hi guys its Rosalee welcome back to my channel last week I know I didn't post any videos I planned on it but then I got my wisdom tooth pulled so half my face was really swollen and I don't know what I was thinking that I could film videos looking like that I don't know but I didn't get to film any videos because AI was in pain and B half my face was extremely like swollen but nonetheless I am here today with a new video and I'm doing another haul this is more clothing based so it's not like makeup like the last one although I do have some stuff from Ulta that I want to go ahead and share with you guys so if you want to see what I got please keep it watching okay please excuse my hair it's just doing its own thing right now I was going to wear a hat in this video but then I realized like probably a good idea so sorry about my hair I know it looks like a disaster so at Ulta I only got three things the first thing that I got is a new eyebrow brush and this is new I think this is the essence i broug brush and this is kind of what it looks like I just think it's really cute and has a really cute like tribal print on it and that's probably what sold me to it it was like a dollar a nine so it's like really inexpensive the reason why I got it is because the bristles are really really short on it I don't know if you guys are going to be able to there you go see how the bristles are really sure I really like that an eyebrow brushes because then you can really get in there and be very precise with your eyebrow application so I love that so I just got this from the essent brand from Ulta and then I am they're picking up aiming foundation from Clinique this is the clinic even better makeup with SPF 15 I have the clinic beyond perfecting foundation but lately I've noticed that it makes me look really orange like oompa loompa status orange and I don't like that so I went back to Clinique and I ended up getting this one this time I definitely got shape match and the girl matched me with cashew whenever I worked for Clinique long time ago I remember really liking this foundation and she put it on my skin and I really like the that it looked too so I hope that I like this as well this is part of their even better line which is good for like discoloration uneven skin tone things like that next up because I bought the foundation she gave me this free sample of the all about eyes I think it might actually be a full size it says not for sale but I think this is what size it is I love this eye cream too when I worked for Clinique I used to use stuff all the time so I haven't tried anything from Clinique since I've worked there and I was like 5 or 6 years ago like it's a long time ago and I remember liking a lot of their stuff so I'm excited to try that again and then I picked up one more thing this is the Laura Geller baked gelato swirl illuminator in a gilded honey I love gold highlighters multi letter is just complement meet the best they're my absolute favorite color of highlighter and of course this one is very much raved about and so I wanted to go ahead and take it up if I can get it as a boss there we go this is what it looks like the packaging could be a little bit better it's kind of like cheap it reminds me like else packaging but this is I think by 26 dollars I have a 20% off coupon so I did get 20% off of this it's just a really pretty gold and gold again complements my skin nicely so I wanted to go ahead and pick this up okay so that was everything that I got from Ulta I'm going to move on into the jewelry and clothes that I have recently bought so I'm going to start off with some jewelry pieces I went to Charlotte Russe their jewelry is always two for ten so I intended to get a couple of necklaces I love chokers I wear chokers all the time I'm wearing one right now as you can see so I wanted to get just a few more the first little set that I got is this one and this is just what it looks like it has like a suede pink braided choker this beaded black and gold choker and this really pretty like gold glittery choker so I thought this set was really cute and there all individual chokers you can wear them all together or wear them individually sin I picked up this choker set it's kind of hard to see but basically this is kind of what it looks like I know it's like a all like tangle because it's been in the bag but it comes with this top one is a like taupe color choker with gold beads in it I don't know if it's going to focus on it there we go and that's this one right here it's kind of like sideways it's not centered but that is what that looks like and then underneath it there is this one which has a gold chain a plain gold chain this is all one piece and then it comes with this necklace that has like a stone on it and then a longer version of the taupe suede choker so I guess this is more of like a longer necklace but this one's cute I really liked it so yeah I got this one in the 2 for 10 and that's basically all that I got from Charlotte Russe and it from forever 21 I also picked up another choker this one's more like classic and simple this one just has a black suede choker band and then attached to it is this really pretty gold chain with little lace balls on it and I'm just going to go ahead and show you guys the clothing items that I got from forever 21 I love when it's like spring and summertime inside forever 21 because all of the crop tops the shorts tank tops everything is out and I am a summer girl I love 90 degree weather every single day I love it so much I hate the cold I hate being cold like I literally am a true California girl because cold rain anything of that sort anything is less than 70 degrees I hate like I hate it so any time it's like on the cusp of like spring or the cuffs of like spring to summer is like my favorite time to go to forever 21 because they always have like the cutest stuff but anyway the first thing that I got is shirt and it has off-the-shoulder and it has these little like sleeves on the side of it I haven't actually tried this on so I hope that it fits me but it's not forever 21 has a great return policy now you can return their stuff and get a full refund so that's kind of what that looks like and it's cropped sexing that I got is a body suit I love body suits especially in the summer with like shorts and this one is a great one and it has this little like lace-up detailing in the front which is super cute and this is basically what it looks like the only thing is this doesn't have like the the access buttons at the bottom which kind of sucks but that's okay I guess I'll just have to get completely naked to pee so yeah I got this Internet back is like a lower scoop back and then I picked up a new pair of workout leggings in my last like clothing haul like a month ago or something I mentioned that I have started working out more and I do I work out four or five times a week it just makes me feel good and I have so much more energy and I don't know I like feeling strong but anyway I got these on sale these are $7.99 and the reason I got them is because they have this like extra layer of like sheer material on the inside so they're not see-through which is which is I noticed is one of my biggest issues is see-through leggings but this is they're just gray leggings and then the back has that same material which is just like a breathable like sheer material but it's at the bottom of the leg which is fine and they're high-waisted and they're cropped and yeah it's just kind of what they look like the last clothing item that I got from forever 21 is this dress it's a body con a dress and it's a light gray shade and this is what it looks like it looks almost like white or light blue but I swear it in person it is like great and it's just a body con it has is kind of like scoop-neck thing at the bottom scenic the back also has a low v-neck and I'm actually going to wear this tonight for I'm filming this I'm actually going to Vegas today so I leave in about two hours but this is something that I'm probably going to wear it's not tonight tomorrow night so I'm excited to wear that the last place that I have stuff from is from Victoria's Secret I only picked up two things there are bra less were on sale there were two for 25 and you guys probably know I love brought less they're like one of my favorite articles of clothing ever so I picked up two since they were having the deal the first one that I got is this one this is just a really pretty um like olive green shade I don't have anything in this color so I decided to pick it up and the inside of it you guys like in here is so soft like I wish you guys could feel this it's like buttery like silky smoothness I have no idea what material it is but it is really soft so I picked this one up and these are originally how much are these these are thirty four fifty originally so two for 25 makes this about $12.50 so can't beat that and I just think this is going to be cute in the summer looks like a tank top or something so I got one in that color and then the other one that I got is this one which is a really pretty almost like lilac pink color mom maybe I've no idea what color is this but it's so cute this one has like white in it so it's not completely all one color and the bottom has like the white in it as well and this is so pretty you guys I have no idea like where I'm going to wear this to but I'm going to wear it out and make it work it's not all spread under my clothes but it is so cute and this one oh the price has been taken off but I think it's about the same 34 is not more but yeah I could not pass this one up it is so cute so I got that you guys basically concludes my haul I really hope you guys have enjoyed watching please be sure to follow me on all of my social media I only have an Instagram and a Twitter they will always be linked down below please be sure to give this video a big thumbs up before you go do not forget to subscribe and if you have any video requests please be sure to let me know in the comments and besides us I will see you guys in my next video bye


