what's up thankthank gang is take and lo it staying no what are we it today baby girl there's no food today it's a little different yah I gotta tell y'all a little story for we get today's video I think I shouldn't toast you for this condone this toastin and yes this is coke and rum in a wine glass it doesn't matter okay you know what it's a cup that's all I that's all I care about it's a cup but that's neither here nor there so guys um I have a little confession I have a problem I have a little bit of a problem I have a problem when there are sales okay I have a problem with sales I go a little crazy and you guys know Memorial Day just passed and you know Lou and knob you got an intimal birthday we had a great time a really good time but notes to me yeah but you know when the night fell and Lou was snoring beside me hmm are you doing I couldn't sleep y'all couldn't sleep because you know I kept seeing Memorial Day Sale Memorial Day Selma more enticing murdered like it messed me up yeah so I'm gonna be honest with y'all on Memorial Day in a drunken stupor I purchase mad stuff that I forgot that I purchased and I kept getting notifications to my email like you got a new order you got any order like I remembered I purchased some things but when the amount of boxes that actually came came I was pretty concerned so I really don't remember everything I purchased Lou has no clue what's in here and I thought it would be a excellent and fun thing to do a tipsy unboxing of this u-haul in which I have no clue I have some sort of a clue of things that in here I know a lot of things I had purchased for myself but whenever I purchased things for myself baby always got to be in the car get you a man or woman that always puts items in the car for you because if you old man along don't put items in a car fee when I shop for themselves you put stuff in the car for me with my baby goes against them she gets stuff for me to just get you a person that thinks about you I think about her so I thought about you I think I'm praying Oh Lord only knows where her mind was I don't know what this stuff is so let's get right since we had a really really fun night and I was I want to keep saying tipsy because I don't like tainted the D word I don't like saying it yeah my mother hates when I say it like that's that's not classy I was just very tipsy and some stuff that happens so let's see hopefully you guys enjoyed this video let us know if you like things like this cuz we could do other random stuff like this in between mukbang all because they happen yeah because a lot of things like this happened irregularly so yeah we're gonna start dang I don't know like I know what some stuff is let's start with this let's start with this box unless let me pour my test that over you know this for over 21 and then I wanna know what else is yeah clearly we can see with this this is not what I what will fuck scream you guys I'm scared about something random that I'm pull out baby loves attention so I'm not that doesn't bother me it's or other random stuff I know this let me just want to do is like I know whenever I'm doing something crazy I know I'm gonna get those sneakers and I'm like you fanatic wish I could see this is my sneaker wall y'all there's a lot of niggas behind us y'all can't you see all of it but yeah so you ready it's gonna be fun oh I remember these aren't go for like I didn't you like you should I love the I don't need yeah yeah we wear the same size yeah we were the same exact size so these are her shoes I love those shoes you guys she got me another go ahead y'all know I have to tell y'all was because they are because first nigga heads out there these are the Nike Air Max Plus just this colorway Oh white and green and red color right and these are the retro ones that just recently came out very minor white color would you like them yeah I love do you what do you love about him I don't really like Jordans like that I mean I don't really like I'm lying I don't mean to say Jordan I don't really like high-tops like that um but I really like the ones I really like it to us something about it that looks different yeah yeah these are Jordans to those I I wasn't lying I love the ones though I love that one and I love the floors I'm happy got any type but whenever she gets a sneaker I'm happy because it takes less stress off of me because you just generally have I love when he has and she tarp you guys my father remember what he said he was like I think it coming out here you go people he come and he was like this is the first time I've seen my belt my daughter and sneakers she was a little girl and I'm never wore sneakers before I met her ever Lou was always in heels and yeah she was always in heels and I had to let her know like see heart like we have places to go and it's removable kind of slow cuz you know you click clack in a way like sometimes Jax put on sneakers you gotta give her feet a break so now she she rotates and I feel like it's healthier right yeah after years is really bad for your feet right I know this is yours never yeah I would never look wait wait what is it where's the fun that's all it says says good things inside as you guys can see Oh My Jesus Christ Oh me sorry when I say that you guys this is the body shop and I freaking love the body shop yeah well facial wash this is my favorite this is whatever I'd go to get anything hold on whoo thank you so is it just for because she's been talking a lot about doing things to her face yeah I know why I have purchased that I just saw this and this is a good sale at the time yeah but what I'm gonna to store it was not a sale anymore so I'm not even gonna suggest to get this cause it's not on sale no more oh yeah I love anything that comes in a glass container he and his glass and there's a vitamin E overnight cerumen oil baby we should do this tonight I know your generation a that no because with our ultimate spa thing yeah okay now we're gonna get to where I really don't remember like I just remember that I don't remember now so now is really disapproval and y'all when I looked at the amount of money deducted from my account I'm concerned so I want to see I mean today I don't know this is from nasty girl so this is the place I know I would have visited as well I know but that's from I just wanna know what the hell this is like I don't even know what this is like what is this you gotta be careful now about to see her inner darkest thoughts or something no I pray to God not like it better be okay all right now I know this