hard to get ’cause we got a little bit of (groans) toppings. Not very good at all, no. So let’s get started Ronald. Yeah. All right this cup has the papers, will decide if we get vanilla cake or chocolate.
Chocolate cake. I wanna go first. No wait, rock, paper, scissors. Fine. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Yeah! (laughing)
(mumbles) All right, I really want chocolate cake. No, you’re gonna get vanilla, missy. I wanna get this one? I have a good feeling, I dunno. Okay, I don’t know what kind of feeling I have about this! It’s not showing, vanilla! Yeah, boy I got chocolate. I should’ve went with the other one. All right, I got vanilla though. It doesn’t look that bad, it looks pretty good. But I’d rather chocolate cake. It’s Milka chocolate cake. Oh! Yours gonna taste better already. Royal.
I could still beat you. I could get really good toppings. And you could get ugh. But mine is still Royal. (laughs) All right, let’s open this up. Ooh whoa, I have packaging. Mmhmm packaging. So we’re gonna make a cake. So we’re gonna open this up. Oh, what was that, what is that, Ro? Is that chocolate frosting? Oh yeah, it’s chocolate. It’s Milka chocolate bits. You get to put inside, lucky bunny! Oops. That was not meant to happen. (laughs) Just put the rest inside. Some fell inside my mouth; it tastes good. Dump this in here. All right, I’m already messy. All right, let’s take some from my apron ’cause it’s all on top of my apron. Wait, it’s opening. It smells good. Ronald, dump it in, dump it in! (Ronald screams) And the instructions says that we need three eggs, milk, and butter. And I don’t need milk. You don’t need milk, so I’m the one who has to have the milk. There goes the milk. I don’t know how to do this. I’m just gonna pour the eggs. We also have eggs. We both have three eggs. We have to pour in, so I’m gonna pour these in. You just pour? Yeah. There we go. And we also have a big bunch of butter I have a smaller piece. There we go. I think this is gonna be the best cake ever. And we just mix? Yeah we just mix.
This is how you make a cake? Yeah, this is how to make the good kind. All right, I wanna choose the first topping. Actually, you can choose it, because I chose the first one last time. Okay. What you get? What did I get, what did I get? Corn! Corn? The worst thing.
You got corn! No, it’s not the worst thing. It’s one of the worst things. You got corn! (laughs) Yeah! All right I’m gonna pick mine.
Corn was the only thing I was thinking of. All right, I’m gonna get something really good. All right, this one is gonna be delicious. It’s gonna be so good. It’s gonna be carrot, watch. It’s not gonna be carrots. It’s gonna be Twix! No! Yes, it’s Twix! What’s Twix? Twix is a chocolate bar. Oh, found Twix. I had never had a Twix before but I bet they’re really good. So let’s dump this corn. (Karina sighs) Ooo, that’s good. No, that’s not good.
That’s good. You need more! That’s good. You need more. That’s good. Fine.
I’m gonna mix it in. And I’m gonna open a couple of my Twix packets and put them in. I wanna try one, ’cause I never tried one before. All right. Mmm, tastes really good. Mmm mmm, good stuff. Caramel. Oh, this looks so good. All right, I’m gonna mix my Twix in. And I’m gonna grab another paper. This looks so good. (Ronald screams) What’d you get? I got, I think I got Nutella! B-ready you got the–
Yes! Nutella! We never had Nutella before, so– Yep, we never. I think you gon’ be like, oh yeah, mhmm, delicious. Is Nutella good? Mmm, Mmm!
looks good. Oh! It’s gonna be the best cake ever! And I’ll put one, two more. Ron, don’t forget you have corn in it. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be the best. But don’t forget you already have carrots in yours. I don’t have carrots. But you will. Ooo, Okay one more. Okay, time for your paper, missy. Okay dookie. Get carrot, get carrot, get carrot, get carrot. Get something good, get something good. God send me this–
Something good. Send me, message me that Karin’s gonna get carrot. Lindor! Oh!
I got Lindor chocolates! Okay, so, where is my Lindor? Right there, missy. (gasps) (angelic voice impersonation) Lindor’s so good, oh yeah. (claps) Time for the next– oh wait, not the top, not the top. And I’m gonna get mine. Milk, Milka Oreo’s! Milka Oreo?
