Top 7 Clothing Problems And How To Fix Them

here's the thing whether you're into style or not you still have to work clothing you can't go out and walk me it doesn't matter what side of the spectrum you are chances are you've probably have to deal with one of these annoyances from your clothing or awkwardness that just make you feel uncomfortable throughout the day today I'm gonna highlight these seven annoyances to the point that when you see them you're gonna get like a aha moment this happens to me all the time and then I'm gonna give you the solution to that aha moment if that sounds interesting topic number one I like to call this one the fake boner you've ever noticed you stand up and your pants scrunch up to the point that it looks like you're erected like you're excited aha I'm sure that's happened to you before and it's an uncomfortable situation because you're not and now you're sending the wrong signal this usually only occurs for one major reason your pants don't fit it ends up being too big on your waist and then you just gravity belt cinch it super tight and all the scrunching happens well when you leave your house it's all fine but as soon as you sit down that scrunching tends to bubble up and give you that fake boner in fact the easiest solution to this is to get some tailoring done especially on the waist region you want your pants to fit comfortably to the point that you can fit about two to three fingers on your waist and you can breathe properly anything more you're gonna have to tackle that problem number two it's summer so you know the saying guns out sun's out meaning you're gonna be wearing a lot of tank tops but chances are you're gonna have to deal with the annoyance of a farmer's tan so what happens is the more and more you wear it the more exposed to the Sun you walk so when it comes to the point that you actually want to bring out your biceps you kind of end up looking kind of stupid with that farmers tank well there's an easy solution for this as well there are some body lotions that come with our SPF of 20 that protect your skin against the sun's harmful rays so it's not only functioning to the point that it's not gonna damage your skin and can protect you from cancers down the road it's also gonna protect your skin from becoming overly tan so when it does come to the point that you want to take your whole shirt off or you want to bring out your guns and a tank top you won't have that awkward farmers number three sweating profusely not only do you feel awkward and uncomfortable everybody that sees you automatically gets a little bit disgusted by you which is not a flicks you want anybody to have for you now the easiest way to fix this is to literally cool down your body temperature and the best way to do this is you guessed it remove some of your body here now personally if you are gonna shave your chest here and your back here you want something that's ultra sharp now for me the only thing that I trust with this is gonna be my Dollar Shave Club executive razor the only reason why is because this specific one from our sponsor has six blades in the front very sharp blade the more blades the sharper they are the easier it is to actually shave your hair without any Nick's cuts or pulling it's just gonna glide across your chest that's why this executive razor is perfect for that Dollar Shave Club has all the solutions that you need when it comes to personal grooming you no longer have to go to the store Dollar Shave code can cover you on all bases and it gets delivered to your door and since there's no middleman Dollar Shave Club is affordable as it's gonna get whether it's shavers you're looking for or oral care or shampoo conditioner body wash whatever product you're looking for grooming Dollar Shave Club has and they have it probably at the lowest price you'll ever find both online and in the store if you guys ever wanted to try the Dollar Shave Club right now is the time to do so because it's affordable as it's ever gonna get it's really gonna cost you a cup of coffee for only five dollars including free shipping you can try their new hydrating starter set this starter set will come with this executive razor that I'm talking about plus four cartridges which is a four months worth of razors a bottle of their shave butter a bottle of their new 2n1 sage and black pepper shampoo and conditioner and one bottle of their new two and one face and body cleanser that's both mint and cedar so if you guys want to check out this amazing deal just go to the slash mashuk or click the link down below to get that for only five bucks number four blisters on your heel usually only happens for one or two reasons a your shoes are brand new and super stiff so they're literally scraping the back of your heel or B you're just too tight for you to the point that it's not giving your foot the natural ability to be able to glide up and down comfortably within the shoe an easy way to fix this is use a little bit of deodorant if you guys grab some deodorant and apply it to your heel it's gonna lubricate that section so it removes a lot of the friction and any blisters that might occur number five this was annoying as well a zipper that becomes undone how many of you have pants that your zipper just becomes undone throughout the day and now it's this awkward situation where people are giving you the side-eye as if you don't even know how to go to the restroom properly the easiest way to fix this though is well your zippers probably a little bit weak or old hence it's gonna continue happening so what you want to do is use a keyring you want to grab an extra keyring that you might find apply it to the zipper or to the end of the zipper of those pants zip it all the way up and that way you can hook that ring on the hook of your pants that way when you bind them that zipper isn't going and ever six deodorant marks on your shirt it's the easiest way to ruin any outfit but there's a simple solution to fix it you have several options you can either a put your shirt on before you apply the deodorant or be always carry some of these wipes so these wipes are from the Dollar Shave Club these are their butt wipes these specific ones come individually packed and you can check out in one of their starter sets that you can try out like I said they're only five bucks they'll send you like three or four of them that you can now carry in your car and your backpack anywhere kind of as an emergency this is of course a hack because they are but white but they get the job done finally number seven removing yellow armpit stain well the easiest way to solve this is prevention that yellow stain that you see is rust believe it or not because in your deodorant there's aluminum a medal when that is mixed with sweat which is obviously water this causes a natural rusting to occur which ends up staining your shirt with that yellow stain if you want this to stop you need to remove the metal you need to remove the aluminum which is already unhealthy for you anyways so you want to try some natural deodorant that don't have any aluminum but still give you the same order blocking sweat blocking technology you'll find those online all over the place if you just look aluminum free deodorants but it's the easiest way to VEX any yellow pit stain and that's basically it for this week's video guys those are seven annoying occurrences that happen to your clothing and how to fix them if you guys liked this video and found that informative don't forget to drop us a like down below also don't forget to check out our sponsor the Dollar Shave Club they're gonna be linked down below as well that's it for me today see you next time


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