TRY-ON HAUL! Bikinis, winter clothes & more!!!

hello you guys welcome back to my
channel for today’s video we have a haul I have so many goodies these are all
from Zaful I’m so excited to be working with Zaful today it’s been a while
since I have shopped their site and so I was hoping that I could find some
goodies and I loved everything that I got so I’m excited we have a couple
winter things in here we have some spring and summer things um I’m done
with the holidays it’s over so I’m already back on spring and summer mode
so let’s get into this home first things first you guys I’m gonna dress what I’m
wearing right now this is actually from the men’s section and it is just this
like Teddy kind of material it’s so cozy I wear
this all Christmas it has a giant giant hood on it these little ties Brady long
as well I believe I ordered this in a medium I wanted it just really big and
baggy and cozy because it’s freezing outside it’s more comfy that way it’s
just like my cozy go to right now I love the color as well they had a bunch of
different colors so I want to see maybe six or seven but I went with the neutral
tone I feel like it’s more my vibe matches more things for me so I am in
love also Ellie loves and laying on me with this on it’s just super super cozy
I finally you guys I have been dying to get a long like tan nude colored coat
look how gorgeous this is okay I’m just letting you know now I’m not
wearing this dress with this jacket but look at this jacket hold on let me pull
up the dress okay see ya I just love how simple it is you put a
scarf on or anything oh my god girl it has little buttons right here that you
can use to just close it on up has two big pockets I really wanted a jacket
like this that was very just simple and structured and that’s exactly what this
is I love it I feel like you can really dress this up dress this down this is a
jacket that I know that all happened for the next few probably years when it
comes to cold seasons because it’s timeless it’s a timeless piece that
that’s very important to me you guys know I love more neutral tones so this
is really really great again dress up dress down you wear this with a dress
you can wear this with pants I literally cannot wait to style this so follow me
on my Instagram atlas Ryan so you can see my outfits that I come up with with
all of these items I am so excited so if you follow me on Instagram you might
have noticed I kind of have a thing for satin gowns or little mini dresses I
just think they’re so beautiful and so timeless I found this one on softball
first of all the color is gorgeous it’s straight up golden and it’s longer it’s
not a full maxi it’s more like a MIDI so gorgeous I feel like this is a gown that
I will have and there’s going to be something that pops up where I’m gonna
be like oh this is the perfect item I cannot wait to wear this I think it’s so
stunning I can’t wait to take photos in this thing I love it I don’t own
anything this coloring in my closet as well I have a couple bikinis and I know
before you guys are like girl it’s January or December whenever you’re
watching this I’m filming this the day after Christmas you always need a bikini
you never know when you’re gonna go on vacation you never know when the Sun is
deciding to come back you guys know I prefer more of a neutral color I’m not
big on colors but when it comes to my swimsuits and bikinis I’m down to have
like a little pop of color right I have a three-piece bikini here that I love so
much this reminds me very much of Sophia Richie did a collab of the swimwear
brand I’m not sure what it is but I think that this is kind of like a
duplicate of that let’s talk about the fact that this is a swimsuit like T it’s
so cute it fits perfectly I mean it literally fits me like a glove and you
can pull in the middle cinch this in make your boobies say hey it’s so so
cute if you want to wear this with like a little swimsuit bottoms and throw on
little jean shorts when you’re on your way to the beach or something but you
still want to feel covered up afterwards to go to lunch something like that this
is perfect for that if you’re someone that you know likes to keep your
shoulders covered or want a little more cover-up than a regular just bikini top
this is also perfect for you I love it I will let the blue and green color they
also have this in pink that was really pretty
there was another color as well but this one just really stood out for me mostly
because my eyes are blue so I feel like that’s a cute match so for the bikini
itself the top is just your simple tank bikini top it’s super super cute just
strappy easy covers the whole boob your perfectly covered love it just simple
bikini top can’t go wrong with that now the bottoms they do tie and this is