  1. Hi Beautiful! I remember when I got my last wisdom tooth pulled! It was such a pain! I know what you mean by you wanted to film even though you looked like that. Lol. You have such a calming personality. Have you seen the new heart shaped Too Faced highlighters? I think the gold one would look so pretty on you! I'm also a Summer girl! Not a fan of the cold. I feel like F21 has really improved throughout the last year. The first top is so cute! Do you get a refund from F21 or do they just give you store credit? I love your cat pillow! I've been eyeing cat pillows since my Dad had one in the extra room at his house for me =3 I like your clothing style, it's very similar to mine. I too love bralettes! :))) Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Namaste! <3

  2. Loved your video !! Forever 21 is my favorite store πŸ™‚ Please check out my most recent video. XOXO

  3. "I don't like being cold" Preach it sister!

    Me: I'm cold

    them: It's 69 outside

    Me: Looks at them like they are crazy Ya, exactly my point…. It's cold

  4. loved this video! so glad to be a new subbie, cannot wait for your future videos πŸ™‚ youre so pretty x

  5. Hey babe, for the foundations that make you look orange all you need to do is add yellow pigment. It changes the undertone

  6. seriously love your videos! you look amazing girl. your face makeup is on point. turned my notifications on just cause i love your channel. keep making more videos! πŸ™‚

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