Tips Before Setting Up Your Sewing Business (Part 1)

I feel like I'm already out of breath so yeah I'd like to bear with me all right [Laughter] all right hi you guys welcome back to my channel my name is ty and this video it's gonna be a little bit different I'm gonna be talking to you guys about pretty much like different ways that you can set up your shop I know that my channel is kind of sitting around you know making clothes and and all that kind of stuff and a lot of self top designers watches my videos and a lot of people contact me all the time and watch my videos asking me different questions and inquiring about mentorship and stuff like that and I figured that because I know that I don't have the time personally to like individually try to help individuals like yes even if someone contact me and they have certain questions and stuff like that I do try to answer to the best of my ability but I figured why not start creating videos um to kind of like generalize or kind of give you guys different perspectives like my different perspectives and just from my background from my experience as far as things that I've tried or if they fail things that I've tried that worked it's gonna have a lot of information in it so I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you want me to do more videos like this then just leave a comment in the comment section below or give it a thumbs up so I can know that you guys like these type of videos I'm gonna give it to you guys and from my perspective so I hope my perspective can help you guys cuz I'm pretty sure there's plenty of other videos and plenty of other people who might have information regarding like the business side of things but I'm just gonna give it to you guys from my perspective and I hope you enjoy it so okay so I also want to say that because I am working while I'm talking while I'm talking in this video while I'm checking with you guys I'm gonna be getting up and moving a lot or whatever so pay me no mind I wanna have this chat with you guys but I want to also make sure that I'm being productive at the same time so I can get you guys some information as well as get my cell at the same time cuz right now my kids are supposed to be taking a nap they are but um it sound like to me that they're gonna run plane but yeah if you hear kids screaming or playing or something I have a three-year-old and a four-year-old that's supposed to be taking it out right now but they're probably not taking it out but yeah so let's go ahead and get into the video as you guys can see I'm video pregnant I'm not big big yet or whatever but you know halfway through pregnancy and everything you know at that if you've ever been pregnant before that you know there's a stage in your pregnancy where it's like you go from like being small and not really feeling like you're pregnant to like all of a sudden lead your stomach just growing at a rapid pace like if you're growing so fast or whatever so who and I'm kind of talking and you can probably tell it I'm out of breath or whatever because I'm kind of at that stage I'm at that stage right now where yeah my stomach is starting to grow at that rapid pace but we moved recently and when we moved my printer cord I cannot find my printer cord to save my life so right now what I'm having to do is use because I'm not able pretty much I'm not able to print out my patterns off of the computer okay like because I the PDF pattern that I use on board pretty much the PDF patterns that I create I use them for myself as well I pretty much when I'm making certain pieces and stuff like that I'll make my own patterns and I use the PDF powder format so pretty much print out my patterns and use them for when I'm producing the actual garment so I'm not able to actually use the PDF pattern that I want so I'm having to use one that has already been printed out and kind of adjusted to my knees because I'm currently working on just buy me a new printer like I had to buy a new computer because my computer just like Oh started messing up on me so I have to buy a new computer well my husband bought it for me for my birthday or whatever but yeah so but that's not what this video is about right so um yeah so I don't want to kind of talk about I want to kind of talked about I'm sorry guys I'm trying to I'm looking in the lens and whatever and I'm trying to make sure that I'm still trying to I'm trying to stay in frame at the same time so okay so let's first get into before I get into like different ways to set up shop and all that kind of stuff the first thing that I want to talk about and I want to touch bases on is um pretty much kind of laying out a few foundational knowledge and certain things that you need to know and understand before you decide yes I want to start a sewing business so pretty much because the reason I'm saying this is because I went into it kind of like so excited like you know I'm like I went into it so excited and I'm filled up I feel the reason why I went into it so excited but I went into it blindly at the same time is because it was accidental how I kind of got I how I kind of started a sewing business or whatever it was very accidental like I wasn't trying to start a sewing business it kind of just happened or whatever so with me a lot of the things that I'm gonna talk to you talk to you guys about in this video I didn't know before I started and I'm kind of now at this stage right now where I'm read I'm pretty much relaunching my boutique but this time around it's taking me a lot more time than it did the first time around like literally the first time around I had some pieces together like within a few months or whatever it like it took us from start from the start of me saying I want to start a sewing business to me actually launching my own online boutique in Lille was probably like within a few months to a year like it wasn't that long because I literally just felt like all I had to do was just so give me a website post my stuff on the website and bam like I've started my sewing business or whatever and that was just like totally when I started it was just like oh my gosh what in the world get myself into I was so like I just was so lost I was so lost or whatever so this video I'm gonna be pretty much kind of laying down some some first-hand knowledge that you might need to think about before you decide okay yes I want to go ahead and jump into starting me a sewing business even as a fashion designer of like if you someone if you're someone who likes to design clothing and stuff like that or create clothing you don't even have to necessarily so it you can hire someone to sew in and produce a product for you and sell it and stuff like that or another option is like if you want to sew and be a fashion designer stuff like that you don't have to necessarily start your own boutique in order to steal operating that position of you know designing clothing and creating products and stuff like that you can just you know