Vacation OOTW + Hawaii Travel Diary // Summer Outfit Ideas ♡

Hey guys, it’s Jess, welcome back to my channel I hope everybody is having an amazing day so far As you guys can tell I am having quite the amazing day, the amazing week, actually. My husband and I are currently in Kauai, Hawaii. We’ve been here on vacation for the last week and it has been amazing one of you guys actually slid into my DMS and requested an outfits of the week video and I was like That is a great idea. So that is what we’re doing today It’s partially an outfits of the week video partially a travel diary and then also just like a vacation outfits idea video where you guys can just get inspired for your Upcoming vacations if you’re wondering what to bring and if you guys are not subscribed yet Hit that subscribe button down below to join the family. And with that let’s hop right on in. On Wednesday, we flew into Kauai, we flew Hawaiian Airlines I highly recommend them It was an awesome flight and it was just a really good experience We flew into Lihue Airport and our hotel shuttle came and picked us up, now for traveling I always like to be super comfortable And since we were going to be landing in a place that was going to be very warm and humid I wanted to wear something that definitely was breathable, but also had some layering going on for the flight I wore this burnt orange cami paired with linen pants. My favorite brown braided sandals and for my third piece I wore my trusty denim jacket. For accessories, I wore one of my favorite pairs of sunglasses These are just, they’re pretty much knock-off Raybans. I got them at princess Polly, and for necklaces I am wearing one of my go-to gold chokers layered with this gold Monstera necklace. This outfit was a perfect thing to wear because it was so breathable and comfortable. Once we landed I could just take off the denim jacket and I was ready to embrace the warm Hawaiian air On Thursday, we rented a jeep and decided to do some exploring. Now, I I can’t even recommend you guys enough If you go to Hawaii go rent a jeep and do some exploring because it just was so fun Having the top down and driving around was just, it was an amazing experience We decided to drive up north towards Hanalei Bay and just explore for a couple hours and we just drove around and had fun So for this day of adventure I wore this red Hawaiian print dress my brown braided sandals and my little brown woven backpack For accessories, I got a little crazy and I threw on some Kuzco earrings and for my necklaces, I’m wearing that gold choker once again layered with this seashell necklace This outfit was a perfect thing to wear on a day of exploring. It was lightweight It was flowy and it just made it easy to run around in Okay, Friday, I think was my favorite day out of the whole week in Hawaii It was just so fun and special. In the morning We explored Poipu and we had breakfast there And then in the evening, we went to a luau. Going to a luau was the number one thing I was most excited to experience when going to Hawaii because I think the culture and history of Hawaii is so beautiful Just getting to be a part of that experience and see people who are so proud of their culture. Who are Representing it and telling the story and the history of who they are and their ancestors was so cool And so special to me the luau we went to was Luau Kalamaku and let me just say it was one of the most amazing performances I have ever been to I genuinely cried multiple times throughout this performance. It was so beautiful and Everybody was just so talented To the Luau I wanted to wear something that was a little bit dressed up, but still had a nice vacation vibe I wore an off the shoulder read Hawaiian print jumpsuit paired with open toe woven mules and a woven bag for jewelry I again had some fun and I wore these white poofy beaded earrings paired with my shell necklace My Monstera necklace and my gold choker My husband and I we had a great time So if you were going to Kauai anytime soon, please do this dinner Please go see the show and see all the talented people. The luau was by far my favorite thing from this whole trip, and we did a lot of really fun things Saturday was a super chill day. I had to catch up on some projects So I ended up spending most of the day editing and then we ended up going to the pool for a while had some dinner At the hotel and then finished off the evening with an escape room. Most of the day I spent in my Rolling Stones t-shirt and some leggings, but when we actually went out and did things to the pool I wore white denim shorts, and then when we went out to the escape room I swapped them out for my brown corduroy high-waisted shorts. Wow a mouthful The escape room we did was called I think curse of the Tiki Room and we barely made it out We made it out with less than 10 seconds. It was kind of crazy We got like