TOP 10 SHADY Mike Postle Hands

before we even play Nesta everybody said
this guy was the sickest ever ha after this and I might be somebody else I I
don’t know how this could be justified just like a pure DJ and gambler or
something there was a raise no the wolf didn’t go
all-in for six thousand that looks like a raise to 100 and something 115 don’t
know the graphics fool you 110 ace high flop two diamonds
Harlen flops a flush draw nothing but overs for everyone else deal with Mike
pasa less than 1% which is where he likes to start to throw chips in I mean
you’re gonna pick Hanzel Bluff with it you want we want to blow for their bad
hands right so our one percenters you do remember him three betting and adding
the four bet with seven deuce off right in my game I love Mike pasal Mike fossil
plays post flop better than anyone else I’m telling you he’s going for it that’s
260 gets called from Harlan and eight high versus eight hi ladies and
gentlemen to split pot like 1% on the way to chop there’s $1,000 pot with two
eight highs versus each other ladies and gentlemen
lock the doors Harlan pitches in the muck if you’re a poker player get in
your car and get it down to stones everybody’s on the 30-minute delay
except for postle he gets the cards at at the same time I
think he just he just sees everything he has different eyesight than we do so
here Dave is opening up with the King 10 and Frank of course is coming along with
those burl pretty looking suited connectors Mike’s hand is not pretty
looking when he’s coming along anyway he finds a deuce
whoa Mike Mike flops the best hand this is actually a pretty sick can that’s a I
always at the table in Washington so oh well something’s gonna happen here
spoiler we’ll see so it looks like Dave as the preflop raiser is continuation
betting Mike is behind him on the button so he is gonna call cuz he has flopped a
pair and he’s Mike and Frank is raising Frank is just reciting like hey now’s my
time I’m going for it and he spent a great time go for he does that’s a son
or daughter raised over the 55 dollar bet those are white chips is bet 55
raised to 700 the franken tank we know and love supposed to say now he’s like
why so much I mean obviously oh my call with the deuce here but at the same time
he’s like I feel like this is that these guys are so much to each other that
buying it but it’s so tough and what sick about Mike too is like it would be
obviously absurd if he finds a call here but if he does like I feel like once in
a blue moon I’m like you know what I think choose the best hand call and then
like did the 8 just comes on the turn and I’m like but Michael never never his
opponent will never hit the turn if you if Mike finds our call here never never
ever there’s no 8 and 9s left in the deck so this is where I mean it really
just becomes much so it might just went all in and this is where just player
dependent my god and like I said don’t try this oh I mean it it has to be it
has to just be that this plate so much that he knows that Frank Frank wouldn’t
play any strong hand this way right he would try to get value from a strong
hand again Mike’s instincts are just my eye can see his opponents cards right
now he just can see their cards yeah with blinds at 5 5 10 the cut off opens
to 50 dollars Mike postle is in the small-block
with the Tendo suited so of course any crusher in these games is gonna flat
call here Harlan is in the ten dollar blind and he decides to put in the three
bet two hundred and thirty five dollars to go cut off makes the call and easy
decision for the ten deuce to fold oh wait a minute
nope nope hold on a second he does put in the call a great spot to be three
ways with ten dudes out of position against some relatively short stacks
Mike Mike finds a deuce here on this board and he has a backdoor flush draw
to go with it he has out flopped his opponents who have real real hands this
is textbook Mike and John Oh to your point here’s a little maniac play by
Mike Mike can be a little bit of a poker maniac as you can see with his ten deuce
coming along and I’ll flop in people and he won’t be going anywhere Mike flops
pairs and draws and floats and all sorts of stuff so we’ll see what he does in
this pot Harlan is going to make a continuation bet he’s got back to our
hearts ace high this looks to be a board everybody has missed which is half true
AC missed it let’s see but live at the bike because
it plays bigger and Wilder attracts an audience that wants to see big spots
people get felt in and maniac play oh yeah
stones reflects more III do kind of agree with this we’re putting people on
our stream that play in our card room obviously occasionally that sprinkled
with guys like Jamin Johnny vibes comes you know Chris Moneymaker
Daniel Negreanu was playing the weekend that we did the Poker Stars Platinum
pass but for the most part I would say 90% of the players that play here and
now Chris has been here so many times it he might as well be a part of the gang
right yeah I mean that’s not a bad thing and sup and here’s what stones is like
AC finds a raise here so Mike with the best hand and awesome it is also I mean
Harlan leads here with nothing well AC ace I guess he shoves Wow okay
boom right on cue Jono what do you think about that playing like face up like
face up it’s right totally absolutely it’s like how does Mike
here hey all AC is thinking is well AC is a if there is a wild person to the
table that that it’s potential to get a little bit more wild than Mike it’s
probably AC to be on wow and they see us to fold what a great great spot like how
does he find a shove there god bet Ray’s show really hard to play against a guy
