welcome to the activewear hole today we're going to be where Joker's good morning everybody and welcome to a new little bit and I am very excited for this vid it was very requested so I thought you know what it's about time we did it today we are doing a bit of a gym where review the hall so I had a little mooch online found some bits that I thought was cute and I'm gonna try them and maybe if you know you thought you wanted to try something you weren't sure I'm gonna try for you we have a few brands today and they're not brands that I'm familiar with so we have seven bits from new apparel and then we have all this one doesn't even have a a tag where this one's flex it so flex fit is the brand that kind of looks very similar to Lululemon align spend a lot cheaper so we're gonna try here and also I did want to include mice a ski outfit that I recently bought because this was kind of also another inspiration to this video because it was my first time kind of trying out a brand off Instagram obviously it's Tammy hem Bros brand and it's neon so I was there for it I've just released loads dust since I bought it looks people have asked me to kind of review it because obviously it's an Australian Brandon if you're not from Australia it's a risk because I didn't think I would be able to return them if I didn't like them but luckily I did so you have a chat about sake as well I did want to order more from fatzkee but when I decided to do this video last week I realized there wouldn't be enough time for it to arrive from Australia so it's sad about that because I did want to have a mutual arrest there neon collection looks glorious but not today step let's start with thanks oh oh I am very confused right now there is a lot more things in this order than I actually ordered really know why that may be they send me the wrong order I basically ordered two outfits but I have more than two so I'm really confused right now cuz I didn't get sent this I ordered this with my own money all of this stuff so rather confused I may have someone else's delivery anyway we'll just go with it so first up oh my gosh I'm not expecting this is one of the outfits I did order so hopefully this is supposed to be mine this is one of their like iconic Lululemon replicas basically where I've seen lots of people wear them on Instagram they do look very much like Lululemon but half the price so I really wanted to give them a go they do at first glance feel quite a lot thicker and a little bit less soft than the Lulu's we'll see so I ordered my bottoms all in a small and my pops in a extra smaller thing from flex fit so well I would look let's see actually did I get this one in the small maybe I got did get the top in a small as well no I got the tops in a small as well I think they didn't have any extra small left so actually though I was very excited about this top because this top is a bit of me I love these triangle tops I don't know what it is I just really like the way that they sit I'm quite a small boob gal and I don't know I just find them really cute and like ballerina esque that's what they're like isn't it I'm gonna try this on let's have a sink right we are on I absolutely love the top I have to say this top is a bit of me and actually makes me look beautiful I'm normally boobless today I'm beautiful kind of but yes I absolutely love this top very cute very comfortable as well it doesn't feel like it's digging in so I think an extra small definitely wouldn't have been quite right so just right for me and then these bottoms do they are a little bit roomy but I don't mind that because you know it's nice to have a bit of space but I do worry when I'm running on the treadmill doing a sprint or two would they fall down and that is the most annoying thing you know and it slides and you got to keep doing this hope it does it do that I mean I feel like I should test this actually in action really but well it is very flattering the waistband is very similar to a Lulu if you see back is very similar to a Lulu as well I do like them but I don't know if I love the bottoms you know but I do love the top so I feel like the tops only gonna be in its full glory if it's joy to the leg in so I think I will keep this set I think what we're thinking the other sets I now this is actually isn't quite the tunur I thought it was going to be from online so online it kind of looks slightly more gray whereas this is sort of white with gray stripes but I think from far away it still gives the gray effect to feel like that's what happened it tricked me this is the back it has got some pattern in it I don't think it's actually oh yeah it's removable it's removable but I like it this also does happen removable padding by the way I realized that I didn't really specify anything we need to do a SWOT test that way one second is what test it first yep with what proof hey do it that but I know that it's helpful and it's one of the most asked questions when you have a gym set is it squat proof will you see my underwear when I squat no I don't think so anyway this one does have removable pads as well but I like my pads in we also have the leggings to match now I feel like these leggings are gonna be very flattering but can't tell yet so I don't want to get my hopes up but I do feel like they will be quite flattering these look like cropped and I don't think I wanted cropped again they have this really nice sort of buttery soft material we do have a risk here with this light color of it being see-through though so we're gonna have to try that out I also do really like that these sets don't have the vibe of being able to wear out the gym as well without feeling too much you know lap on a little hoodie turn it out and about after the gym need to have a shower but can't quite make it yet at that time anyway let's try right so this is the next set the first thing I would say is this waistband is extremely high so if you could see there is almost risk of becoming a onesie we actually can't afford to well have a bit of the counterman like that well that's a bit of a high waistband I'm not sure how I feel about that it is flattering I actually think that it's here on these leggings is slightly nicer than the last cuz they're a teeny bit thinner so they they just feel a little bit more elastic II I actually do think though although they are like coloured I do think that they are squat proof and also the bra is very nice too the thing I would say I very much like about this brand is how comfortable everything is there's no digging in the old armpit these are a small as well I usually am a small on all of my gym bottom so I'm usually about 1/8 UK size and then top I am usually a 6 probably could fit an extra small but I prefer to have a comfy boom at the gym you know right next step actually let's do the sass key set because I do want to show you how much this is because it's a fave now we have the neon green set I don't think my camera can actually deal with it right now because it's kind of blocking or cut there we go so we've got the neon green shorts and then we have the neon green sports bra to match there is also leggings but I just chose for the shorts and they do also have orange and they also have a pink both kind of neon colors as well you'd really want to get one of the other sets too but because this is my first time ordering from Saskia as a bit scared that it wouldn't fit right or if I you know I didn't like it oh I may still order another color