Trying CRAZY CLOTHING HACKS to see if they work

hello friends it's me and today I have a bump on my head how do we fix this by trying out some more clothing hacks Mac Thank You brain you got a hole in the crotch of your jeans say no more what is this elaborate scheme can we get a shirt out of this oh no no now is this what we're doing today come on really I mean perfectly good pair of jeans you could have made so many other things out of it no we're gonna go with a denim tank top unzip to show off your ribs wear your bra over your shirt I've been doing it wrong my whole life 2019 the year of realizing stuff a year of just realizing stuff realizing that we need extra support on the outside of our shirts haul up that wasn't the tablecloth she had on before get it it's so long what she just like Qaeda or got a new dress okay it's kind of cute without the t-shirt the t-shirt is like makes it a little ugly but I tried something similar in my last video but it was just like awkward and doesn't like stay but the bra should like make it stay huh you know it makes perfect sense let's try this out you're gonna need a bra for this one so boys are you out a lot okay so you're gonna take your bra and it goes against everything you've ever learned and you're gonna put it on top of your shirt I know I've never done this before I'll preferably a strapless Rob but I don't have one of those black on black all right so you're gonna pick a scarf and you're gonna go under here and pull it out snowy would do a dress only way scarce walking abroad I look at three stores three stores for one of like the long scarves that they use in like these videos and I could not find a long scarf I don't know how this is supposed to work I suppose I've straps that's number one Jeff's be gone such a cute dress please pull it all the way oh okay okay okay it's working it's working where you think they can get a Red Lobster this sucks I hate it doesn't cover anything this trick doesn't work I was here thinking I could get a dress out of a scarf but now life is full of disappointments and this is just another one oh my god how she just do that it's like Magic Mike swoosh and the shorts are off bra for real for real she did that she did that with shorts yeah I have shorts like that but they're not velvet I will be very very surprised if that works and doesn't make you look like a fool okay so we're gonna have to figure out how this works because I have no idea she was just like wearing them and I was like smoosh so this is posing on the front the crotch has to be on my shoulder I think I did it step number one but your arm through the leg holes that's number two put your head do the other leg whole way no I think I have to get me out hear me out hear me out okay that's cute I see where it's going Dutch GQ all right so I tried a nice little bow oh my god it's date night are you ready to go what is it it literally looks like I put on shorts too high so just spoke about here not here what is this you look at this who do you think is shorts as a dude I probably wouldn't notice it was on a girl I think it's you think you know I'm a charlatan per shoulder so better than the last one right look out of ten what do you guys think maybe like a seven or eight like if I if I didn't know about this and I saw a girl in public I wouldn't know it shorts I just think it's a weird thing and you fell right in their trap I believe that I give it a 2 out of 10 because it covers what it needs to cover this is the good old big booty hat if you want a big booty five minute crafts got you all right old pair of tights and then we're gonna cut them into shorts got a shot glass in a draw circle whoa we just gave it so we're making a Batman mask okay then cut out the eyes and then put it on oh it's like those shapewear those booty poppers but you can make your own at home I don't know why that's pretty smart the only problem with those is that if you got any dye it like squeezes your thigh I don't know the shape is weird with those kind of things like it makes your butt pop and then your leg go in I don't know how to describe it it gives you a weird unnatural shape okay so this is a Balenciaga life hack where you take its rest shirt unbuttoned it and put on another dress shirt and then button back up to the other one okay but show me what the back looks like girl you think that's fashion I think you just look like a fool you can't tell me this is legit where's the other half of the shirt where where is it where did it go we're just gonna ignore the the other half of each shirt but turn around let me let me see what the back look like there is no way in the hell that's somebody can actually wear this and and walk outside I feel like damn I look good like there's some high fashion I give you credit for trying you tried you failed but you still tried and that's all that matters you guys are in luck because these are the only two button-up shirts in my whole closet that's my shirt no that's my shirt they did so you take two dress shirts one is a flannel because I don't have a female dress shirt so you're gonna take these and then button them up together but no these are both supposed to do that the buttons are on this side with the but there's a mine inside out if you have to wear it inside out okay I'm confused the only way to do this is to do it inside out we're taking fashion to the next level with this all right this is the only way to do it the second button is going judge me the button don't even line up maybe that's cuz you know it's my dress shirt not big boy and that's your final I'm not a small girl Oh some of the buttons are actually lining up which is weird because they started up not lining up and now they're lining