TOPSHOP Haul & Try-On Session | 12 Outfit Ideas


  1. Oh that was too short, love your videos and love the ideas you have. Are you wearing a Miranda Frye necklace? Or where did you get it from? Love it 🙂

  2. The distress jeans and black boots are my favorites! Love the looks! Keep creating, be happy and stay blessed Shea!! ❤

  3. You put oufits together so perfect! The sweaters are so cute and comfy! My office is always cold too, I have a mini heater going almost all year! 🥶 😊And yes you are so stylish and good looking!!💋

  4. Currently 35 weeks pregnant and binging all the Shea outfit videos to remind me I’ll have a waist and ankles again soon for all the tucked in sweaters and ankle boots! 😂

  5. great video! I'll admit, I never really looked at Topshop that much before I started seeing it featured on your channel. Quick question – is the necklace you're wearing a Miranda Fry?

  6. Hi from Connecticut I'm new to your channel and have been appreciating it!
    I have a question that I always thought would be a cool idea but was never really sure.
    I have several satin pajamas sets that are real pretty. That shirt that you are wearing kinda reminds me of them. Do you think it's ok to wear the top out with a pair of jeans? If not don't be afraid to tell me so.
    I'm going to be 5O This Thursday and sometimes I get real wild ideas lol.

  7. I love all your videos, but wish they were longer….sorry. I enjoy watching you and thank you for sharing. Take care………….

  8. Can we also talk about how she edited this video!? I've been on YouTube for years and haven't seen anyone do try ons or hauls like this

  9. You have a Midas touch for fashion, everything looks so perfectly combined. I love that bag and that baby blue blouse is wonderful, you look angelic in it! 😇

  10. I am curious about your definition of "short" (the skirt) and still baffled why anyone pays money for such ratty looking, torn jeans.

  11. sweater season. yayyyyyy
    I love shea these hauls, cause you always get enough items to create so different outfits in different styles.
    Ps if you wanna pass by i have on my channel 5 unconventional ways to store items

  12. Always super cold in the offices, is a constant shower of cold air right on top of you. But hey st least you are lucky to be able to wear sweaters for fall and winter.

  13. Yeah I am 900!! Love the sweaters, I don’t want to hurt the feelings of your look alike so I like both the white and gold sweaters

  14. Love, love the black detailed blouse! I think the light blue satin blouse is just a bit too pajama-top looking…for me. The belted skirt is very versatile. Good selection!

  15. Love how everything looks on you!! Love your style!! And love your editing skills!!! Wish I had editing skills like that lol

  16. I love Topshop! The sizing is a little wonky sometimes but the styles are so cute. I wore an ivory lace Topshop dress to my bridal shower =)

  17. All of that stuff looks soooo cheap ..only thing that is nice is that skirt which would look way better with a tight cashmere turtle neck sweater…Top Shop always ends up at the rack on clearance less than 10..Halogen by nordstrom is a way better brand…

  18. I have just found your channel…you are beautiful woman!..your hair is a dream……I was watching your post about Mills mall trunk show that I missed..and that kind of told me you might be from Pittsburgh or the area…Please….would you share who cuts your hair….I have moved here …got not so good haircut and since than I am damaged to go to a hairdresser…I cut it myself and oh boy does it need some professional hand….please if you get to read this comment and would help me out..thank you in advance….I am going to check your other creations…J

  19. On the website it says the skirt runs small, can you tell us what size you got and maybe some measurements on the black skirt? Love your videos, keep up the hauls!! 🙂

  20. I love this girl but I have got to find someone curvy (that’s not plus size) with these type of videos. Because I would look so much heavier if I did most of these!

  21. Hey shea… I am from India and suddenly I came to ur channel… And guess what❓ I liked you and your channel allot….. I am daily seeing your old videos and actually they are realistic also can be applied …. Thanks you so muchhh I like you and your effort . Most importantly I love your personality 💕💕💕 lots of love and keep it up 💞

  22. I totally freeze in my office! We actually blew the breaker at my office, due to using so many space heaters….. They got the message…😅😂

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