Using an embroidery hoop

Using an embroidery hoop

today I'd like to show you how to put on it a little wooden hoop here 4 inch take the inner ring from the outer ring pop it on use half the table make fabric over the top and then take your outer ring and loosen the tension now if you're right-handed you put it so the adjustment is at about 10 p.m. the left hand is you want to move that across there that will stop your thread getting tangled so we're going to put it on there push it down firmly and tighten the adjustment screw and then just pull the fabric nice and firmly over the boob I use a little bit more it's nice and that's due to saggy at the moment little bit more that's better Leger fabric hooked up ready to work

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  1. Ok this is dumb but if your giving the seeing to someone as a gift how do you give it to them do u leave the fabric in the hoop take it out give it to them as a square put in a picture frame how do u give these away???? plz help

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