really stuck in the middle And then in the last five minutes, we figured everything out and then just made it with six seconds to spare On Sunday. We went ATV-ing in the morning and the rest of the day, we just had another pool day We had a lot of pool days because it was just such beautiful weather. We were like heck yeah, let’s go to the pool again We went ATV-ing at Kipu ranch and the tour was three hours long so quite a long time and we went through all of these like iconic movie spots where they’ve shot Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park and just All of these huge movies, which was super cool to see. We drove through Jungle areas, we drove through water it even started raining. It’s starting to rain, this is gonna be exciting. And after ATV-ing for I think about two and a half hours you go stop at this place where there’s this beautiful Bamboo forest with a path that leads down to a waterfall. Everywhere you looked was beautiful, and lush, and green so for the actual atv experience, I just wore some workout clothes because on the website it said you will get dirty and I Really got dirty. I was just covered in mud by the end of the day. So after ATV, we went back to the hotel I showered and I changed it into the outfit that I spent the rest of the day in. I threw out a light brown ribbed tank Top my high waisted corduroy shorts a linen button-up overtop my brown braided sandals and a brown braided belt We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the hotel, at the pool, at the beach that the hotel was on We kinda just hung out and ate snow cones and laid out. On Monday We went paddleboarding and I wore that same workout outfit from the day before Paddleboarding was super fun. I got a funky tan and I did fall into the river But overall it was a good time once we got back into the hotel I changed into this black and red Hawaiian print maxi dress But I actually thrifted at the Rose Bowl flea market and though I had not tried it on until that moment I was like pretty shook to find that the dress fit perfectly My friend Leah actually found this at the Rose Bowl flea market for me. So Thank You Leah. You picked out the most perfect Well fitting dress ever Bless you. Bless you. Bless you. I got that on camera Tuesday was our last full day. And we wanted to end the trip by doing something really fun So we decided to do one of our favorite activities: ziplining So this day I actually kind of changed my outfit a lot throughout the day So I started off in the morning with a white cami High-waisted corduroy shorts a white linen button-up over top and white sneakers Now after the tour my bug bites actually started getting really really itchy. I have not mentioned this yet But when we went paddleboarding we went on a hike through the jungle and I got over 100 bug bites I kid you not Over 100 we counted so to keep me from scratching in the car on the way back. I swapped from shorts into linen pants we ended up making a pit stop at Walmart to get me some anti itch cream, which helped immensely but The bug bites they they still itch. They’re pretty gnarly They were so far it didn’t look so far but it was And then since it was our last night in Kauai we decided we wanted to go for a very fancy dinner and just like Have a grand old time So we decided to actually go back to Gaylords, which was the fine dining restaurant on the luau property The dinner was amazing. The food was so good. Once again, it was just the perfect way to end the trip On Wednesday, it was sadly time to leave and go back home So for my airport outfit, I just wanted to wear something really comfortable and low-key and chill So I just wore an oversized t-shirt paired with biker shorts. For shoes, I’m just wearing my Nike cortezes. And for socks, yes I am gonna point them out. They are so stinkin cute. They are green and they have little Corgi’s on them So cute! And that is what I wore on my week in Hawaii. That is a wrap on today’s video guys I really hope you enjoyed it and I hope that if you’ve been looking for some outfit ideas and some inspo on Your upcoming vacation or trip you might be planning I hope you guys got some If you guys have a favorite outfit from today’s video Leave it in the comment section down below because I’d love to know and if you guys are planning a trip anywhere in the near future Let me know where you’re going because, I don’t know, I like seeing where you guys are going I actually don’t have a quote of the day because I came ill-prepared for filming on the beach But I will insert a quote of the day up here. So there’s some Inspiration that can still be had so the quote of the day I hope you guys enjoyed it think on it as we go into the week. Thank you guys so much for watching today’s video I love you guys so so much and I will see you in my next video


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