Milka! It’s time for some Milka Oreo to brighten up the house. I love Milka Oreo! Let’s go.
All right, what is mine? Nachos, nachos. Is that gonna taste like… I like nachos, but I don’t know if it’s gonna taste good in cake. Ugh, that’s gonna ruin my cake. Why so little? Because that is gonna already ruin my cake. There’s so much spices on it going everywhere. So good. Mmm, I know. So good. I know. This thing is gonna brighten up the cake. Everything goes in. That’s gonna be a pretty big cake, ’cause you have a lot of things still left. All right, you can pick your next one. Open it underneath the table. Okay. Pineapple! Let’s go, let’s go. Ronald, are you listening to me? Yeah, but I got peas! (Ronald laughs) All right, here you go. Okay, where’s the pineapple? (Karina moans) I’m gonna put one pea, just one. What, no, that doesn’t count. Then I’m gonna put one pineapple. Okay, fine, fine, one pineapple, one pea. No, no.
Yeah! Like half a pea, no, half a pineapple. All right, I’m gonna grab one pineapple. One? Ronald, one pineapple is pretty big. ‘Kay, then two peas. Deal is a deal. No! Yes! More than that, Ronald. Okay that’s good. (gasps) Ronald, more than that! Karina! That’s like a quarter of a pineapple. That’s really bad! (laughs) Moving on to the next item. Please be good. God send me good stuff. Send me–
send me good stuff. Chocolate chips, yay! (claps) (snaps) Look what I got, it’s behind the carrots. You got lettuce. Here you go, Ron. Ronald is the winner! You win a bag of lettuce. Congratulations, Ronald. You won a bag of lettuce, I’m proud of you, so proud. Where are my chocolate chips? Are they on your side, Ronald? (gasps) did you steal my chocolate chips? No. Okay so here are my chocolate chips. Ronald, I heard that chocolate and vanilla go good together, like really good. Chocolate is good, but chocolate and vanilla, so good. So I got chocolate and vanilla. I’m adding my lettuce, that’s good. Okay, my lettuce is in, we’re ready to rock. All right, my chocolate chips are almost in. Ready to dump. No, we’re ready to rock before you had those chocolate chips, let’s go! Yeah. Let’s add lots, and lots, and lots and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, yeah. Okay Ronald, what’cha gonna get with that big fat butt? Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. I got Choco Flakes. Guess what I got. Milka–
No! Sensations, these. What did I get? I forgot what I got. These. Choco Flakes. They look pretty good. Milka apocalypse. (laughs) You have a lot of Milka in there, maybe I can have some. Can I have some? Nah.
Fine. These look pretty good. It’s time to try. They have caramel inside. What? Yes, look at this! That’s chocolate, Ronald. That’s caramel. That caramel? Mm hmm. Chocolate, I told you. All right, I’m gonna try my choco-chip. Mmmm. Or what is it, Choco Flake. Mmm.
Mmhmm. It’s really good. Let’s add lots, and lots, and lots, and lots, and lots. Okay guys, time for the last topping. And I dibs this one. No way, it’s my turn! But it’s our turn, it’s our turn. Wait, which one did you say? Okay. Hey! It’s my turn. Fine, I can open this one It’s gonna be good, it’s gonna be good Damn it! What?
Carrots. Yes, ah, that means I got something good. Here are your carrots, Ronald. You got something bad. Kit Kats! No, no!
A Kit Kat, a Kit Kat! No, no!
A Kit Kat, a Kit Kat! Guys, look how massive this bar is. Look how big it is. Look how big it is then look how thick it is. It’s so big! (angelic choir music) That’s not it, Ronald. You’re having like a vegetable cake. I have three entire bars in this. No, you– Three, three, three!
