Unboxing ARW Department Store Assorted Clothing

all right what’s going on today we’re going to show you what you can find inside our ARW department store clothing case packs these are unmanifested they’re in shelf full condition and you’re gonna get an assortment of spring summer and fall winter styles for men women and children now in the main these are gonna be heavier in women but you will find a small percentage of men and kids clothing in there as well but enough of me let’s open one of these up and show you what you can expect all right so check it out these are how the cases are made basically this is a sample of what you find in the case we process these we take them out of pallets and we make smaller case packs for you and we just dump them in there okay so you’re gonna get a wide variety all case they’re not gonna be the same but you are gonna get the type of items that you find in here so let’s get to it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right so there you have it this is what you can expect to receive in our air/w assorted clothing case packs as you saw the vast majority of these will have their original tags but expect a small percentage not to because again they are shelf pulls things can go missing they can fall fall in the store they can fall while they’re being packed so these are shelf full condition ok they’re unmanifested and as you saw you get a bunch of different styles I mean there was athletic wear in there summer wear winter where you’ve got shirts pants corduroys jeans the list goes on so this particular case was heavy and women’s apparel but you also found a few items for kids and men but again all the case packs are gonna be different so you have to expect to receive assorted goods not identical to what you see here but either way check them out on our website again they’re Air W department store clothing at time in recording it’s 122 bucks 50 cents for 70 pieces at a dollar 75 a piece check them out and let us know what else you want to see we’ve got a bunch of merchandise you want to pan out quickly I don’t know what you can see if anything but we’ve got a bunch of merchandise home box for you guys so let us know what you want to see


  1. I’m so excited to see that you are expanding variety case pack products and I’m going to be calling in very soon to get an account manager assigned to me.
    All I have ever seen and heard about your company and customer service are rave reviews.
    Thank you so very much for sharing,
    Be safe out there,
    William Gallaher

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