1. You tube just put you in my viewing and I love your channel. I just subscribed. I can’t wait to watch all the videos and tutorials. Thank you

  2. Being able to colour coordinate is my biggest downfall. I am slowly getting better but this video has helped a lot. Thank you.

  3. Understand color values is the most important aspect of producing a great quilt! I sometimes have trouble with color value so purchased from Amazon a set of Color Value Finders for less than $10. These simple lenses have helped me select the light, medium & dark fabrics that best work together.

  4. I never knew that was a color chart on the fabric 😯 thank you and great video. I always struggled to choose fabric and you really simplified it

  5. Hola, Sra Bonita, hermosas combinaciones,
    Gracias por compartir sus experiencia con nosotras.
    Saludos de Chihuahua,

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