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hey welcome back to the channel everyone who wants to hear about the Garden State New Jersey most people not on the East Coast only know things about New Jersey from what they've learned on The Sopranos and the MTV showed the Jersey Shore New Jersey is a great state filled with good land good people in some really cool history New Jersey's actually our third state being admitted into the Union December 18th 1787 New Jersey is ranked 47th and size 11th and population here it is right here in case you're following along at home they're also sadly ranked the third most moved out of state people are leaving this state in such large numbers you would think they just found out that the state's giving out mandatory 2010 Snooki hairstyles that's like I can't even describe that thing I'd moved to even though more people are leaving the Garden State some people still do decide to move here you might be thinking about it right now if you are you might want to watch my top ten reasons not to move to New Jersey number 10 the Pulaski Skyway the Pulaski Skyway is a four-lane bridge with many potholes very narrow lanes hairpin exits it's probably one of the most terrifying bridges in the US and I got to tell you I've been on it it is scary I've been on at a handful of times and yes my cheeks were clenched pretty hard it was open November 24th 1932 and from what I can tell people have hated it since November 25th 1932 now you're asking yourself why would this stop you from moving to this place this is just an example of New Jersey's crumbling infrastructure I mean they're trying to fix things thankfully it's been under reconstruction I guess you could say since about April of 2014 and was just reopened earlier this year but the infrastructure in New Jersey is in pretty bad shape number 9 income tax New Jersey residents pay some of the highest income tax in the country residents pay between 1.4 percent in eight point nine seven percent each year now it's not the highest but it's up there a lot of people new jersey think the taxes aren't going where they need to go or where they should be going I think it was last summer it was last summer 2017 they had a gun permit shutdown and during the fourth of July weekend they had to close all the beaches because of the shutdown that didn't stop governor classy chris Christie he took his whole family and friends to the beach nice secluded New Jersey Beach that no one was allowed to go to and he got filmed it was all over the internet and all over newspapers it was really a bad look for him nobody likes taxes we all know that but when you pay high taxes and you don't feel like you're getting anything out of it kind of stings number eight North and South Jersey if you ever want to have some fun find a Facebook page about New Jersey and then ask where the line is that separates North and South Jersey these people all have their own opinion and will get all worked up talking about it watching the argument will keep you entertained for hours get some popcorn well there's no definitive line between the two it's always been a disagreement between the residents as to where the line actually lies it's one of those just weird things about the state number seven retirement New Jersey isn't the greatest place to retire New Jersey actually lands number two as the worst state to retire by money-wise com taxes on retirement and cost of living take a toll on the seniors lifestyle on top of all that it snows in New Jersey tyrese tend to like to go someplace warm and you know live out their golden years with their wife of 50 years nobody wants to be snowed in with someone you've been married to for 50 years I mean it's nice to be married that long but come on you're snowed in maybe there's a power outage you're sitting there by candlelight what do you do to spice things up you like switch teeth and smile at each other number six cost of living the cost of living in New Jersey is high it's not as high as its neighboring state New York but it's still very high it's an overall 25 percent higher than the national average and I don't get it a high cost of living is normally an indicator of a place that everyone wants to live considering people are leaving this place in droves I don't get it don't get me wrong New Jersey has some really really nice places but a good portion is really really bad I just don't understand the whole cost of living thing with them they're all prices are out of whack it's just weird number five it's dirty New Jersey residents aren't very considerate of the environment the state is very dirty the pollution levels are 45% worse and the air quality is around 6% worse than the national average if you drive down the New Jersey Turnpike there will be places where you'll see everyone start rolling up their windows and that's because of some oncoming sewage plant or dump site or factory whatever as you can imagine that type of thing gets ten times worse in the summer New Jersey is just known for being polluted and it's too bad it is actually a really nice-looking state as far as the for is stuff like that the people just don't take care of it properly it's too bad and before anyone says anything yes there are some amazing places but drive through some of the cities and you'll see there's no respect for the environment number four public transportation similar to New York City's transit New Jersey's also sucks transit lines are always being delayed or canceled and overcrowding is always a thing new governor Phil Murphy signed an executive order for a full-scale audit of the problem plagued New Jersey Transit just recently the agency he described as going from a national model to a national disgrace looks like it'll be better in the future it just sucks right now number three people New Jersey is stereotyped as having extremely rude residents and this is a well deserved stereotype and before you comment about your wonderful person and everyone you know when New Jersey greets each other with flowers poems and kisses stop typing you know that's untrue you people are just rude most of the population has a tendency to turn into an inconsiderate dick without warning whether it's a barista telling you to take your coffee and get out of their face before they smack it to parking enforcement officer spitting on the ticket placing it on your forehead while you beg them not to write the ticket they're just dicks across the board in most cases number two traffic six million people share the roads in New Jersey so no wonder the traffic is outrageous a daily commute near major city can lead to heavy drinking or antidepressants the combination of three things make New Jersey traffic unbearable people from Jersey or a whole lot of rude like I said before they've got tons of potholes and bad planning it's like an anger cocktail every mile pushing you closer to mental breakdown there's always road closures or accidents so you'll need to plan ahead if you ever decide to drive further than like your mailbox number one it's toxic I talked about pollution and air quality in New Jersey before this goes far beyond bad air quality and some trash on a beach New Jersey is the home of the most Superfund sites in the United States they have 18 more than the next closest state which is California California is the third largest state New Jersey's 47th it's very small and it has the most Superfund sites in case you don't know two Superfund site is it's any land in the United States that's been contaminated by hazardous waste and identified by the EPA as a candidate for cleanup because it poses a risk to human health or the environment well that's what it is it's this thing that the government set up back in the day 30 40 years ago to clean up these toxic sites that you know back in the early days 40s 50s we didn't think about that so we just dumped chemicals while we're cleaning them up now New Jersey has a hundred and sixteen of these sites these sites do pose a serious health threat to the people that live in the area around them I mean contaminated groundwater and just tons of other problems they have an EPA website that you can locate these things before you move to New Jersey or any state for that matter nobody wants to have a dog that has puppies and one of them has two tails or goldfish with three eyes that's not a good thing I mean it's kind of everyone enjoys the Freak Show but I mean when it's your old dog and there may be a reason for it like what's bubbling up at your backyard yeah that's not a good thing anyway that is a serious thing you need to really pay attention that if you do move to New Jersey just look it up on the EPA website alright so that's my video the top ten reasons not to move to New Jersey I hope you guys enjoyed it don't forget to hit all the links below hit that subscribe button give it a thumbs up tell me what you thought everybody have a great day be nice to each other


