Toronto Maple Leafs on fans who throw jerseys on ice

I know you're really upset with the jersey toss and last night you know if you've heard that they've been banned for a year from the building and they've been I guess getting provincial offense tickets I feel like some justice has been served at least yeah I guess that's a bit of a consolation so I mean you got to pay some sort of consequence especially when you're when you're interrupting a game where and when it's in the office is all it could be you know scoring so you're only hurting the team or you're apparently cheering for her I was very frustrating oh no its players you know we're not happy about it either I mean we hate to lose just as much as the fans and we appreciate the patience of an ipad with us so um you know it's it is frustrating especially when it happens multiple times in the game I mean one time throughout a season I think it's probably enough but you know what happens multiple times it gets a little disrespectful but it's really not much we do but it's dangerous more than anything I mean there was a play where holes are went to retrieve a clock turned around and had the decrown a jersey I mean you don't know what can happen right so yeah I mean you know at the end of the day our opinions of it don't really matter i mean it's a uncontrollable for us and you know there's the Selective people that do that i don't think it speaks for all our fans I mean this is the process that we want to get through with our fans and and you know we don't want an us against them mentality put any stretch I'm not gonna let it seep into the room I hear it i'm going to say listen that's not something to worry about our fans are very supportive and very good if there's a few people that do that and that's just the way it is so you know we we appreciate our fan base and we know it's been a trying time and and we're going to do everything we can to make it the positive move forward

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  1. Ive been a Leafs fan since I can remember and I'm embarrassed by the entitlement leafs fans think they have these days. It's not like the players aren't trying, they want to win as much as u want your team to win.

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