who knows what you have all the time and just always seems to find the perfect
move 110 with the jack 9 offer from mr. Michael apostle to a flop ladies and
gentlemen spades are covered let’s hope it’s all spades seven six three one
spade and the wolf flops top pair this is what happens you play seven four off
you flop top pair like Robert Zane here to work as a check raise if you can get
it in now here’s the word that hey I say that but I mean these are the times the
board that misses our opponents range and we flop you know a gutter over the
backdoor flush draw it’s a good candidate to take a check raise with the
problem is in this game that board isn’t miss our opponents that often yeah
smacks the hell out of these guys are just playing all these five six five
seven seven eight eight five I mean this is a type of game I think you have to be
really skilled post-flop because people are not going to let go of their cards
very easily eight on the turn holding on to his equity in this hand any checks
now checked around Paul also improves to open-ended hustles like you know what
you all want to check to me again I’ll make it harder for you to multiple
opponents that all peeled us on 763 if a ten comes here’s the nuts good read
thanks I’m just saying he might think that someone else has like a five here and maybe like said I’m just playing
passive this bought multi way on this board when that card comes off I related
to check back and just really as my equity but I feel like that hands is hey
it’s so many people that that some of the hands that are gonna check call us
in seven six three did you guys really aren’t I just like check calling like
two overs and no one’s like checking on King Queen there
right that board is gonna that card is gonna help them as well even though it
did help us that’s far I think I like to just like check back and and realize all
back all our equity so Wolf’s got the best of it it’s Mikan find a way to win
this hand oh my were the twenty one hundred dollar bet from Mike and he’s
putting Wolfe to the test here e2k the wolf is actually considering this
this is gonna be so sick if he calls he’s gonna be my new hero the wolf and
if he doesn’t call Mike’s Jesus Mike ran away can we change his name to Jesus
it’s so easy mark actually flicks in the call with Ace King off suit from the
last blind he’s good so Adam you know this is a situation where like he’s not
gonna be 3betting breath like often so mixing in a call here sometimes with
this hand like you’re incentivized to mostly be calling from the big blind so
flicking in a call with like this kind of a hand sometimes to like protect your
range is like a good thing sometimes it’s okay
it’s definitely fine it’s more like a oh for sure slams yes I’m done three bit
but it also allows him to do this right so like now he’s floating you know with
what he perceives to be the best hand and I expect him to call again if
another bet comes in here wide preflop but yes surprise he’s not checking here
I don’t know I guess this is to know I don’t know what the right play would be
for ten eight here yeah I mean you mostly want it’s nice to
have to overs to the nine when you fire because you could suck out on the nine
so you know it’s probably one of those situations where it’s just like a mix
spot but like there’s a heavily range advantageous board for you so like
firing with ten eight can be like detrimental like you have a lot of hands
that fold to turn like you know Queen Jack of Clubs that just fold so like
getting those hands to fold the Knights and now I’m this brick run out Possible’s asking himself can I get a
nine to fold can I get a high to fold my punished has been check calling all the
way down he’s definitely swinging for it yeah this is probably gonna work because
Adam can’t necessarily think that pasal is firing ace high so it’s not like he’s
beating any of your hands that dominate him right he pauses just gonna check ace
cleanings Jack perceivably so it’s more like is he firing king queen is he
firing king jack if that’s the case and Adam can definitely call Adams
definitely sick buddy Wow it’s so easy when you can see the card
yeah so easy somebody might have just died on the table game side from that
scream raised to 150 here from get there Mike with ace ten suited so he bets 275
here on this flop you see Anthony now thinking about it but he’s probably
gonna get away it does have a couple players behind him Ben however has a
decision to make with his top hair and his decision is snap call sucka and
dave c can easily find a fold here after it gets bad and called another seven on
the turn both players thinking i you know i mean the thing is mike is a guy
who likes to bet rep mid pair but he also did raise 150 pre so let’s give him
the benefit of the doubt that he doesn’t have a seven in his hand but any ace
jack or better does dominate been here and mike is not slowing down he fires
550 how is this gonna ship my soul Reed is
strong another three on the river here changes nothing if Ben if Ben if you
think you’re good on the turn you’ve got to be good on the river right you know I
think yeah and exactly this card didn’t change anything I mean so Ben should
definitely hold on but can he because Mike likes to apply
pressure but will Mike shut it down and realize oh did he just say 5,000 5,000
5,000 I want all the money that’s so sick and and if you’re been here I mean
I’m Allison that D and if you’re Benny I mean it’s such a gross Oh Lynette to a
pot of 2.0 K 3 this is sick this is sick because we can see that it’s a
guaranteed chop but but if you’re Ben can you really make this call I don’t
think you can I don’t think you if you call that turn oh god Mike P you are
