TRYING ON $6 ROMWE CLOTHES | Are they worth it? | Kayla Davis

– It’s so soft. They kinda smell weird. (laughter) It’s a little bit out of
my comfort zone, I guess. I’ve been looking forward to this video since I started the channel. (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys, it’s Kayla, and today, I’m going to be doing a video that I’ve been wanting to
do for such a long time. I’m going to be doing a Romwe haul. I think that’s how you say the name. Basically, Romwe is this website where you can get some really cute clothes for like pretty cheap. So I have picked out some outfits
and some accessories, too, and I’m just going to be trying
them on and reviewing them. I spent a hundred dollars
on whatever I wanted, and so now I have my items and I’m going to show
you what they look like. I am kinda small, so if
some of them are big, I’m not going to judge Romwe on that. I have a belt on the
side, just in case, too, so, let’s see how this goes. First, though, I found this phone case, and I was so excited when
I found this, because, I saw this phone case at H&M, and they didn’t have the iPhone X version, and this one is for the iPhone X. It’s a little bunny, so it’s got little bunny ears, and then, there’s like little
rhinestones around the camera, and it’s got a little tail on it, and it’s super soft. This was 6.99. We’ll see if it fits my phone. This phone case is kinda hard to get off. It fits! Yes, oh my gosh. It’s so cute. There isn’t spots to put–
(gasps) There’s no place for
you to push the buttons. You just have to guess. I just took a screenshot. There’s no holes for the buttons, so that’s a little weird, but it’s really cute, besides that. Look, he’s got little bunny ears. And then, taking pictures
will be a little bit awkward, because it kinda covers it,
but that’s not their fault. Bunny ears are supposed to go like that, but the holes on the
sides should be there, so. I mean, it’s still really cute, and you can use the little
bunny tail as a pop socket, so. (laughter) Seven dollars, I’ll take it, because I think the ones at H&M were probably more expensive. We’ll see how long this lasts.
(giggling) First outfit. This shirt, it’s actually a hoodie, but this, I was really excited for, because there’s this girl,
her name is Melanie Martinez, and her album that I
love is called Crybaby. There are some explicit songs
on there, so I don’t know, just put them on clean,
but they are really good, and this is like a cry baby hoodie, so I was really excited about it. It feels more like a
shirt instead of a hoodie, so this was only 11
dollars, 10.99 to be exact, and so it’s like a shirt hoodie, that you would get at like
Tillie’s or something. I think it’s really cute. So, and then, to go
with that, I have jeans. Don’t know how these are gonna fit. This was the smallest size I could get. These were 15 dollars,
or 14.99, to be exact. These might fit. I mean, you never know. Mom jeans are in style, so
I’ll work it out, it’s fine. So this is the outfit. The shirt fits really
nicely, I like it a lot. You can wear it on summer or spring days when it’s a little bit hotter. And then the pants are really weird. The legs fit, but I have no butt, so it’s just very big right here, so I actually hair tied it
instead of putting on a belt. The legs fit really nicely, and then everything right here is just no. I feel like that’s not their fault, that’s more my fault for being tiny, but it’s kinda weird though,
because the legs still fit. So I don’t know how someone
bigger is gonna fit into this. If it works for you,
then it works for you, but it does not for me, and
the shirt I really like. I’ll probably keep it,
because I love Cry Baby. It’s not like scratchy or anything. So like 10 out of 10 on the shirt, and then seven, five, five
out of 10 on the pants. Just try not to focus on it. Next shirt, let’s do this one. These pants really do not fit, it’s like kind of embarrassing. I see this shirt in a lot
of their advertisements. They usually show the rainbow one though. I got the darker one, it’s
like a blue and white tie dye, and then it says happy on it. So, I feel like I had to get this one, because it’s the one that I see the most. So let’s just put this on,
we’re gonna wear the same jeans even though they’re super uncomfortable. This is the shirt. It was 6.99. I actually changed into my own pants just so you could get a better feel of it. I was kinda getting annoyed
with the other ones, so. This is the shirt, it’s pretty nice. I feel like the collar is a little wide, which usually I don’t
wear shirts like that, but other than that, it’s
like a really nice shirt. It’s a little cropped, so I would wear high wasted jeans with this. But other than that, it looks pretty good. Not bad for seven dollars. Usually this would be like 20 dollars. Definitely a good find. I like it. Next, we have this jacket. This was one of my last finds. I feel like I got a
bigger size with this one, because usually, I like
my hoodies to be big. It’s a black jacket with
rainbows down the sides, and I thought that was really fun. And it feels pretty thick,
it’s very soft actually. I feel like this is good. So this was 14.59, I
actually really like it. The sleeves are kinda oversized, so I can fit my hands in them, and the rainbows on the
sides are really nice. And then I put the hood on, yay. I like it. It’s actually a lot thicker
than I thought it would be, and it has pockets. The back is just black I think. So yeah. I definitely like this. This is my favorite so far. This and the Cry Baby hoodie. And my phone.
