Trying on clothes I forgot I owned | Closet Clearout

have you ever gone into your closet and found a bunch of pieces that you totally forgot that you own yeah that is what today's video is all about starting off with this sweet little number that I got I don't know maybe like two three years ago still have never worn it has it's tags and everything I think it's probably because it looks a little bit too angelic for me but I mean it is super adorable just not really my style anymore so it's gotta go okay do you guys remember that phase that I had with kimonos I pretty much wore them like every time that I went out I loved kimonos of all different colors shapes and sizes but yeah this one especially was always so beautiful and I'm so glad that I have reconnected with it so this is a piece that I have never worn and I do not know why because it is so cute I'm looking at it here and I just don't understand why I've never worn it maybe it's because I didn't really like how it looked together because yeah it's a shirt in a skirt combo so here I am about to try it on with a different top and fall in love with it however I do think it also looks really nice with the original top so you will definitely be seeing me in this more often this dress I am not 100% convinced on I think it's just because it doesn't really have much shape to it so what I decided to do was to try it on with a belt and I kind of liked the result better to be honest I mean you may not agree but I think that it makes it look a little bit more interesting and gives me more shape so will I be using this more often I think so I think it would look actually really good with like knee-high boots or something let me know what you think oh my god what a throwback I used to be such a fan of the whole trend from a few years ago with like the cutesy colored tops and dresses which is around the time that I got this dress it's so cute not necessarily my style today but I think I'm gonna give it another try here is yet another beautiful piece that I have never worn I think I've just never it because it's so cute that I don't even know where to wear it – does that also happen to you guys please let me know so I don't feel so alone speaking of pieces I've never worn I haven't worn this one for a good reason it is so cute but I probably should have sized up because it is way too short on me which is such a bummer because again it's so cute but yeah I'm gonna have to get rid of this one unfortunately which brings me to today's sponsor Poshmark Poshmark is the easiest way to sell items to clean out your closet and make an extra buck you can also find amazing deals and shops from thousands of different brands like free people made well Urban Outfitters and even luxury ones like Chanel Gucci you name it click the link in my bio to start your very own closet today alright let's get back into the video here is a dress that I got earlier this year and I wore it so much as soon as I got it and then I tucked it away to my closet and totally forgot about it until now I love this dress I mean check out those cute sleeves I feel like if I bat my arms fast enough I may be able to fly away anyway I typically wear this dress with a baker boy hat and some combat boots and then and just call it a day and I swear it is like the cutest look ever I've always felt a little bit conflicted about this jacket because it looks ginormous on me it's super super heavy but I just love that it says nasty woman on the back and I didn't realize that if you don't get the reference it sounds a little bit weird because story time one time I was in London and a man came up to me and he was like oh are you a mess tea woman and I was like you and I have not worn it since but I mean it is a cute jacket so maybe I should give it another try and then here is a jacket that was super popular a couple years ago it is very very cute but for some reason I never ever wear it so I'm gonna have to give this one up gonna put it on my Poshmark so click the link in my bio oh what a surprise another jacket that I don't know if I love I feel like I'm starting to warm up to it a bit more now it's a cute jacket again I don't know why I'm not absolutely in love with it but it is cute so maybe I should give it another try oh my god I was so obsessed with this jacket a couple years ago and they can't believe that I forgot about it maybe I forgot about it during the move I'm not sure but I'm so glad that I'd dug this one back up because it makes me look so rock and roll and I am totally here for that I got this dress last year and I still have not worn it I feel like I should probably wait it out until maybe like fall because it definitely has more of that fall / winter vibe I think that I may be able to get some use out of it this year we shall see also yes this is me trying to figure out who it is that I look like and realizing Oh Wednesday Addams which is not a bad thing not a bad thing at all another dress that I got around the same time as the last one I only wore it once I think I was in New York and I paired it with a Baker boy hat some black tights and combat boots and it actually looked really cute so again I should give this one another try okay don't get me wrong I love paper bag shorts but this one was not working for me it just made me look so big and so weird so yeah this one's gotta go these shorts on the other hand so cute how did I forget about them maybe it's because I have one too many shorts but these are so cute and I'm definitely gonna have to wear them and during the summer because look at them adorable I challenge you guys to go through your closet and see what you can find good luck you