this is yours nice oh my god this is beautiful day oh I got to show them one this is a shirt this is from Zara oh I just realized what this is I can't believe I bought this you know baby what not oh it's given us a nun's island yeah this is good drunk this is a dope nah that's sexy yeah that's good I must have been thinking oh you know this is really cute Oh be careful not to get anything later sorry thank you so much I'm not alright I like this jacket – y'all use this like a weight yeah it's not as really really nice this is cute very very nice be careful not to get any lipstick on it oh yeah hate pink that's not bad like this yeah exactly my box I think I like the pocket or something yes something about it that's given I think I could wear this just like as a dress maybe if you guys want to see how we dress these things up oh that would be kind of weightless they'll come down below there's no address don't do this let's get the nurse to kill them Christie mother getting nasty at least in the morning God because you go to bed until then okay I know that you all know I like to make movie we're get matching stuff y'all we stay with the matches though I know this is this y'all is a shirt like a little no that's a pant oh my nose basically this is the shirt yo and this is the top look look ridiculous in these pants that's mine when your legs gonna look ridiculous have my long baby y'all y'all know I'm like me my big legs cause I mentioned maybe showing you what else you know what you guys in my never mind I used to feel so bad for one thing secretly to match girlfriend and never mind we want to match each other yeah very nice this is why I love her so much cuz yeah if y'all go umm I know I had to clean it up this is the type of stuff that I get for myself so it's like when she helps me get these things oh wow baby this is gonna look so sexy y'all oh wow yeah I almost cried a little bit y'all look oh that's a move I could wear this with my Louboutins yes that's a move this is absolutely beautiful and stunning and I think I got like a little I think when you wear that I'm aware this I got a little bit purple suit to match I mean damn I hope she have adjust just like this but I'm black very nice like a bad ela they might have to get this back you know what nasty girl let's talk about it I'm not about to see this but what let's list that what's this yeah it's like no it's not gum it's some type of it goes very good with that though they let you send it back and they'll correct in two seconds yeah they go ahead again that look back yeah I have no idea what that was yo my didn't might be nervous um drives this is oh you don't look fine not so crazy because before I met her I bought this um bra to go to pride in and it was completely metallic like that and like I look crazy but I felt so empowered and also I'm known for this type of chain thing so when we went to afropunk you got me a unchain bra and we just coming up on I didn't even realize it was gonna be that type of material and that's lit like it's coming back to me every time I see something like oh shit I remember that okay maybe this ain't no crazy shit cuz I just thought baby was gonna have mad kitchen appliances man gadgets tennis shoes I know everything I'm missing a box before they recently female oh no I know what I got from here alright y'all this is ASOS I love ASOS I was drunk I got some space gym socks that's it no for her socks look at those socks you notice look at these socks yeah that's a nice is this orange pouch I got you see I was only chopping into men's section I think for this one this is just like an orange sling bag so I have a lot of orange sneakers it's jet ski see y'all remember to blunt yeah cuz my baby got me Mattson laser taste doesn't defer what I said defer very when she's intoxicated hello everything let's put out is just beautiful very nice I got my baby this is Columbia t-shirt cuz you need your white t-shirts thank you baby you need like that's a really cute situation is it yeah I have to Columbia coat whenever sugar that's a it's like that's that's a cute little friend it's not vintage actually this is more like a vintage looking retro teacher nice got some neon socks cuz you know I'm a stop queen she is and they're awesome and these are look like so sweet ASOS wasn't that it was like all right yeah we get down to the nitty-gritty Oh like these things ooh they're gonna let let me see the butt part nice all right so yeah I see a lot of things I'm not inspired until tape with someone and they're gonna look ridiculous when she puts the more these appear to be mom Dee's but honestly these might not fit me if they don't thing we use out of rhythm no fun that's how it goes if it doesn't fit me it'll fit Luke because she likes to wear a size bag anyway yep yeah I also got us some glasses nice so we gotta go through it to pick which ones we want but I'm sorry my bad somebody like stuff let's try the glass they'll add the body with oh wow yeah you know buddy bitches love me don't give up oh don't say that part these look like that person that was on Doug there's no that cool girl like she had that very nice you look like Morpheus no I don't like these at all let me see no I think I'll love those actually here you try these on I might take news what sir here we go we all see all those look perfect on you those look really perfect on you how do these look oh I love them I just hate the color I hate the blush girl I need the blush color cuz you know like I like color actually not like it well I like I like colors for what I'm gonna say when she puts it together I'll be in love with dizzy but I'll wear my hair up with something like this I'm sweating so do you love these I like these two not the best ones you like you know I can't see anything thank you up I like these two cuz you don't like this I don't like that you know when I was younger I definitely did but I don't get anymore up I can't I can't I'd myself out I had the ray-bans the cat I the original one the black one and I had my script in them so yeah that's fine I know what this is this is you still gotta open it okay come on y'all this is the reason of my fake account is fuck that let's take a shot take a shot me I think I know money's no heart I don't care like I truly don't care you work so hard you deserve whatever pops let me open that one first I know what's in there ever waited for these motherfuckers I told my baby she pieces see the worst part about it is Lou is not good with shopping in store shopping online