Twill weave of newspapers

Twill weave of newspapers

hello today we are going to talk about leads ANOVA hidden the new kinds of leads in which we will be using various ways of weaving medical borrowed experimental I have been inspired for such experiments by olive olive olive that with cylindrical open were cleaned up with the pocket another and trying to imitate this pattern I've tried different ways of even touched upon the subject of quality I have tried to both such open work with a wheel as well as dancer ones like these a Chewbacca's Odd Couple to dioxin today I'd like to show you how to make woven item like this dress me run a sacristy yeah Budapest II with the first of all how we define the size of the elite I will believe in such a jewel box on this base the lid will be the same I will be leaving you together that is why I prepare such work pieces about the need I will need to to work pieces look there hole one and the one with a hole in the center give you more I was you how I make them I outlined the bucket the bio or indent in this case a couple of centimeters and draw one more line a centimeter media Tom gin would impose Oh effect Rivoli new epithets totem per min soo-ah 50% or you can take something around or smell their mature and don't lie in it there can be several very desire then I outlined on the wallpaper I didn't cut two circles of the required amateur applaud the world when your skill go since you mean I don't believe one of them the village cheese on the second one I indent two centimeters to the subject several points and four in one more circle to save the material I cut with a knife I love the line I try to do it carefully I caught a ball inside no yes Lia could bring you to the silicon a little should take the in the circle of ways we can use it as well but if there is no point in Satan material you can just a piece a hole each side and cut carefully with the CSIs it is easier than dressing either afterwards we pee by the cow part look at people in each case it is Jimmy videos I am you sure you're cool he would take him abroad and he Bogota him as for the part of the hole we cut one more circle for it and prepared this area the katoki of cleanly after women as a result we get to to size crippled your pieces this will serve as a base for our elite Christy I see a problem are you on top a bread will define what kind of even we will use tobio stood here I tried several variants I will prepare the self also different kinds of even for the article citation to the tutorial but in principle the variants can be different no go beyond them at real kind or even against 18 on certain we took the copper that is many variants all of them can be found on the internet I will show you some of the variants but we weave such a clause what we need to be a designer but suppose I will show you the way I do it I take such a mosque engagement Lansdale I touched up a lot no bula should should city i'm cut a short drive from Kenya to the bottom the clothes must be a little wider than the in a hole HP okay something like this will be known which cottage ribosome Rasta Yanni Naruto Spacely él tenía let us leave the chips with short intervals between Sam doc versus Daniels mm DevOps terrible day with no intervals at all it would be hard to view so we'll leave some distance between the tubes and the item will be a little Airy this way up to the end we have stung the tubes now I've evolved I fold this dick tape and stick it again let saw the base is ready I'm going to use the tuile we've but is I have got hot coffee on my computer and I follow it and will beam according to you see very please give and click on through Bachchan movie please mature one Platini abraca thought so because we weave according to the scheme there is not much to talk about the only thing is the press and the tubes you can present before starting to weave or while we even not Lena and following the scheme we were closer he doesn't recall Laura now does include shinojima shock oh sure club immunity to the office leeches the moon's gonna give all three tubes raise wrong I gotta yeah shipped in one step here's the to bikini Couture Couture no cloud the white is hard to explain in words on the scheme everything is clear don't listen I'd like your attention to is that the intervals between the tubes replaced I will replace in edgewise I should correspond to the intervals between the tubes who plays crosswise runt what HP machine I am please team with it eventing William one bhootish in the cachaça can barely hear the motif consists of four rows that is a pattern repeats and every fourth row but that one two three four so the ninth row will be identical to the first one on to underwater and further it goes according to list then deck schemes on three of the one on three under one after block soul is this machine approach answer the tenth row will be identical to the second one another not not follow the scheme of the time we can continue following the pattern sound especially how to start the row due to the shift we have to hug different amount of tubes every time so like in the second row third row on walk under one and further like usual yet on three of the wrong that is further we walk according to the scheme petcock dat Padma and this way continue up to the end alternating weave follows from the very beginning we follows from the very beginning now like the third row on the one on three under one on three number behold it's a pity we thought to treat you the person that saw slitting the Thames to the cranial herbage kissing linear oh sweet Jesus doc check the fetish has not gotten broken the stripes lines right way sometimes I have to review in some places if I have let my mind wander somewhere try not to let the extreme tube slide apart and like the fourth row on three on the one on three under one equal million nationally they turned up to the rocks get the issue for teleporter on over please welcome to the play Laden is no one on this way here nothing cookies the crazy but unfit to the circle this anonymous method or God will help to lift so much more remotely for a motif of the half as soon as we have woven up to the required size and the whole inner circle is covered with some reserve so we have to pick this pattern somehow to continue working with it a sticky tape will help again one got four words appear I just saw him from me one more time enough budget although a bit no looseness new version this is ready pretty cool now we draw a circle inside chooses only version but a mr. na magician is nice velvety mr. Stuber too much typically it goes up little fight but is the battery we have to culture with some result make some allowance I don't make a big allowance because we'll have to try on the lead round that's why we don't need a big allowance and cut this masking tape hold very well it has been a discovery for milking the cartilage cut or oh no no stop acidity McClay pistol it's adjustable acidity Oh Eve God let him as a result we get such a rock please doc I will glue it with a glue gun now crime a Shizuka tokonoma simply mr. Lathem and from behind we will cover it with a solid workpiece this way now we spread the glue along the edge of the work piece with the help of a glue gun listen for much pumpkin also vital nothing is no nobody will come couple your hope weapon impressive it is very fast let's give the kills pozzolanic level and this year assure us clean this item to be jewelry better to place it under the press but I haven't prepared it not so much you won't be able Crapo can you throw boys further I glued this field I was spreading alone on their very motif itself that shows just possibly crania to budget strain to the darlin come and stick it that variability which is so far I'm expression line yeah I just like doing it this way you know the way of fixing the Chiefs is individual anyone you like little claim press it and no we don't need those alone to you so I called irregular tubes into the budget Cleveland II see the Pattillo Anatolia as you rarely loo on to both sides of each channel double knob you man but good but not you know this should it have a clear and press its are relating either as a result to be able to the chips and press as a volume bottom and it sticks with the help of glue we and the Jeeves stay inside where they practice Basu clean appropriate time odds in Riyadh ambush Nadezhda turn Apatow yo Kwon Do lair you know Griffin the next one and this way after there after all the tubes have been glued we've even row horizontally is giving a potion a boom and pass on to the lead Grishka yeah yes this way we get such leaves here I have just glue this around for paper but a summer in this chilled bottle bottom of the lid will be a wallpaper table this is little stability as for the pattern it will depend on what kind of variable shoes present any pieces because another coffin here we have the same picture but with a different kind of Enoch and Moses plus geez caca bleep Puma you see I have loaded in the same way and here to be able to culture I will give you the distance metric or else all different kinds of evil in the air keep Anoka moved on I love to get the deal with the black and with Redeemer and so we go here like in any way or even that's why I wish you a good imagination and persistence honestly speaking in the process of preparing I felt like heaven alone the process is a little too laborious but the result is very interesting so I wish you good luck

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  1. Hi there:  I have one question.  I rolled my tubes out of magazine paper, quite evenly.  the tubes are of perfect length and thickness, but when i weave them, they are very STIFF and dont bend easily.  how do i make them more pliable and bend easily so as to get a neat weave??

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