You need to stop! I wanna save one of these for tomorrow. ‘Cause you know I’m all about saving stuff. Three carrots. Ronald! (Ronald laughs) That is not the quantity of three carrots, that’s the quantity of like zero carrots. You need more than that. Here, I’ll help you. No, you’re not helping anybody! I’m helping everybody. I’m only helping you lose. No! Put on my beautiful Kit Kat. Ron, I feel kinda bad, do you want a bit? Mmm. Okay so that was the last ingredient so now we’re gonna mix it, and then we’re gonna bake it, and then we’re gonna come back and put some toppings on. (coughs) Yeah! Put all the bad stuff on the side. No, you have to put it all in the center. I’m gonna mix all the chocolate in the inside. At least my cake is more healthy. (laughs) Yeah, it’s like a vegetable cake. You know, the boring type adults eat. Oh, I found a bit of pineapple. Evil pineapple! So guys, our cakes just came out of the oven, they’re looking De– Licious! And now we’re gonna decide who’s gonna get the caramel and who’s gonna get the Nutella as the frosting on top. And then we’re gonna put on the toppings. Okay.
I wanna pick at first. No let’s rock, paper, scissors. Oh fine. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! Ha.
No! Okay, I should have learned your pattern by now. Okay, which one will it be? I’m gonna pick this one. Yay, Nutella! You got Nutella? Let’s go! I got caramel. Guys, this is Nutella and let me tell you something, this is my first time trying this. Roldobgee first time trying this. All right, you try it, I’m gonna try my caramel. Three, two, one. Mmm, oh my gosh, mine’s so good. Mmm. Mmm, I love it. Mmm. That is so good
So much. Okay so now it’s time to put it on our beautiful cakes. I’m gonna put lots. I’m gonna put ton. ‘Kay, that’s a lot, Ron, we need to save some for other times. I can see the Nutella B-Ready coming out of the cake. That sounds delicious. Nutella plus Nutella equals… Delicious. Ron, but don’t you see some corn peeking out? See at the bottom there’s a little corn and there’s corn here and then another corn– But Nutella cancels all the bad things. Uh, no it doesn’t Ronald. You could still taste it through the Nutella, trust me. Mmm.
It’s not pretty. Oh yeah, I got caramel on my cake and it’s looking really good. Okay guys, I’m done with the frosting. What about you Karina? Just licking? Yeah, don’t mind me. All right, I think I’m ready for those toppings. Okay guys, now it’s time to put on the toppings. Toppings! Wait, wait Ronald, Ronald, did you almost forget? Rock, Paper, Scissors? Mmhmm. Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. (Ronald cheers) I know your pattern. I’m gonna take mine. I got– Butterflies! Ferrero Rocher! What’s that? Ferrero Rocher, It’s one of my favorites chocolates. Oh. Oh. (laughs) You’re my favorite Where’s the flowers, though. No, butterflies. Butterflies. Aww, you get Butterflies. Yeah. You get pretty points. Pretty points.
Pretty points. So guys, we’re gonna be judging our cakes by the taste and how it looks. Ronald is already getting some pretty points right now, so yeah. My butterflies right on the cake. Like that. Aww that’s pretty. All right, my last Ferrero Rocher. I’m gonna dip in again, see what we get. Wait, I just want one more in the middle, yummy! What did I get? Raffaello, what’s that? What’s Raffaello? Oh these ones, these ones look so good. Oh. And they’re definitely gonna make your cake prettier ’cause they’re all white and it looks really pretty. I feel like I have too many butterflies. I think I gotta create a butterfly mountain. And I’m gonna pick something good, get something good. And delicious of course. Mini biscuits! Oh, they’re just plain biscuits, can you pass them over? I thought you got mini Oreos for a second. These, they look very plain. But, I can still make them look nice. I wanna try these first, I’ve never had these before. Don’t taste bad, I like them. They’re actually pretty good. All right, everything’s nicely placed, all in order. ‘Kay, this is my last wrapper. Only three? Yep. I hope I get something good. Something pretty, something really pretty. Okay, but we’re hoping about me right now, not you. (laughs) No, actually I need some help because I don’t have very many colors on mine. Oh I got mini Oreos, I got mini Oreos. What? Let’s go.
here you go. All right, get something good. I’m like the master at this. Let’s go, mini Oreos. Pink sugar! Cool, yours is gonna be more sugary. I’m more healthy. Yeah, ’cause you got some lettuce, a couple of carrots. That’s not gonna do anything, you’re putting so much sweets on there. (gasps) Look at it. Now it’s time to try one. They look so cute. I like the mini Oreos. Can I have one? (Ronald laughs) Fine. You gotta pick first, ’cause you gotta go in a pattern. ♪ Yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. ♪ Flowers. What, you got the flowers?
yup. These were my only chance of getting really pretty points. Aww, my pink sugar and I have everything aligned. But you have just everything messed up. Messy like, okay, I’ll put some here, and there, and there and there. But this is all aligned. Do you want me aligned, though? No, no, no, don’t.
