Uniqlo CEO criticizes Japan for hostility towards S. Korea

the founder and CEO of the Japanese
company fast retailing Tadashi Yanai II whose empire includes the clothing store
Uniqlo has denounced the Japanese government for the way it’s treating
South Korea in an interview published Monday by the Japanese weekly Nikkei
business yen ie said it’s odds that Tokyo is behaving aggressively towards
Seoul despite their worsening ties Yanis
brands have taken a beating from a boycott by South Koreans of Japanese
companies he said in fact that the RBA administration has become hysterical in
its dealings with South Korea and he understands why Koreans have responded
the way they have


  1. He is not critical of any governmental foreign policy. What was written is:
    1 Due to the Korean nature, Koreans are inevitably angry about Japan.
    2. Japanese have been calm about Korean despite Korean’s series of criminal acts against Japan. A Japanese should be sensible as it was.
    3. Japanese young entrepreneur should start up a new industry such as AI, etc. An Old business man like Yanai-san want to take a rest.

  2. Frankly speaking, this moron should close his shops in the hell peninsula. What is the point of the sales in this tiny country?

  3. 月刊「voice」の柳井氏のインタビューを読んだか…




  4. Nice try. Japan still uses Korean women and actresses as comfort women today. They continue to rape and exploit Koreans, while getting local Korean traitors to continue to support Japan.

    Would you be willing to buy products from a person who used to rape your parents and grandparents and your sister? Cos that is what Japan is hoping for, so that they can continue to rape Korea

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