sell your stuff in wholesale to other boutiques that are open you know they have plenty of boutiques that take in look local designers and stuff like that and you know so you have plenty of options that if you don't want to open your own boutique you can go their route to where you're selling your stuff to different boutique um different boutiques and I'm actually inquired about a couple of them or whatever to where the you know I'll take the way they have it at least look at the few that I've talked to you the way they have it laid out is you bring in a couple of your pieces or whatever and if they like them there there's the requested starting point to see and all that kind of stuff and you kind of like work out your contract agreement with the pricing now all that kind of stuff with them as individuals or whatever but that's another option if you don't want the headache of running your own boutique or starting your own boutique or where there's online or a physical boutique then you're you have other options but I'm mainly focusing on sores who saw their own clothing and want to be able to figure out ways that they can make money through their own artistry because it's an artisan art so I'm kind of I'm really for arts I feel like everyone is trying to do this anything building same type of platforms and doing it in a way where it's like they're they're getting lost in doing the bare minimum that is it's not a it's not a fulfilling thing because they have not quite tapped into their gift of what really sets them apart and that's what makes an artist and artist because artists understand like this is what really sets me apart this is what really makes me me so I'm going to be me and I'm going to live my like you know me like I'm gonna be beautifully me like be beautiful you so that's why I'm all for artists who really want to get to like these artists who really get to know themselves and really get up just fall in love with their craft and really fall in love with their art and how it makes them into the person that you know how it just yes so that's what this video is for I've been talking so much and I haven't even made not one point yet at all so let's get it to the competitors right I probably be deleting a whole bunch of stuff right first thing that I want to talk about is your competition and the reason why knowing your competition and understanding what competition is is important because I know a lot of people kind of think or they look at it like well this is my artistry I'm not really worried about what people are doing around me and all that kind of stuff and trust me you can't have that mentality to where you're not worried about what other people are doing around you but you still need to understand pretty much um that not knowing what is going on around you it's also important there's things that are not good that you have to prepare yourself for and you have to in order to prepare yourself for that you have to know okay what they doing over there that could eventually may cause some distraction or may cause some some chaos in your life for a moment or whatever but the thing is if you prepare yourself to know these things then you would how to know how to go around it overcoming and like do what you need to do to kind of stay standing where you are in the position that you are especially now in the world of social media competition is even greater than what it was when there was no social media i'm categorized as having a sewing business there's still the farkas there's still a part of the fashion industry right it's still a part of fabric industry see what happens when I get to talking though I don't work so then we try to work right that's the whole point of me doing it like this right Ballu try to work with oh yeah so understand that although you're someone who's making your own clothing and you're selling your own work and you're you know you're having you're starting your sewing business and stuff like that you are you still have competitors you still have competition there's still competition there those are like different a list of different type of competitors that I wanted to just give you the list so you can maybe go in and kind of do your own research and just kind of see how they operate and just kind of get a background in some of the things that they do or whatever just so you can have not to sit not to go and research them to try to be them you don't alright sorry guys my can look at all okay so I don't know what I was saying but I think I left off saying that I just wanted to give you that list so you can go and do your own research and you know researched up for yourselves just kind of get an idea of how they operate how you run things and all that kind of stuff and not saying that you should do it so you can't copy them or whatever no you need to do things the way you want to you need to run your business the way you want to run your business but like I said it's just to kind of know again I get an idea of how your competitors flow or whatever so but you know that's I just wanted to touch on that portion as far as like competitors but now I want to get into what the whole purpose of this video is which is pretty much different ways that you can set up your sewing business in this or whatever so okay now let me just show y'all something real quick because this is I'm about to get down and I'm gonna throw this up real quick into a bond okay I feel like I'm so out of breath all the time like I'm breathing hard like breathing so hard but I just gotta I'm working out or so my husband make fun of me when I'm I'm just walking up the stairs much thank you okay I don't buy just you know and is hot like I've been pregnant with all my kids being pregnant when it was like the hottest time of the year like really really but yeah so quick hairstyle right there I gotta take these out and redo them before we go on vacay we're taking the kids to Florida so I'm gonna take these down and redo anyways like okay – pretty much start off this topic I'm gonna ask a few questions and as I asked these questions I want you to think about the answer for yourself really you want to write this down and answer it later on or like you know to let you like allow yourself to kind of like think about the answer for awhile and really examine and evaluate what it is that you want to do or whatever but I want to ask these questions and as I ask you these questions I am going to elaborate and answer them for you from my own perspective so you can kind of get an idea of how I want you to really think about what I'm trying to say so because I don't want it to be confusion I don't want to be confusing I really want this information to help somebody so yeah I really want this information to help somebody so and like I said there's so many good there's other options other than opening a boutique that you can incorporate your talent on sewing and fashion design and all that kind of stuff so you can get into