You want me to beat you? What did I get, Marshmallows! Cool. Yay, these will totally match my cake ’cause they come in pink and white. Flowers. Your flowers are so pretty. There we go. Guess what I got. What? Skittles! I don’t really like skittles. I hope I get something really good. That will get me a lot of pretty points, like, a lot. Kinder Bueno minis. Ooo, that sounds delicious, can I have them? These? Ooo, it’s these ones! (cheering) Aww look, they’re so tiny. They’re gonna fit perfectly ’cause they’re so small. Time to try a skittle. I don’t like Skittles, I don’t wanna try. Mmm, Mmm. Rrr, rrr
Mmm. Gimme some scissors ’cause I can’t open this with my bare hands ’cause it’s so slippery. Ooo, so helpful, thank you. We’re now opening, yeah, it’s opening wide to it goes inside my mouth I want this cake for my birthday. I haven’t tried the mini ones, so I’m gonna try this one. Mmmm, that’s good. Okay the last item. Gummies, let’s go! That means I got the very last one, which is probably the best one. I don’t care if they don’t taste good, I just want them to be pretty and they’re– Gummy versus real banana. Going all the way back. Good ol’ banana, I never liked the bananas. But Ronald, he’s like a monkey. (monkey singing) Okay so last, and it was mine and now I know what it is. It’s silver balls, silver sprinkles You don’t eat silver balls though. No, these are edible. Really?
See, look at those. They’re made out of sugar or something, I dunno. But they seem delicious. How on earth do you open this? Like that, you twist the lid. Okay, even the sprinkles need to be organized. I need to get all the pretty points I can get. So, that is my last topping, except I just wanna put a last bit of this on to color everywhere. Oh yeah. So our cakes are ready and steady time for the– Showdown, dun, dun, dun! (upbeat hip hop music) So guys, here is my finished cake. I have some Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rochers, biscuits, marshmallows, silver balls, and fairy dust everywhere ’cause I’m secretly a fairy. So on my cake, magical cake, we have some butterflies dancing around, smelling the flowers, with skittles, topped off with Oreos. Overall the cake is looking gorgeous, it’s like a messy room. So now guys it’s your chance to decide who is the winner of the decorating part of the contest. And now we’re gonna do the eating part of the contest. Let’s go. I was waiting for this bit. All right, I’ve got my knife ready to cut things. (Ronald bangs on the table) It’s over there covered in frosting. I got my knife ready to cut things, definitely on point right there. And I’m just gonna chop her right here. Right here. Chop, oh, easy chops. Easy chops. Oh yeah, yeah, that’s how you do it So now it’s time to see how the cake looks inside-o. Okay. Mhm, mine looks actually pretty plain in the inside. None of my toppings are showing. That’s a little strange. Me too. None of my toppings are showing. Not even your peas? Not even your peas. I didn’t have any peas. My pineapple doesn’t show, I guess it’s pretty good. Okay, so now it’s time to try it and afterwards we’re gonna switch. Three, two, one. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm, glory is entering my stomach. That is a good cake. Mhm! I don’t taste the carrot or peas or corn. Let’s try each others. Switchy switch. Three, two, one. Hmm. Mmm. Yours is really good. I like yours. Mhm. I like this one better. You do, really? Mhm hm. I can’t decide, it’s really good. Oh yeah, that was a good bite, that was a good bite. I can’t decide, I prefer both cakes. They’re both so good. I prefer yours. Okay then I guess I’m the winner in the eating bit of the challenge. Guys, even though my cake has Nutella, Karina’s cake tastes better. I dunno how I did it, I’m just really proud of myself I’m gonna give myself a pat on the back. I deserve this pat, and you also deserve that pat too. Your cake is really good. I just can’t decide between the two. So guys, we hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button, and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye! Wee! And guys, don’t forget to comment which one was more pretty. Wee. (lighthearted guitar music)

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