Trying on short prom/college formal dresses under $80! | shopping vlog 2019. | ZARA |

Trying on prom / college formal dresses. So, we are sitting here and then we are going to Zara. I’m really interested to see if they have anything prom or college formal related there. So, let’s find out! After only a few minutes in the shop I’ve seen that there is no dresses for prom but Zara really has beautiful dresses for college formals and such events and especially if you want short elegant dress
(with sequins). This is the first dress that I’ve tried, it’s pink and purple and it’s so tight. and I couldn’t wear it at first. It was really hard for me to dress up this dress. It’s not my style, but I really wanted to try different dresses and see how they look. But in the end, I think the color is beautiful. I don’t know. That’s only my opinion. I think it’s too tight and short for me but I suppose there are girls who like this style of dresses and maybe this just would look much better on them. But on me, it looks so… I don’t know… I don’t wear such dresses. So, I’m not competent to say if this dress is good or not. The second dress that I’ve tried is this blue/gray, it has short sleeves and it’s so baggy. I really like these type of dresses but I’ve tried L size and I usually wear XS so it is three times bigger. So, it probably doesn’t look so good on me, but this dress is really beautiful. And in reality is even better than in picture and camera. This dress has sequins, it’s so beautiful. It has short sleeves, it’s wide but it looks much better in reality, and that’s the reason why I’m not really sure about this dress. It looks nice on me but then again I make a photo and then it looks awful so I don’t know what to say, but you decide by yourself. I think it’s a nice dress. This is the fourth dress that I’ve tried in Zara. I didn’t really like this dress because it looks unfinished I would never wear this dress. It’s green and yellow and the color is really nice It looks okay, but this is not the type of dress that I would usually wear but I wanted to try different dresses and see how they look on me so you can see how they look on a person. I don’t know. So yeah, it would probably look much better on someone else. The last dress that I’ve tried in this video is this short dress with short sleeves. It’s the kind of baby pink or something. I don’t know. I really like this dress. I wanted to try it, but then I tried it and it looked awful on me. I don’t know, but it kind of looks like I am invisible in this dress. I don’t know… I hope you like this video This is only the part 1 video of me trying college formal dresses and dresses for prom, maybe. I hope you like it and as you can see I’m not from US. I’m from Europe and English is not my first language. So, I hope you can understand me and if you want to support me you can subscribe to my channel You can like this video and comment down below what you want to see on my channel in next week’s. I will probably make more of these videos, more videos about college life here in Serbia in Europe and everything basically about my life. A lot of study videos, lifestyle videos, week in my life college videos and so on. So, if you want to follow me and support me, please subscribe and see you in next video. Bye


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