fashion design where there's like trying to work under another designer you can like I said print design your own line and produce it through a company through a factory company and they saw your products and you pretty much you know sell them you can sell them to other stores and boutiques to where they're on buying your product and buy your designs you can sell your designs to other stores or other brands and stuff like that so it's like so many ways where you can use your talent without opening a boutique so you can pretty much ask yourself why do you want to open a boutique and then I'm gonna give I have four different four different answers that I feel are reasons why a lot of people sort of like some people might open that with teeth one is money some people are just entrepreneurs and they're just looking for another business to start to make more money pretty much people who are not necessarily sewing their own clothing but people who just want to produce a product to make more money you know they're not they don't really care to probably like be hands-on and the operations as far as the day-to-day management and you know what I mean they just want to hire staff open a business and make money while they do whatever do whatever work on whatever project that they working on over here it pretty much just want that CEO title they own it but you know other people are running and operating and all that kind of stuff they even probably have like different designers on staff or you know many different buyers and stuff like that so um that's one reason why someone may open a boutique another one would be to have a creative outlet for a creative outlet it will probably be more so someone like me or it may be someone like you someone who like to sew someone who likes to create someone who loves every aspect of fashion design from the from the sketch to the production or the pattern to the production of the garment to the styling of the garment to the selling of the garment and yeah like you literally love every aspect of the whole entire process or whatever because it's like a it's a creative outlet for you like you just really love the artistry so even in a fashion industry you have so where's people who don't know nothing about fashion designing I don't care about fashion protected so they're behind off and you have some people who can schedule a behinds off they they love fashion they can you know whip it together real quick and show you something crazy but they can't put it together they we need that store to do it and then you have someone who um just love putting like after it's designed and after it's owned and they like to style it and put it together and create this amazing work of art from the clothing or whatever so there's so many different perspectives and aspects in the fashion industry in a fashion world to where I feel like when it becomes a creative outlet there are so many different options and ways to do it but since we're so we're focusing on I'm opening a boutique with a with a creative outlet portion of it it's literally like you're literally wanting to show the world your art to show the world your work show the world a part of you and just share your gift with the world that's pretty much why that's an option of why some people may want to start a boutique that's personally my reason as to why I want to open a boutique because I want to have more than clothes and I want to have artwork I want to have everything that I like anything everything about me everything that I would love to do I want my boutique to literally reflect me and the things that I love my heart you know I mean I really that's literally like my way I feel that I would love to share my heart with the world my booty is almost kind of like my way of doing it without having to speak if that makes sense so that's you that would kind of be your reason of why you want to start a blue team and I guess I can put passion for fashion in that category as well because like I said you can be someone who likes to design actually create different looks and be in creating different looks or here someone who like to style different pieces and make a work of art from different styles I mean a different fashion pieces or whatever so yeah that's that's where style bloggers come in at a start they kind of start their own fashion boutique so where they're picking like they're going becoming buyers and they're buying different brands and trying to create a work of art in their shop to where people can kind of see their aesthetic as a stylist and then just like like I said if fashion designers who might just want to create and draw out and create different pieces but they don't really care to sew and do all that health stuff so they just kind of sell their work to someone else or whatever but they're not necessarily probably trying to open a boutique or whatever but um another one would be being innovative as far as like sharing new ideas like you see a lot of fashion companies where they are actually introducing like organic clothes that you hold on just a second I was saying um yeah like you see some people who like half organic clothing line because you know they feel like they have a they think you know they want to be innovative and not just make clothing like everybody else they want to make clothing with purpose like that has a purpose so you have some people who have recycled clothing lines where they kind of like there's so many different creative like I like I said I don't know if I mentioned if you watch my video where I talked about how I kind of got into fashion design where I spoke about how I created a bow tie out of guitar picks like some people actually create clothing from like yummy they want to be really really innovative and the reason why I did that is because of a client had brought in an image to someone who was trying to get their line off the ground it was like they truck they started us um when I was gonna go fund me it wasn't necessarily a go fund me but it was something similar to that or whatever and um sorry guys don't bring this so hard goodness but um so the client she she had and she was a doctor she had a son who loved guitars and she there was no way she could purchase it so she asked me to recreate it for her or whatever so you have some people who's like that guy who's like I personally don't want to create a line from from stuff like that oh whatever but um I only did it because like I cuz they're by climate questioning I felt like it was like something that really pushed my creativity which it did and I actually enjoyed it so much or whatever it was so much fun or whatever but yeah so it's like some people who want to create fashion from day and it's like I said that's another form of being an artist or whatever so why do you want to start a why do you want to open a boutique so that's the first question that you would want you I will want for you to ask yourself and you have to really think