Together Forever: Conjoined Twins Don’t Want To Be Separated

COMM: Conjoined twins Pin and Pan are connected at the waist. The seven-year-old girls have
their own torsos, head and arms but share a pair of legs. COMM: And even though Pin controls one leg and Pan the other, they’ve mastered getting
around together. The twins live with their grandparents who are their legal guardians. COMM: And despite being physically joined the girls have different personalities. COMM: The girls attend a local school for disadvantaged children. COMM: Doctors have raised the possibility of separating the twins but their grandparents
have mixed feelings. COMM: And this seems to be a view shared by Pin and Pan.


  1. Can they be separated at all if they can each will have only one leg i dont believe they could survive this if they share organs very sad

  2. Oh, my god. What a sin. No one wants to live this way. Life stressful enough for the healthy. This is why amniotic screening so important. Cruel baring life only to suffer. Children aren't toys novelties. Everything should be done to separate them.

  3. سبحان الله
    والحمد لله
    ولا إله إلا الله
    والله اكبر
    ولا حولا ولا قوة إلا بالله

  4. Beautiful souls come in all shapes & sizes. And these two are clearly no exception. So may they both lead the happiest of lives, whether together and or apart.

  5. What do you know now….
    Nature finally spoke up and said brothers and sisters should be and stay together….I hear them say girls…but that is a girl and a boy conjoined…….mabey in the next 94 years this planet will learn the less dna structure you have to process the more perfect you'll be…..mind and body…..I'll be back to judge you then….

  6. What about their period maybe one we’ll have it before but they we’ll have it the same time??

  7. Subscribe here i got two sets of twins and more on way

  8. Son un niño y una niña mi pregunta su sexo es femenino o masculino por q están unidos por la pelvis

  9. God bless all of the world
    لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العلي العظيم الحمد لله والنعمة لله رحمتك وعفوك ورضاك يارب الحمد لله الذى عافنى بما ابتلي بيه غيرى وفضلني عن كثيراً من عبادة الصالحين عفوك ورحمتك ورضاك يارب اللهم اشفي كل مريض يارب

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