(laughter) Next, these are sweatpants that have like checkers down the sides. They kinda smell weird.
(laughter) And they have ties in the front, so hopefully if they’re too
big I’ll just cinch them. So let’s just try these on. These are the sweatpants. I actually really like them. Maybe once I wash them,
they won’t smell so bad. They’ll be really cute. They fit really nice, I can cinch them so they’re not big in the waist. And I like the checkers down the sides. I can wear these to
choreography or something. I feel like that would be really awesome. I definitely like these, and they’re a little baggy, but I feel like sweatpants are
supposed to be baggy, so. Oh, I do show choir, by the way, so we do nine hour
choreographies on the weekends. Love that. We dance a lot. These are 13.59, by the
way, so I like them. Just gotta wash them first.
(laughter) Moving on to a whole new outfit. This shirt, which is a pink hoodie with checkers down the sleeves, I was pretty excited when I saw this because I feel like I’ve seen people wear stuff that looks like this. It’s very cropped. It’s got the checkers down the sleeves. It’s like the cry baby one, where it’s like a t-shirt hoodie. So it is kinda cropped, so I might have to wear a tank top underneath. This was 10.99, and
then we have more jeans. We’ll see how this goes. Black jeans now. Okay, so these were 14.99. These look like they
might be high waisted, so they might make up for this. These have three belt
loops in the same spot, don’t understand that. Okay, it’s on the other side too, yeah. It’s probably a style, but
I just think that’s weird. Let’s try these on. This outfit is definitely better. The jeans fit a little better. They’re still a little loose, but they’re definitely high waisted, so I can wear this shirt
with them, they cover. I definitely like this shirt. If I wasn’t wearing high waisted jeans, I would probably wear
a tank top underneath, but I like how these jeans fit a lot better than the last ones. You don’t have to have
a butt to wear them. They’re definitely high waisted, and yeah, I like them. Very nice for 15 dollars. I definitely like this too, I will probably keep this shirt. I feel like shirts are
definitely more reliable, so if you’re going to Romwe, I recommend buying the shirts, the
pants are a little bit eh. I like all of the shirts so far. This is the last shirt. I don’t know if I’ll like this. It looked good on the website. It’s a little bit out of
my comfort zone, I guess. It’s a t-shirt with stripes on it, it’s like pink, red, and blue stripes. Usually I don’t wear stripey shirts, but I think this looks cute,
so we’ll see if this works. Already looks good with the jeans, I think I could pull it off.
(laughter) This is the shirt. I really like it actually. I feel like it really works. It’s a really nice material. I tucked it into my jeans but I feel like it looks good out too. It’s not too cropped. I think it looks good. I like it. This was only 6.59. This whole outfit was 20 dollars, I feel like that’s really good, because if you go to Brandy Melville, one shirt is 20 dollars, so. This is definitely a good website. I feel like their shirts are
definitely more reliable, so if you 100% wanna like it, then definitely go to the shirts, but the pants can work too. As you can see, the black ones definitely work better than
those blue ones that I had, and the sweatpants worked too. Maybe if you’re gonna go pants, I would recommend doing
sweatpants or something, so that way if they’re a little big, they’re supposed to look baggy anyways, but, as you can see, jeans can work too if you get the right measurements. I didn’t really measure, so,
that explains a little bit. Definitely all the shirts I liked. I really loved this jacket, it’s so soft. The stripes on the side are really cute. Like, if I wanted to just
go outside and be chill. It’s like a cute comfy. So, yeah, I definitely like it. I was really excited for this haul, and it did not disappoint. I’ve been looking forward to this video since I started the channel. I got all of these for 100
dollars, like, all together. I got a lot of shirts. Definitely like the stuff that I got. If you enjoyed this video, comment down below if
you’ve ever shopped at Romwe or any websites like Romwe, and how was your experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and our other family channels, and until next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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