now that I know I like them and I know what size I am so so I think I was a little bit worried because obviously it's from Australia and I think it would be very difficult to return and also I did have to pay import fees in case you are wondering I paid about 20 pounds import fee when it arrived on my door so just so you know that I wear a small on the bottom as always so I would say they're very true to size their bottoms and then I wear an extra small on the sports bra which fits really nicely and comfortably actually so I'd say it's all very true to size to your normal sizing no what I really like about these sure they're just so simple so if you see I really like how this is this waistband it's just so casual it almost doesn't even look like a gym where although it may not look it there are actually very high waisted as well and not this one the level of high waisted and then also the sports bra has removable pads as always I feel like all brass do not you know I really like about these removable pads they don't squish up together in the wash all of my removable pad sports bras do that so anyway I'm gonna pop these on give you a quick show love them so this is the set the one thing I do want to point out very quickly these get dirty so fast I was doing hip thrusts with a dumbbell with these ruins until I washed them but they find out they're washed obviously so as you can see the other thing I really like about these shorts if they aren't too short so some gym shorts I know a lot of people have said to me in the past do they ride up no they don't ride up also they aren't too much of a short short so you do feel safe I would say it's to warn you because this waistband is so small there isn't a lot of compression they're very sort of loose out and about can't really hide too much so if you're feeling bloated wouldn't recommend 11 neon neon is my absolute fave at the moment so yes highly recommend anyway let's move along finally we have our new apparel package I've had my eye on this for a while so I thought I'd give it a try we have again a shorts and sports prospect this is the sports bar now this sports bra worries me slightly it is a little bit busy where's the other strap there's a lot going on on this sports but I feel like I need to put it on it's kind of a halter neck and I do like whole tunics I have a very nice Puma halter neck sports bra which is really cute does have removable pads but these pads feel like they are gonna be squishy washing machine ones so just the pre-warn I picked the sports bar and extra small and the shorts in a small as well very visual sizing these are the shorties um then up short as you can see there is quite the scrunch on the bum so I feel like they're gonna be quite flattering on the bum and I also do really like this sort of diagonal waistband I've got some leggings like this already from celestial bodies and they are very flattering so we'll see what they're like and I think these strings kind of if you tighten them you can make them shorter so very interesting the material doesn't feel quite as nice as flex fit that I have to say a ski and flex fit have a very buttery soft material this does feel slightly cheaper not gonna lie and slightly less elastic II so there's a temp they did also have this in a black and a rose gold like very similar to the Flex fits at but I can't see the Barbie pink I'm not feeling this one I have to say so first step this sportswear is an absolute shambles so these bits are just too loose I don't know if I've done it wrong but at the back it looks about right cuz it looks quite nice but then at the front it just looks a bit stranger today I also can't uncritical that chicken Phillip boobs but feeling the sports bra also these shorts actually have quite a lot of space in the waistband so I feel like an extra small would have been better however I think they would have been just too short on the bum so not sure I'm feeling this I mean it's cute it just feels quite cheap I have to say though if you can can you hear that cheap probably no it just sounds like a legging bagging on the tummy but it just feels very cheap I feel like they would be squat proof they wouldn't be squat proof I mean no not vibe in a weave I bid because I'm not laughs little set actually this isn't really a set but I feel like it could look nice together legging these feel really weird actually these feel quite cheap but very elastic II so they could look like I don't know it feel very old-school active way you know when it's very sort of almost shiny you like this bit on the bum could look flattering there's like a bit harsh heart shape so it's just going to accentuate your booty and then also we have this a little jumper which I thought would look pretty cute with it it did have a match of Rob but I remember thinking I didn't like it basically I thought this would look quite cute with it however I did sort of imagined it to be a little bit of thicker because this does feel very flimsy what loving new I have to say right this is the hem first I am NOT a big fan of this jumper I have to say really sitting how I hoped it would sit so I kind of thought it would be slightly shorter and slightly more sort of oversized boyfriend fit because the sleeves have this sort of lower cut and I thought they're gonna be quite thick and baggy to know I mean I feel like I thought it was gonna be a little bit more oversized but cropped and then also these are the leggings now they are better than I thought they were gonna be however he knew that not quite sure about that material have to say to weave material I can't really describe it can you see it's got a shine to it I think these would be more like cottony but not obviously not completely cotton otherwise they won't be sweat proof but I don't know it's not quite it's not quite the worn is it not quite the material I see if this got proof listen though it's no sorry new not today so all in all I'd say I do like flex fit I feel like that sets they do I can't I don't have a specific name but they do have it in a lot of different colors it's very nice and I do really like that sports bra not so much the white set but it is quite nice I think I've been a little bit harsh in this video but it is quite a nice set I just don't think I want to keep it because of the high waist now you know apparel not for me I have to say I feel like I don't know it's just the material of their clothes I feel like it's so dated now and there's so many brands now that make such nice quality gym where it's just a little bit behind the times so I'm just not vibing with a new and then SAS key I absolutely love it I do really want to order more let me know which one was your favorite feel like the rose gold set was mine actually know obviously SAS keeper of the Flex fit and the new apparel the rose gold I'll make sure that I link everything in the description box really hope you enjoyed this video let me know if you did if you have any questions about anything if I've forgotten anything please do let me know in the comments and I will get back to you yes I hope you enjoyed my first gym wear haul in a very long time I did want to go for some other brands too but I couldn't again get them in time because a lot of them were in Australia and America and I couldn't get them before I was gonna film the haul so little bit annoying but maybe next time I will hopefully see you in my next one which is going to be another vlog so hopefully see you then


