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Hi guys hey Mac it’s another video well, actually it’s not a video, it’s a my first vlog I think Yeah, um so yeah today. I’m going to me. You know vlogging. I’m going to the mall today and I’m going to be vlogging so yeah Excuse my hair mom’s gonna You know fix it because she’s gonna like part in it and all that stuff, but so yeah Just excuse with my hair right now. I’ll show you what I’m wearing what I’m wearing is I I love gymnastic certs. It says I love gymnastics gymnastics gymnastics gymnastics And then I have my fanny pack on that my mom bought me at and this shirt came from justice and this came from TJ Maxx and These veldt and I have some velvet black pants, and they’re also from TJ Maxx, so yeah so today I’m just gonna be enough logging you know regular loving and let’s see how I can do so Hey guys, I’m at the mall right now and so And let them all right now, and so we really go to what is the store called? Aldo so it’s like Hey guys, I’m ingested right now, and I just found found it’s super cute mermaid Look how adorable is and mermaid squad. It’s so adorable That’s like the cutest thing We’re going to try out some some stuff so This is really cute like fierce is as fierce and then with the matching pants. They’re pretty right those ones, too I like these ones butters like a little bit too plain though, but I like this part I just don’t like the whole sandal because it’s just like plain white Even they’re really cute and these ones let’s see This is pretty. It’s I think it’s a skirt or Like yeah, I think it’s like a skirt or like it’s not a dress though. Yeah, it’s like a mermaid skirt I Think yeah, it’s a mermaid skirt, so yeah. I really don’t like these that much the only thing I don’t like about it is the eyes Oh take that off? I like this hat but I don’t really write a hats though or like this This but they’re pretty tough whoo this one is pretty That one up there Yeah, we’re freaky yeah, I like Thing I don’t like Friday mrs. Kurtz I don’t like that leper cheat or whatever because I get that mixed up all the time, but I don’t really like that sound I don’t know about it really but Can’t see that but stuff Oh Them are too cute, you got to get them them are cute Guys I’m really excited because these are that these I really really like and they have it in my size a3 And a fit perfect yeah, I’m not taking my socks off we can my toes down So I didn’t find anything you know like pretty enough and all that stuff So I’m just getting these right now because I’m really say anything. I didn’t want any like headband those or anything so No forever 21 right now and I’m gonna look up from the clothes Mm-hmm I was gonna say oops pretty, but I don’t do like Like clothes that has like actually anything that has like Flowers on it, and um plus it has a green font Is he’s too short, I think too short, don’t it Seem way too short Something that you’re trying to look I Had this shirt. I have this Mickey Mouse shirt. I read that today. I’ll deal with that to Disney Um since addition is curious as fairy tales even for nice ice cream look at this shirt mommy Um I’m actually like a photo person, but who cares ma’am No Screaming that is basically saying like I’m so popular or whatever like something. Oh, yeah, I hate those shirts because it’s like sappy so yeah, no yeah, that’s Think I think okay, mom was getting so tired, so I’m about to gather up some things and I’m gonna try it on and all that stuff and So I’ll see you in the fitting room. Okay guys son, so I just tried on my dress Shit it like a pink color but Really not white though. I’m trying to talk a lot because the music is running on so now I have this regression This no not Rugrats, Nickelodeon Church, and then I have these Jacket on which is this is like that perfect. I’ll say like to go all together, so yeah, we’re gonna try this Okay, so now I have to tack it on since pretty. I like this little jacket Have some pockets I guess Okay guys I just figured out that this is actually a bodysuit a bodysuit because it doesn’t have like this sticker is my Husband’s oops have that it isn’t had that so this is a bodysuit. Oh yeah. I saw somebody two Classes though I think I could still wear as a swimsuit, though Chicken alfredo I’m actually in the children’s place about to the custom clothes look Today I mean Sunday, it’s Sunday You’re very pretty Back home right now and look over here Disaster it’s not even curly anymore It’s because of the rain had to go like the rain linked eight times so yeah So I’m just gonna show you what I got from the ball Justice so what is that sandals? They’re very very pretty like super super pretty so that’s all I got from justice so now I’m gonna stir I Got this Nickelodeon shirt, so I’m gonna go through this quickly because um Y’all y’all already seen stuff. That’s the Looney Tunes You guys actually didn’t see these because I put the UM cuz I put the Barbie Bodysuit back, and I don’t want that so I’m sorry. I just picked up these shorts up So that’s what I got from forever To the Children’s Place I got I got Which is super duper cute. They’re golden, and they’re so adorable I’m so like shiny you can see on that side, so Then that’s all I got Where’s I got a boy I got this shopkin shoppies doll It comes with two shopkins, and it’s the wrong vacation time so thank you guys for watching my Like good vlog because all my other vlogs are like Super duper cringy like and comment if you want me to vlog more. Thank you guys for watching and subscribe bye You

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