friggin disgusting and we love you it’s so easy when you can see the cards yeah
so easy he was just showing me that canned goods actually have an expiration
date it’s true because apparently I’ve had canned goods in my friggin pants so
long he’s like how long have you had this where it expired two years ago
because you must have like 10 years before that yeah it was yeah you bought
like a like a like a pack of Dinty Moore beef stew at Costco and you just you
ain’t like one of them and never touch the rest just cuz i successfully prepped
for y2k doesn’t mean that my shit should go bad in my we got a straight draw for
for pasal which he can’t possibly ever miss t-bones bedding with also a
straight draw and a back to our flush draw and the guy with the real equity
gets out and now on the turn pasal adds to his straight outs t-bone still with
the best of it but he just has 9 high he bets and his pasal folding gear no way
see now this is the type of thing where possible like calls and either gets
there or his opponent doesn’t and he makes a great bluff or something so
there’s no freaking way he’s folding and not only is he not folding he’s raising
and this is one of those things where I know a lot of people would be like well
what hand I’ll be reppin here if we’ve raised what are we trying to say we’ve
locked the set of threes but I mean you know you’re right that it doesn’t really
make a lot of sense but people are just like I don’t know where I’m at and I
don’t really know what to do fold but t-bone has a two-way straight drawn
calls he bricks off nine high is good but but obviously you can never escrow
2012 thanks for the follow on Twitter brother we appreciate it and you’re just
in time to see Mike Jesus pasal make a terrific bluff and of course I mean it’s
you know $1500 and we end up on the river with eight high versus nine high
and this will work oh this is perfect this is this is
textbook stones live here eight high versus nine high and there’s like
thousands of dollars in the pot and now guys if t-bones somehow find some
miracle ship it’s never gonna happen he’s gonna be here the Casey Zeena
echoing through the canyon walls would be the shot heard round it would be it
would be the shove of the century could do it I can’t do I could see the cards I
can’t I can’t I fold yeah I still fold I’m looking at the cars I see no no no
don’t oh my god please for the love of
everything ever please Kenny ever no way in the world like team fan girl for life
if this happened it’s a value shove he has the best way know what what all the
graphics are wrong the graphics are does he have eight nine Taylor does he have
eight nine don’t even tell me the graphics are wrong I’m so much happier
if the graphics are right here he says mike has it Mike has six nine no ways
would it help what do they have tell me they have the same hands but they just
reversed it’s still cool anybody Bueller Mike Mike has what Mike has Mike even
where the graphics are wrong Mike still win
so t-bones hand is correct he’s bluffing here this is just a fantastic bluff by
t-bone yeah I hear that my guys and I but I love this I can’t eat six just
give t-bone the money I want Tebow and Mike is like what do I do with the nuts big puzzles the Chuck Norris of Poker
amen brother I’m not even a religious man but we’re
gonna just drop a solid amen to that I am a religious man and amen isn’t there
a better Jewish term for that though what then this is so sad oh they’re the grotto my
god oh my god Mike flops eight nine of Spades good god man also blocks the
graphics what can you say I mean the guy is can see his opponents cards right now
and the Caribbeans at in the beginning of the year but one of our our stream
friends Vanessa Cade is in the running for six king board here we’re three-way
to a flop Mike pee out flops everyone behind the six he does check he was in
the small blind so first to act here he’s playing this pot out of position
against Bryan and yeah huh putt that 190 Bryan is gonna take the lead that’s out
75 I can see y’all have getting away here now Mike P needs is gonna he
decided to continue here with the six now yeah the ACE is a great card for
Bryan to continue his story on and just in general I think it’s obviously this
is not true for all the time but if you start telling the story it’s really
important that you continue to tell that story for a little while at least until
you really you know you don’t want to just always be instantly one barrel give
up you know you Bluff on one room like the flop and then immediately give up on
the turn this was just a great card for Bryan to continue especially when you
actually turn equity to help improve your hand for sure
ace here on the river definitely helps Bryan to possibly feel like he with
likely Mike doesn’t have an ace here Mike also was in the blind so his range
is super wide he could have so many hands now if Mike P checks this if Brian
can find the triple barrel here if he can bet one more time it will work I
believe against my P but Mike’s not gonna let that happen he wants to take
the lead he’s gonna bet out here oh is this value or is this a bluff this is
I’m curious does he think he has the best hand he bets out 250 into a pot
that was what like six it’s like six is 70 something like that 680 I think it’s
actually a bluff it’s gonna it I think it’s a bluff targeting like tens Jack’s
in that range Oh is Brandon or considered you’re just
gonna fold Oh Brian I love you so freakin much right now races it’s about
900 and loving this is a sec Siri raised by Brian in my opinion and just feeling
like you know it’s more than 700 likely putting Mike on something very close to
what he has a six or even possibly a king that that