a cheeky bottom but it’s a more covered up bottom than most cheeky bottoms does
that make sense most of my cheekier bikini bottoms or
have like pretty much my whole butts out because I’m just like hello I’m yelling
it still perky you know to me this next bikini what caught my eye was the color
and the underwire girl you are joking me this is the cutest freaking bikini I’ve
ever seen first of all this is a ribbed bikini which I love I’ve always wanted
an underwire bikini too by the way in a hat and this I will say though this is a
smaller top Iolaus I see my boobs are C which I know may be shocking for you
sometimes they look big sometimes they look small but your girl wears a C so in
this my nipple is pretty much like here’s the edge of the bikini
my nipple probably sits around here pretty close but my full nipple is
covered and I don’t care that it’s that small because again I live in Vegas so
when it’s 120 degrees outside in July I want to wear as little as possible
because I’m sweating the bikini boobs again they’re tied you can tie them up
high I prefer a high cut bikini so when I wear this and I tied up I kind of pull
it up so again this next one was actually the first bikini that I saw
this is gorgeous I love a peachy coral when it comes to spring and summer this
is one of my favorite like summery colors I think it’s beautiful
again it’s underwire it’s pretty much the same as the last one but it’s not
ribbed a and the back of the bikini on this one
it does have a clasp so that’s nice that that’s important to you again the boobs
are small my nipple is in the same spot it’s the last one but again like I said
I don’t really mind because I live in the literal desert so this one is very
cheeky this when you put it on it’s straight up a thong so if you don’t like
that that’s gonna bother you I told you ahead of time but if you’re someone that
doesn’t care and you’re with your girlfriend’s on vacation or you need
like a good bikini to tan in so you go get those verone’s about cheeks girl
like I’m all for that so I love it I think it’s super cute I have a couple
accessories that I am so so excited about so my first thing I have here is a
pair of sunglasses hello I love these they’re so cute they’re not
too big they’re not too small they’re like just in the middle I feel like
they’re fashionable enough to be liked but they’re also big enough where it’s
like you are blocking the Sun for me which I love I love the shape it’s like
a cat eye but not a cat eye it’s not so like wooo and I love that they’re black
and gold I believe I got the frame and like the charcoal gray which I love as
well so they don’t look too harsh on the face look at how cute this is again if
you guys follow me or watch any of my style or outfit videos I have this belt
that has a chain on it that I add to pretty much anything because I feel like
it gives any outfit just a level up it gives you so much more so I wanted a
belt that was just chain and that’s what I got it has like the three has the
three chains there you can clasp it on wherever and then this piece just
dangles you can put this on jeans and dress a skirt anything I’ve seen a lot
of girls to do this with a dress like this and they pair it on which is always
really beautiful I love it it just gives it you can even wear this with like
basic tee and jeans and this is going to elevate your outfit so much just because
of the gold and the chain alright you guys I hope you enjoyed this haul if you
would like to check out any of these items I will have links for everything
for you in the description box below check has awful they always have little
sales going on they’re getting new items in
all the time so yeah I hope you enjoy let me know your favorite item is and
let me know are you still in like winter mode or are you just as ready for summer
as I am I’m very curious what the holidays we’re done I am in full let’s
go summertime mode so I’m mr. China I wait for the Sun to come back you know
anyway I love you guys so very much I hope you had a wonderful day and I will
see very soon nah but you guys


  1. I love the fact that the strings look like candycanes! I'm torn between winter and summer, and a hint of fall lol 😍

  2. I love the warm peach colored bikinis 💕
    Wish you would've shown the backs, not having to show the whole cheeks lol
    I'm still in winter mode, although I wouldn't mind a few days vacation on a hot tropical island 🔥

  3. Great video 😊 I live in England so it is still too cold for bikinis! What’s the weather like in Vegas? Is it bikini-weather? Loved the haul but the fuzzy hoodie you are wearing is my fave, I think I’m going to have to start shopping in the men’s section for cute hoodies.

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