up Zara's have a line for me to complete my super mega high-fashion shirt Balenciaga stocks drop to zero so we're gonna take the sleeve where are you so they took this what are you doing this is literally what they did they did this and they tied it and then they're like okay I'm ready to go on what's the coin oh I'm joking I'm joking maybe because I look too good I look like an insane crack I'd like somebody took two flannels and accidentally put them together thinking they were wearing one dress shirt to work but no I can't breathe oh oh I got it all right you know that's a much better look comment below what do you rate this look out of time I would pay thousands of dollars in a luxury designer store for that definitely yeah Valente Agra came out with this tomorrow how many y'all would cook this hmm hey we got this shirt we're gonna cut it cuz if your shoulders ever get too hot and sweaty that's I PA Friday I don't like the shirt to begin with just throw the whole thing away although I'm not really into like the whole cut the shoulders off everything I know that was like a huge trend like every time you go to any store and you're like oh this just cute and then the shoulders are cut out literally every sweater that I tried to buy last winter like what y'all shoulders don't get cold that you gotta be showing them all the time you got any old tights just cut off the toes make a little hole in them oh my god she's making a shirt out of it Nonnie that's actually pretty cute where's the full outfit I want to see the full date night outfit that's actually really smart cuz tights are super stretchy the material is really nice and like form-fitting so like I'm surprised I haven't really done anything with tights so we're gonna go get on this and make me a cue shirt out of tights all right I got my tight I paid $16 for these at Target I don't know why tights are so expensive I think they're like a dollar or two but like damn these are hella expensive so this better work and it better be worth it so we're gonna cut the feet holes who the thing that makes pipes tights Oh ouchie ouch all right and then we're gonna fold it as I remember we cut the crotch off will five-minute crepes down against crash holes I always cut the crotch and then make it into a head hole make a hole big enough for my big toe you got this you got a big gaping hole oh my god it looks like a shirt now I'm actually really cute it actually is like a shirt look so you can actually do a lot of things on this so the way she did it was like gonna have a tube top brace yourself oh this will make you a skinny legend okay it's very slimming like this material is godly I'm gonna tuck that shoulder in and we're gonna take this and the back one and we're gonna tie them together and make a bow oh my god does it actually work kidding what's cute it's actually working it it's really cute oh this is actually really cute it is okay if you think that's the best one so far Wow this is like the best one out of all my videos like that actually 100% works that looks really good and like this material will have you snatched does the Spanx on a budget like Spanx me selling this stuff for like $100 girl I love this I don't actually wear this I'm very proud of myself this is so cute he's got a bow some fancy you like it date night for real yes baby okay let's go oversized t-shirt oh I did something like this except I didn't want to sew it but if you don't want to sew it you could just take up freakin hair bands and just tie the pockets oh okay you know what we're gonna have to this see if it actually works see you hate having a big large oversized shirt say no more we're gonna fix this or dealio real quick so excuse me while my arms go through the wrong hole okay excuse me while I took my tank top in we're gonna tie with our hair bands let me give you a better look okay so then we have the pockets like this so those are the no fill method and we're just gonna tuck it in like this okay I feel like it's really awkward to have pockets up here and the pockets don't really fit much well that's what's me address yeah I can't even fit my pair of scissors in here what good is that this is the finished product you know you just spice things up with a jacket it looks like every Ashley in high school ready to go to the bonfire what do you guys think rate my dress these pockets fuck I look like a reflective vest yeah like you're already in a bike you don't want to get hit I want to get hit after wearing this all right I love the ones where you just cut shirts so like here we go all right oh I see what you did there so you're gonna cut the back of it you see this is right up my alley I like shirts like that this is like such an easy way to crop a shirt and I feel like this would actually work anyways that's all for today I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did we should hit that like button and make sure you check out my other crazy tryin hacks videos in the description below comment below let me know which one of these I did good or do they all suck you won't hurt my feelings and make sure you subscribe to the wolf pack I love you guys so much thanks for watching bye guys


  1. Mad ,fool ,girl
    I sent copyright strike soon to you on these type of videos.
    COPYRIGHT strike
    COPYRIGHT strike

  2. I just love the fact that her bf in the back just saying โ€œoh thatโ€™s cuteโ€๐Ÿ˜Œโค๏ธ

  3. The buttons were on the wrong side of one of the shirts because the buttons are on different sides for male and female

  4. Did you know that menโ€™s but in up shirts, the but ins are on the rite side and women but in up shirts, the but ins are on the left side

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