  1. I almost cried when at 1:50
    It’s so nostalgic seeing you in that dress. You still look as beautiful with it as you looked in the past! :”) ❤️

  2. I am really shocked noone has asked this before but, Where did you buy that super cute hat!!!!???
    I need one but they all look too big or weird haha

  3. I love this video! Everything is cute!! But, the app is not available in Spain!! I'm so so sad 😭

  4. Am I the pony human on this earth that goes through ger closet regularly and gives away things pretty often,?

  5. OMG The white kimonooo, the blank nyc jacket, the misa skirt and the love sam dress were my favorites so far, i'm in love ♡♡♡♡ Its funny remember some of them from hauls and now knowing you never wore them lmao, and also that zara jacket I totally remember u wearing it on old pictures! You look sooo pretty in all those clothes ♡♡♡♡

  6. My 25 year old jacket i got from my mom that i only use in winter. Found it in the cleaning and the feels came so it was a little broken my mom and i fixed together, but it s not her size anymore but i decided to fix it because i love so much the vintage professor jackey style 😂 loved the video!! 💕 Have a nice week! I missed uuu

  7. I try to go through my closet every 5/6 months to check exactly what I have and what stuff I haven’t used in that time so I can do a little decluttering and donate some stuff💃

  8. I have plenty of clothes I dont wear anymore or that I forget that I have… But then I feel I have something sentimental related to it and I never give it away😂🤦‍♀ But on the other hand, I havent buy clothes for two years so I basically always wear the same clothes every year😂❤

  9. If clothes fit me like they fit you I'd wear everything always. But, I'm short, lol. I did find a ton of skirts I never wore because I didn't like how long they were, so I took them to a seamtress and she altered them to be highwaisted. It cost like, $60 but it was totally worth it since I never wore them before!

  10. Ahhhh how I would love being thin! 😩😩😭 I’m plus size so finding clothes that fit me just right is always a challange. Not that much choice. So no surprises in my closet. 😑

  11. It's fun to recognize some of the clothes from your haul videos and to know you've never wear some of them even though they are really cute!
    I don't have many "too cute" clothes but I do have some I've never wear because they are too fancy to my regular days so I totally get you on that haha
    You look nice with the river island jacket, glad you are giving it another chance!
    You made it look like cleaning a closet is a fun process wow maybe I'll do the same this week and see what I find! Thank you so much for this video, love you!

  12. i love all of these clothes but i have that feeling too of like…. putting them away for a second and never getting them back from the bottom of my closet 😂 thank you so much for this idea! i lowkey want to do it for my channel because i feel that i have a lot of stuff that i don't wear as well, thank you for this video! 💗

  13. I wear vintage style clothes and I am mainly housebound I rarely go out or see anyone but I wear cute outfits and dresses for me not for seeing people. Don’t save things wear them every day there is no reason not to what are you saving your clothes for they end up never getting worn which is such a shame. I love going thrifting so I clear out every month I’m ruthless if I’m not wearing something it goes got to be ruthless xx

  14. I remember some of those outfits! and I just want to say that I love your style and everything looks good on you ❤

  15. Yaaaay love this video! I think we all have to take a time to go though our closet more often. I bet I have a lot of pieces I don’t remember about; and yes, sometimes I buy stuff I really like but then i don’t know where to wear them.
    Love you so much! I’ve been missing you a lot this past days I don’t know why. I’ve been checking up your channel and stuff. It made me really happy seeing the notification. It’s been 5 years of being here and I won’t ever regret it ❤️

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