Tough Mudder 2011 Tri State New Jersey (Full Video Clips)


  1. You can walk around the obstacle. Some times they have life jackets. But usually easier to just skip it.

  2. You said "it turns out he can't swim." How did he work that out? I ran next week Saturday but can't swim…

  3. yyportne: Last year it was November and brutal cold. PA round one was not warm either. The best way to prep for the day is test gear. Try running in the stuff before showing up game day and finding out you left a $60 cold gear shirt on the course. Biggest concern personally is core, feet, hands and head warmth. A simple headband over ears keeps you warm too. All comes down to testing.

  4. What backpack do you use and how did you attach it to the hockey stick?

    I actually met you at the tristate last year during the berlin walls (1:55), just started my own channel for various go pro activities and liked your rig. the helmet cam works but does get old.

    Also check out my channel when you get a chance.

  5. @MrDavidYorx Looks like you are hooked?!?! The next step up in skill, would be the Civilian Military Combine. No lines, no stopping and just UGH the entire event.

  6. @rem6a Awesome, never would of thought of doing that! Might try that next time I do the TM. Thanks man

  7. @hpeviscerate We truly got the most obstacles, but each course has its own personality. Try PA and get ready for a leg burn you have never experienced before.

  8. @asosaki Its a composite hockey stick, cut to length and GoPro attached. It sits in a hydration pack hose hole while running.

  9. The Kilt Guys!

    My buddy and I were right behind you guys heading up to the barrels. Liked your setup with the stick and camelback for the camera (GoPro right?).


    Great Video. Can't wait til next year.

  10. @rem6a yeah man – i ran it alone cause none of my friends wanted to. it was my 3rd mudder so i wanted to see how fast i can do it.

  11. @jvinbloomfield Really glad you like the video!

    Cut composite hockey stick with a GoPro. Fits right over my shoulder in a mil-spec camelback hose hole. Comes out when I need to film crawling. Just get hooked on a ton of stuff if not careful.

  12. Great Videos!!!! I had a sick time participating then reliving it through your handi-work!!!! Great song for the video………………….. =w=

  13. Awesome compilation… You made me the title Screen and 1:55 Berlin walls. A man of your word. Great to meet you, and see you at future events. My coworkes got a kick out of the full clip on the "berlin walls AGAIN" video.

  14. @rem6a No prob man…it was the event I was the only one, out of my group, to finish without falling…lol. Great vids tho and thanks for loading them up.

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