1. Hey everyone. So exciting that this video has gone viral on Facebook!! ( 3.8 million views in 5 days)Thanks for your support!! I noticed a couple of comments on Facebook about Georgia being mean or offending me. Those of you that follow Georgia know that she would never want to hurt or offend anyone. I love her sense of humour and I'm proud of her. I just wanted to say that Georgia shows me all her vids before she posts them. I thought this one was hilarious, and of course I'm not offended in any way! I'm a bit of a hoarder and she found some gems from the back of my wardrobe that perhaps I bought on a whim and have only worn once or worn to a fancy dress party. One of the important things I have tried to teach my kids is to not take yourself too seriously and to be able to laugh at yourself. So enjoy this video and have a laugh, I certainly have 🙂

  2. 6:14 when Georgia puts the dress on backwards I do the same sometimes and it’s hilarious! 😂
    Also when she looks in the mirror and says “is that mine” I also do the same thing when I put on skinny jeans or a tight fitting clothing items!!

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