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  3. could you do an entire Saski collection haul and review?? i would love to know how the leggings fit but shipping to me is $25 so i'd love to know how everything is before i make the investment lol

  4. That happen to me once I ordered a pair of shoes and got a extra pair that were to small 🗑

  5. This a weird question but what underwear do you recommend that you wear with your leggings. You can always see mine through my leggings! Thanks! x

  6. The neu apparel pink sports bra doesn’t sit properly on the front because the straps are meant to cross over on the front as well 🙂

  7. AH. You should test Forever21 activewear for us!!!! (I'm not sure if you've done so because I literally just subscribed to you but yes!) Lovely vid. Also love the plants in your room! I'm moving currently and I'm buying a ton of plants. don't tell my boyfriend haha – he'll find out once we're all moved in LOL

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  10. This is disappointing to hear as i love NEU!!! I have the candy bra and shorts too and they are so flattering and i haven't had problems with them not being squat proof. I think you are wearing the bra wrong!! I also have the Goddess leggings in Blue and White, such good quality and a thicker material!

  11. Can you do a video like this with swimwear with brands like Black bough, Triangl, etc. Love ya lots xx

  12. love the way you say it is flattering while in fact, it is your bod that is flattering all the sets 😂
    i reckon that you should only keep the first flexxfit set and the saski one girl!

  13. You looked great in every outfit!! Total #bodygoals I'd like to see an Amazon active wear haul if you'd be up for that! : )

  14. It’s crazy that you had to pay import fees for the Saski outfit Meggan! I buy clothes from Do You Even who are also an Australian brand, but you don’t get charged import fees with them.

  15. Thanks for doing this video! I've been tempting to try Flexxfit and Saski for a while so glad to watch a review on them! 🙂

  16. I think you should return the Lululemon Align dupes, since you have so many workout bottoms and should just keep the best of the best. Don't settle for just so-so! But you should keep the top because you Loved it so much!
    And definitely return literally EVERYTHING else apart from the Saski. No point keeping subpar clothes.

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