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hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel I'm Erin and for today's video I'm gonna be doing a tiny little clothing haul for you guys I get a couple questions from you guys like we're getting close what stores do you like and stuff so I just decided since I was out anyways that I would just do a little clothing haul for you guys I'm gonna be showing you guys what I got and then I'm gonna be trying them on for you guys today make sure to subscribe to this channel and give this video a like besides hello [Applause] first or most start with is a coffee a / a / crumby crappie okay whatever I didn't get much from there I just got this cute little it's this cute little bra let that kind of like snaps and like it's cute I thought it was cute it feels comfy so and then I got this cute little black dress I think it's cute and long enough for school so I'm so sorry alright let me try this on for you it's kind of tight like it's not like tight R it's uncomfortable but it's tighter than what I would like it to because I was kind of buying this dress for school and it's just like I also feel like a business leave you like but where's my suitcase like but like I do like it I'll just wear like a sweater over it so it'll just be good do not like we're my hair down and be like but besides that it's really cute I'm also wearing a bra that I'm not going to show you guys that because but just know it's a good brother next story went to was Brandi and I got just a couple things from there the first thing I got I thought this is like a really cute it's just it's just pink and that has three little angels on it has City of Angels of course Los Angeles so I thought that was really cute the next shirt I got was just this plain little crop top shirt and it's nothing much just a little scorpion that says Indy on it and I of course will be wearing high-waisted pants with this so no worries but I just thought that was really cute and the next item I got it's just like a head get like this little belt and I had like fire flames on it and I just I like the buckle I like how this buckles I have another belt does like this like a checkerboard felt in this like that I love it it's also from Brady and then I this would be my third backpack purse from Brandi cuz the first one I lost the second one I broke the zipper on it so now this is my third one and it is by far my favorite I think it's just so cute and I just love Brandis bag peppers curses yeah there's that which is really cute and then I collect socks like I have a thing for socks and I just thought things were like really cute just tiny little ruffles so I just so got this necklace if you can see it's just like a little dragon yeah that's a cool oh oh hold on dragon liked pretty fire I'm not one to really wear hoops but I just thought these were cute with a little tiny heart it's like a gold heart so heart of gold like you know then I just got these little hair clips i thought i would try them out and stuff since I usually just wear butterfly clips but I'm gonna get these a little shot the next things you just get this at like the front counter it's a ghost okay but then you get these little pins see but let me get that one that one's just Los Angeles a little rose and that one just says California with two palm trees pretty live you asked me I didn't buy these jeans they're just jeans I put on to try the shirts on bit but I love this shirt it's really comfy and look at this bit okay you see that it's like super cute look at that that's cute look at this place super cute shirt is super cute really comfy ten out of ten recommend unless you know you're not really into crops like this you're not really into that much of a crop but if you get high-waisted pants your Gucci Brown cute recommend you see that is cute Oh ten out of ten recommend really cute comfy also I've had this problem with brandy melville shirts where they like it go really like tight in your armpit so like literally it's like but this one it doesn't it's like you can breathe like it's not hurting your arms you know so here's the here hair clips this is definitely how I'd wear them I just like to you know I like to put my hair up and just put them everywhere sometimes I'd just like to stab one in my bun here I'll do that for you guys right now like for you guys to just you see that if you're like really feeling yourself I totally recommend this like that's all I got from brandy and next and the next thing out of the next door I went to was urban and I just got a couple things from there as well I got this cute little shirt and I thought was pretty cute pretty cute just a sign – cute okay okay but these two words these shorts are bomb they only have them two medium I saw like I literally went through all of them only medium so if they looked a little big probably because they aren't but look how cute do you see that they're so extra and cool like there's the back there's front wait yeah these are the front instead of the bags like these are cool and then I got a headband because I was just like bro let me get with it trying to hold my little lion mane backside spitting it up every day so and then that's all I got from urban as well so this is the fit from urban I would not wear this shirt with these shorts but I just decided to pair it together so I can go ahead and get the things out of the way but these shorts I thought they were gonna be too big but they actually are great they fit great look they're down enough where school and stuff and just cute but they go up really high but that's good this shirt is so comfy like bro I recommend going to like Urban Outfitters like little t-shirts they're comfy and soft like let's go so that's it oh this is gonna really match but here's what you guys got imagine me with my hair down it's like you know looking all cute like that's cute just imagine it with Mike would not list it and with my hair down you see it's cute imagine it you know it's key okay so that's it for today's video thank you guys so much for watching this little tiny little clothing roll I literally just said little like five times in that sentence whatever but Forough thank you guys make sure to subscribe and like this video before you go and please leave a comment down below of what you would like to my next video could be alright thank you guys bye


  1. I think it would be fun if you and Laura switched styles for 24hours. Like a freaky Friday switch with clothes and makeup. 🤙🏽

  2. Yes! You should totally make a video of you following Laura’s makeup tutorial from a previous video she filmed😂 that would be so awesome and fun to watch since you aren’t a makeup fanatic so it could actually be quite challenging ☺️☺️

    And we the subscribers, should vote on which one you pick! Please please!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  3. The more comfortable you get creating content the more relatable you are and just the progress you've made over the last few videos is outstanding keep up the good work don't forget school is important if you want to grow a business you want to know how to work all your own ends in an ounce but I'm sure your Auntie has got you on the business side but please stay in school and try hard you're a role model to all these kids out here watching you I'm sure you're doing a great job in school and you're definitely doing a great job with your Channel

  4. I love literally everything from Brandy Melville and I got the same jewelry pieces in my haul!😋

  5. Love that you're making your own channel. I think a cool video idea would be to drink like a gallon of water a day for a week, or maybe do a singing video or showcase a weird talent you may have.

  6. I would LOVE to see you go thrifting and see what outfits you can come up with. You have such an awesome style!

  7. Lol omgosh i luv how confident you are Eryn! You remind me alot of Laura.. im so glad now my daughter has someone her age to watch! You're doing great girl! 💙

  8. The value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion. It is also estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year.

  9. Your channel gives you a great excuse to go shopping 😂❤ love the black dress, the belt, and the pins!! We have close to the same taste in clothing, and accessories. Video suggestion: a video where you try something like a subscription box, or fun shaped chapsticks, anything really. Love you and your video as always ❤ you do so well with speaking to the camera, keep up the amazing work!

  10. I know your not to in to makeup but it would be cool if you picked one of Laura’s makeup tutorials and followed it

  11. You should try the Stance Socks subscription! I got it for my boyfriend and he got 2 pair of socks every month!! Also SUPER inexpensive! ❤️❤️

  12. Hi Eryn what about a little Summer Outfits haul that be Lit Girl what we all going to be wearing this Summer **(*)* Lovee you channel

  13. You should vlog for one day.. Or show us a "day in the life of Eryn" video. You're the cutest Eryn!! You seem so comfortable in front of the camera and I love your videos! Love how you stay true to yourself 😊😊

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