  1. I wanna move to New Jersey and go to party in New York City over the weekends 🎉👏💃♥️♥️

  2. The map with north jersey vs south jersey made me laugh so hard. I live in central and I can walk to a quick chek and a wawa

  3. There are way too many laws, and cops aren't the best, you better know your rights. And also, from growing up in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, LITERALLY MOST people will NOT talk to you unless they need something from you, or will act like your friends to get whatever they can tale from you and most people will talk good about you in front of you, but talk shit behind your back. Believe me. It's not the best place AT ALL.

  4. Compared to living in Florida my entire life
    My one year in NJ was like a living in foriegn country

  5. New Jersey is dirty? Apparently he's never been to the pine barrens in south Jersey and most pay beaches are very clean.

  6. im from Jersey born and raised. the worst thing here is the price of living and finding a nice paying job.

  7. Hahahaha, I’ve lived in north jersey my whole life and work in NYC. I’m looking for another place to move. This video is very accurate, NJ sucks balls!

  8. New Jersey may not be the prettiest state and I get why people would hate on it. But if you grew up here you would realize that we work so beyond hard doing our best to make it the best state possible! Is it really our fault that it snows here man?!? Just because California has so many amazing movies and actors and actresses doesn’t mean it is a good state. It also has its bad sides. I am just saying New Jersey is a great state and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.💛

  9. I hate you New Jersey is very underrated you just don’t know that cause you probably live in your grandmas basement

  10. I am from Jersey and I can tell you that this video is factual. I have lived in North Jersey (right outside NYC) all my life and I can't take it anymore. The people suck, traffic is always horrible, it's dirty, and everything is expensive. I can not wait to get out of here for college!

  11. I live in New Jersey and I can admit all of these or mostly true lot of people are just evil and plus it does have lots of garbage mainly in the forest or the sides of the road

  12. As much as I hate NJ, it is still better than most places I lived and hard to move out from since everywhere else has its own problems. I was thinking of moving to Texas which is polar opposite of Jersey; affordable, nice people, lots of land, and growing economy. However there's Tornados, drought, and brutal summers

  13. haha the Pulaski Skyway… my parents got stuck on that bridge back in the last 70s before cell phones, there was no shoulder to pull over either… it took over 3 hrs for a tow truck to get to their car. I've only been on that bridge once because another road was closed and we didn't have a choice and had to take it. Ever since then my parents avoid that bridge like the plague lol

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