Unicorn Snow Bath Challenge

And today Welcome to our…BATH!!! So this is our bath, and today we’re gonna do the Full Bath of snow Today!! So we have this snow in second’s bag We’re gonna dump it into the bathtub, pour water inside, and then we’re gonna be swimming IN snow In MAY! YAY!!!! LET’S DO IT! JUMP INTO THE BATH *Getting into their tubby* Ok, so lets dump in the snow first *Screaming as fake snow pours in the Bath tub* Oh its like a sand pit Its kinda disgusting because it’s going into between my toes Yeah. It smells like snow Okay, so now lets pour in the water *Screaming* ITS TURNING INTO SNOW. Pour all the dust into the water. Wow! It’s growing! There is so much dust over here So much snow Woah! Look at the snow! It feels so weird! Aah! My pants are wet. Oh wow! this is insane! It’s still slighty growing. AH! It got in my face!! Can it grow any bigger than this? I don’t know. This is super cool Move your feet around. It feels so cool. My toes!! Is it still growing? I don’t know if it’s still growing I think it still is growing AH!! He’s splashing water on me!! I’m like bathing in snow!! IT’S SNOW TIME!! I MISS WINTER! Me too And it’s finally here! I will take all the snow! It’s like so hard to move in! AHH my belly is like stuck in it! (laughing) (even more laughing) (more laughing) (they’re still laughing) I’m cold! Me too! it’s snow what do you think? There is so much powder behind Ronald D: I know! Dip it into the water what’s underneath us! šŸ˜‰ SNOW FIGHT! WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE!! Sorry I did not do most of the captions šŸ™ So let’s try diving in. 3. 2. 1. Ronald’s “Pee”… THE COLOURS šŸ˜€ So Bootiful PINK MY FAVE COLOR, YASSS Purple is my sis’s fave color. Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappe is a NO NO OMG LOLOLOLOL Relaxed there, Daddy? šŸ˜‰ Sub TO SIS VS. BRO for more content!! Bye byee!!!!

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