Tommy Hilfiger on Adaptive Clothing

[Offscreen Interviewer] Your company recently started a groundbreaking line of adaptive clothing for people with disabilities what was
your intention with the project and how is it going?
[Tommy Hilfiger] We like to be first. So, we believe we’re the first designer to create adaptive clothing for
a very wide audience worldwide. We thought that as a result of many people,
young people especially, trying to be in the fashion world or look great for
school or work there were challenges and we thought we could help them overcome
those challenges by creating a line of adaptive clothing that would have
buttons that were magnets rather than buttons and buttonholes, and zippers
would become now velcro, and if one has leg braces they need openings at the
bottom. So we created all different ways for people with special needs to get in
and out of the clothing and look like everybody else.

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