mic was allowing Bryan to bluff at and then Bryan selling the story yeah maybe
I was but I turned in ace and now I have trips and what are you gonna do about it
and it’s incredibly sexy and it should work now if anyone could like pick this
off it would be Mike P and it’d be his magical wizard powers but this should
work almost all the time against almost every opponent and I kind of expect – I
expect to see it to work here – its 450 to call but Mike’s not folding quickly
and he’s suspicious because his instincts are super sound sorry I’m not
supposed to bang on the table sorry obviously Bryan has to fold a hundred
percent he can’t call here but what the hell might be what the frickin hell so
yeah it’s so easy when you can see the cars yeah so easy race to 60 here by
paulsen with ace deuce and Veronica with the good old mr. hands gonna three-bed
up to 300 dollah and now head duck with tens and position she makes the call and
a snap call by Scott with seven nine suited I love it I think he might own a
string of like teriyaki shops and eateries if he’s the guy Postle
telling me about the other night I’m almost positive it is that’s awesome
Queen Queen four feels down here on board and Wow not a whole lot going on
for any of the other opponents in this hand except for head ducks tens are good
they’re kind of stayed away from each other tonight I’ve noticed so it does go
check all the way around five on the turn and this is great because head duck
was basically checking in her position just to make sure nobody was looking at
check-raise with a queen and now she can very comfortably I think just flat call
here and continue in this hand I feel pretty good about it the turn does
potentially bring a flush draw on board we can
see nobody has it but in this case I think Scott’s bet should find folds from
pasal however he also has a wheel draw now so you never know old so I would
imagine Veronica I’m sorry there we go back at puzzle action tracker a little
hammered route casual 430 dollar drawing dad bet standard and I knew it I knew
some how some way possible is gonna find some sick raise here and he sure does he
reaches down into the depths of his soul while reading the souls of everybody
else and just goes for it that’s 1.2 and this is very this is the same way you
would play a queen right check the flop raise the turn and so I don’t envy head
duck’s position here I would not be surprised to see her find a fold here
all day I think so yeah 16th it is that sounds good and of course she’s gonna
find a fold and Scott will as well and this is interesting this is like the
second time I think possums done this weird hefty raise it says keep watch oh
we’re gonna go to Table Talk just in case things get weird it’s so easy when you can see the cards
yeah so easy so technically rich out in front here
but possible with a wheel draw but after rich 3bet spree Impossibles kind of in
whiffed city he knows it’s gonna get real expensive we continue here
especially since I don’t think rich is gonna slow it down you got to assume
that rich is gonna keep on the gas pedal right and this is gonna be a hard a hard
board for most people to hit anything in normal three bet pots now obviously you
got to know your opponent it is possible he’s gonna be Wyatt you know a little
bit wider he knows this about it also so which makes your betting seem a little
wider look at that said I I don’t know if he’s gonna slow down I mean he might
he also doesn’t want to fall into the I’m just gonna keep yeah see and that’s
the problem is cuz pasal has a range of any two cards you also don’t want to
fall into that trap of just three barreling an apostle while he’s just got
you murdered in this particular case that’s not what’s going on but again
pasal knows this man apostle will float all day now just to see what you do on
the turn and when you start slowing down he’s never going to not apply pressure
you know what I mean so basically basically Bianca of Poker
the masseuse of Poker is always applying pressure here’s the secret to playing
against Postle how it don’t have it but seriously is really consider your range
and like you know versus the actual board so like how would you play aces in
this spot right now would you continue to bet on this turn most likely so you
should bet if you if you decide to bet the flop then you should decide to bet
the turn especially someone again like Postle you who you know is going to call
you super wide on the flop Wow and he check raises huge I love
novice this is so strong how is this ever a bluff from rich this should work
if possible somehow find some sick click back ship I’m just gonna puke a little
bit oh yeah I mean I’ll clean it up but seriously I’ve just said this should
work 100% of the time I mean even with pasal and his mother effin soul reads
well I should still yeah and I why is pasal reaching for chips oh my
god what did he do he did not know he called he just called what this is this
is sick so how do we have $2,500 pot with two ace highs here guys and and
this should we would think either go shit for it or it’s gonna go check ship
I love everything about this and rich firing what what one thousand into 2500
this is so sick man that’s good this guy might be my favorite player I love this
guy rich I think the second time we’ve seen him
yeah can we give him the VIP Platinum pass to come back every stream cuz this
is amazing and pasal in the tank I mean I think other than like a posture fold I
don’t really know we’re thinking about here but then again it’s possible I’ve
been surprised before so how much does just rich have left oh my god oh my
we’re gonna table yes


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