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hello everyone and welcome back to another video today's year I'm so excited about because it is finally a clothing haul we probably like my all-time favorite fashion bread and fashion website princess Polly I've literally been shopping on their website for years now and whenever I need anything first place I'll head to its princess Polly so I'm so excited to do this video and also super super exciting but princess Polly has also given me a discount code if anyone would like to shop any of the things that I show on the haul or anything I will pop up my discount card on screen but it is SJ 20 and it will get you 20% off the entire website yeah anyway I will link all of the pieces that I mention in the description bar if you would like to pick up any of them make sure to use my discount code so anyway getting into what everyone's here for and that is I'll start with what I've gone right now and it is this stunning jumpsuit I'm literally obsessed with jumpsuits right now also this like beige like camel kind of color I'm literally obsessed I've got another item that's this color is what I'm literally obsessed with it I just think it's so like simple and elegant and like kind of like a classic and something that you can always just check on I love the buttons I love the fit of it I think it's really really fluttering and it's honestly sorry so comfortable it's got pockets which it's just like an automatic win but it is also that time of the month for you moment and I will literally worn it so much it's so comfortable it doesn't like pull anywhere as you will be able to see from the trail and it's kind of crinkled and has a couple stains on it because one I'm locked into a little it should have been wearing like almost everybody when I was looking at this jumpsuit on the website I was like that is the perfect farmers market outfit some simple white sneakers I just oh my god I just I'm just obsessed with it I just picture this jumpsuit would take a little straw bag and like getting your fresh produce and it's like so comfy oh my god next piece is this stunning like crop tops got these bell bottom sleeves which come in at the bottom which it's like literally this is me this is Sophie in a top honestly like it's a crop top that are really flattering neckline massive sleeves that like come in at the bottom I just perfect like spring with some high-waisted shorts or a high waist em skirt or even like some denim jeans I just think this is like the most flattering top ever the lightest nicest material and yeah as I said literally me a top I think it's stunning and as you can see by the crinkles I've already worn it like so much I'm literally obsessed I'm sorry into like that linen kind of look at the moment that linen feel and so this and this as well I'm just so obsessed everything in this whole is stuff that alike classics and stuff that is sort me okay so the next thing I thought it was something that I needed to get a new pair of for so long and it is just some plain black high-waisted jeans especally again because yes I have one of them again you know what black jeans thought to be like white and just kind of like really like rose around the knees and just like don't fit you anymore that's exactly what my previous pair of jeans were looking like so it was very much it needed to get a good quality pair of jeans and means sore sorry nice they're also just like so comfy and just like a classic that I feel like everyone needs a pair of black jeans in their wardrobe they fit so well around the waist and they're just so comfy and yeah as I said man was just looking like so I swear I think I've had them for like four or five years now even these and this I just okay next this is also a crinkled I feel like we just need to accept that everything is going to become cold because I have one every single piece like multiple times and if you saw my Bali videos you would have seen me wear this like so often it is honestly look huge this little place we've got these gorgeous like spaghetti straps that are so so flattering all around here you also don't need to arouse it which I just love it's got a really cute little bow at the back as well and it's honestly so comfortable and the same thing with this if you are bloated it's completely hides it because it's in Jersey in like just under the roof and they're just like flows out the lava color as well I think it's so stunning and you're just like a really cute look especially this Mike white sneakers or something I'm just obsessed okay next is something that I got specifically at for my birthday dinner that I had a couple weeks ago that is again one of these jumpsuits I've kind of just been loving jumpsuits lately I was always too scared to wear them because I was like I'm not sure I can pull them off but I'm just kind of obsessed they look quite elegant and classy but they're just so comfortable so I'm obsessed with them and this one as I said I got for my birthday dinner and it was just so comfy I feel like it's it's black and strapless it's very like elegant and flattering and perfect for like a cute little date night or just like dressing up a little bit it's got a bow at the back which I love and just like the paneling and it is so so pretty I don't need to a broth it and anything that I do not have to wear a bra with is a winner for me so this is just something I think this pad would like some black heeled boots or just some black heels is so so pretty and I always feel like when I go out like nice dinners I don't really have like anything that's kind of different and kind of just like I see and I just think this is perfect and I know that if I have any like fancy events or any dinners or anything this is just absolutely perfect next is something I've literally been wearing every single day and it is this massive teddy bear jacket I've been wanting one of these for so so long I didn't know if like yeah could I pull it off but I honestly have been wearing it every single day and because it is winter in Australia right now it's just the coziest and comfiest thing ever I think like chuckling this won't get any outfit it instantly like gives it some style gives it like some edge even to my birthday dinner the other night I love this and this coat over the top with some heels black boots and it was warm but I felt like it was kind of like dressed up and nice at the same time I just think this honestly goes with like almost anything and it's got like massive pockets which again is a massive plus for me and I honestly just think it's like the comfiest thing I've ever owned in my entire life and last but not least I got this black bag which I have been wanting a black bag for so long I feel like it's such a classic and I don't actually have one and as soon as I saw this one I knew that I loved it because my old shoulder bag was like brown and things boys just got lost in and this is perfect because look at the compartments I think it is just perfect I usually put my phone and my keys there I'll put like a lipstick or like any little things I'm taking and then this one has my wallet it also fits my little camera in it it's got the gold detailing which I also love because all my jewelry is gold and I just kind of like love gold detailing and I honestly just think it goes like perfect with every single outfit like with the jacket it can be dressed up if you're going out for dinner but also like casual if you're just like going out of the day never really being a massive like bag person like I'm not really into like fancy bags or anything and I literally have been taking it like everywhere I'm genuinely obsessed with it so yeah that is everything that I got from princess Polly I'm genuinely obsessed with everything could you not when I say I have not worn anything else in my wardrobe for the past like two weeks since I got this package I'm honestly that obsessed with everything again I will link down all of the pieces that I mentioned if you do want to shop any of them and also if you would like 20% off the entire website to make sure to use my discount code as well really really hope you have enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up if you did because even though I was getting heaps of requests to do like more clothing hauls and stuff I know it is quite different to all of my other content so I really really hope you did enjoy and I will see you in my next video you


  1. I love your style 😍 I’m a smaller youtuber with about 2k subscribers. How do you feel with 19k? Definitely work all the hard work, huh?

  2. I absolutely LOOVE your hauls and you're so down to earth and cool! Always love watching your vids!! Love from another youtuber🌹

  3. I was just about to order from Princess Polly! I’m going to totally your code!!!
    I love all the pieces!

  4. Always been worried to order from OhPolly, no idea why!!! Deffo going to try it now, you look insaneeeee

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