shoppin nowhere she forgets there'll be some sales that we're looking forward to and I feel like babes set your alarm cause it's about to drop but I'm not playing no games y'all well Lou be like oh but and then I see the girl she's lookin us on YouTube cooking shit and I'll just be so over her oh no I want to do is cook yah I truly don't care about nothing else but she does though when you think about it she don't care about it but she still needs it and the same breath it's so bad like I think it's like my drug wither away just watching cooking videos these is a son of a bitch yes is going on a wall yes we not give me love the way stop stop y'all belong right here oh look what are those call the air max 90 80s recently came out Jesus trip from Italy oh yes air makes from the it's Haley baby's got some foreigner feet baby got the four now this one another pair of fours on our v8 baby was on the end of the ill memoria bad all right yeah I already know that this was the biggest mistake of the night all right we gonna start I'm not what are the few things from here oh all right you gonna do this together cuz I know this is the same shit oh wait my baby shit yes this is the last thing in this absolu and I in the cart you ready let's go boys ego is the Balenciaga this opening right cuz I already know what it is I already know some less on my counters and it did this bitch what do you mean you know my baby girl we are the Queen's of a small purse yes we always need a small purse to be go we like to go to like places never card your cell phone yeah so we've been looking for a small purse and you is so funny because loo today she mentioned she's like I was like what you could blue and I each month we try to treat ourselves girl we try to shoot ourselves we try to treat ourselves every month to UM stuff so I was asking her bushes entering yourself to next month and she was like you know I'm probably gonna get my new hairstyle again I'm gonna get a person new pressed up like that but I was already my girl I already got yours cuz we need a small person you know me but baby got mad so gotta come through thank you baby I appreciate it I hope everything that's left it brings you joy no baby I hope you deserve it and thank you so much for people that okay you guys I can get all that this stuff myself but she just does it and before I can deserves it like this is for people like now these are from you know people that likes France like me this is a de Aris box I don't know if I'm saying it right but I really love this brand so yeah these are cool socks these are the same things but in a different color I got these on sale y'all these are was originally $4 per sock and I think I got them for like 16 I gotta go check cuz I'm gonna get my stuff now so yeah I love socks like I ain't joking I got here–oh Preston saw tonight what I know you know he's very nice you know oh yeah you know you gotta come through I still she catches me in her sock drawer and she flips out about you guys feels masaccio and I'd be like babe just told me because I'm the one percenter doubt looper not only does the dishes I pretend we do the laundry that's our you didn't run house that's how cuz I hate the dishes you don't like logic so that's how we're doing and I was like babe just ask me for the sock cuz I sometimes I don't like have them prepare but they're wash already and she just and they're so important like when you spend $20 with some sauce you can't just tell people wearing it later oh I should ask for permission but you guys I truly know that I do it out of a purely bad place I don't know like I know every time I touch that don't want me in it but it's just I think it's the taboo love the draw when I'm gonna stop for oh because she really loves her size and then I just got two other shirts nice this is people that know that brand is Liddy I can't see baby I'm sorry what about me and this is the last shirt I got yo oh no I've been opening like that boy it's okay some paints go right in but this is another look y'all y'all know I'm a tomboy so I like stuff like this shout-out to sense for not sponsoring this video because I have to pay for everything but you guys just sponsoring one day cuz this is really cool saline first of all get all of this because I don't want anything no stains or nothin yeah into your arm dust bag you have to understand that Lou and I we always have you know we're libras let me let me talk to my leave you for a sec you know leapers this has my face for the rest of the video I show you something we have-we libros really enjoy the finer things in life it's just the truth in a matter we like advising the life so as we continue to work really hard and you guys should most like Balenciaga you scare the heck out of me it's almost like Balenciaga when I opened it yeah smuggling awesome a lot of leather like it just got really leathery it's gone you're an upper as you continue to work hard on and off YouTube in our personal lives and our other jobs because we have lots of jobs oh yes I just want to continue to reward ourselves my baby you know she said I wouldn't never make big purchases like this ever even though I have out what never does our stuff is boost up comfort food and drink like well me out that's when she was spending her money on and wouldn't be in a brochure said she was she was part oh she was spent her whole thing on the groceries and she will make the best dinner ever and that's just what it is and not like Chile is because she does not like to buy clothes so I will buy it for her and she will continue to view me and this is just what it is it truly is what it is and that's the honest truth I've never loved I've never liked to buy close up but and that's why I've always my Styles always been so eclectic because I've just pulled from all these different places over the years because I've never liked to shop and now that I'm with her it's kind of like my worries are free cuz like I know that my wardrobe and everything is still being built without me even having to do anything and I know my friend is being fed with me not having to do anything so this is a wonderful partnership cheers to the partnership thank you for this auntie akka babe I have another secret for you guys let us know if you guys want to see the part two because I only brought today the things that were like total three day express shipping there's probably like six or seven more boxes like this because I've ruined my wallet and bye guys


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