about your answer when it comes to their okay when you think about your customers um your customer base what kind of customer base do you want to build now the first um I have three different types of customers or whatever just based off of kind of like things that I feel like I've learned and I've seen you know just now today in the world that we live in here because it's like consumer consumerism is so completely different now with social media and stuff like that like it's just so different or whatever so the thing is you pretty much have to really be real with yourself and be honest with yourself because now that really is an important question it's not just about who you want to sell your stuff to it's about what type of clients what type of cause what type of consumers do you want to be a part of your family because the first customer is the loyal customer and the loyal customer is pretty much people who stick around for a long time like literally they are like those Ryder guy customers back um you can kind of look at it as if like it's like a bee hive to a Beyonce you don't mean like it's like no matter what she does no matter what she does the bee hive is down you know she's like she said I want her so she can sneeze on a track and they gonna go crazy okay this is like that Boyle type of customer although I'm pretty sure that um you would want a little tough customer but you would still want to give that loyal customer quality you ain't you don't want to just sneeze on a track and and be like yeah I'm finna make millions off that sneezing on track you know some people do that like a lot of a lot of influence is really just like let me just because I have this large following let me just throw out a whole bunch of different start a whole bunch of different businesses throw out a whole bunch of different things so make money from me because I know my sheep my fans will buy whatever I put out or whatever which I mean I just don't I don't see that as I personally don't see that as like the the right thing to do like I just I would not do that I don't want to do that I would not do that or whatever but with a loyal customer um what I like about the little customer is that when it comes to loyal customer they connect to your creativity and pretty much who you are especially if you're in harness if you're an artist and you're presenting your work based off of who you are the people who is the people who are drawn to your work and the people who are drawn to what you're doing they're being drawn to you by you being you you're not trying to be someone else so that's one thing that you definitely want to make sure when you're asking yourself what kind of customer you want because it's like when you start off one way you're gonna have to maintain it that way for the rest of the way to really maintain that that consumer base so like I said they're they're your loyal customers our consumers are attracted to your authenticity they're attracted to something there's something about you that draws them to want to just keep coming back it's like some people who prefer certain artists like when it comes like painting or hangings they collect certain a certain artists collectors are painting collectors they collect certain parties work because they just connect to their artists they connect to the vision of their artists they're connecting to the work of their artist or whatever in I don't know it's like with a loyal customer you're not pressured to try to be someone other than yourself because they already they're already accepting you for who you are so that's one of the benefits when it comes to like trying when it comes to wanting to have that loyal customer like in order to gain a loyal customer you have to be loyal to you first you have to be authentically you because then that because the consumer will see that this person is being authentic like I like this person this person is being after authentic I want to support this person or whatever and don't change on the way continue to be you continue to be you and let those who come come and let those who don't well they can go on to the next person within a day one when you want a loyal consumer base you don't care about the other you kind of really just focus on those who have been loyal those who are embracing your work for you know you you're not trying to change who you are to try to accommodate other people so that's a good thing about you know wanting to pointing that loyal customer that's the type of consumer you want that's who you want to buy your stuff so the loyal customer that you have the niche consumer base of like a category of specific types of people so you have some people who start pretty much create products off of like race religion political beliefs I pretty much just like different lifestyles like you or different lifestyles are different types of people based on their race like so people have African American brands to where you know it's all for the culture and yeah you know so it's like it all depends on what type of consumer that you want that you did that you kind of like you got you have to mold yourself um into whatever that niche is so if you pick a certain niche like if you pick that African American consumer cuz that could be feel a part of who you are and it could still be your authentic self or whatever but understand that you're gonna have to maintain that that vision of who you are every step of the way like everything you can't just decide one day I went to UM add something that is not African American for the culture you wanna ask I don't know like you if you started off one way you kind of have to keep it that way in order to maintain it cuz you've kind of you've kind of built your consumer base off of that niche so you kind of have to stick with that niche so that's the thing about the niche consumer base you have to make sure you are you conform yourself to that niche and you have to stay within that niche or whatever so is different kind of from that loyal customer or whatever and then you have the West trending like any and everybody can buy your product but you want any and everybody buy your product so you kind of like go along with the flow of what's trending you're kind of down with like the pop culture again yeah like everything that's training and all that kind of stuff so you're kind of like just going with the flow you're like on your like waves in the ocean you just kind of like you know where whichever wherever the current takes you that's where you're going so you you will kind of be like you know all over the place creating different things hold on just a second yeah you will be kind of like all over the place you know just creating whatever is turning or whatever and some people like to do that some people want to do that all power to them I personally don't want to do that if I was to answer that question for myself it will be loyal customer because it's just something about being me that makes me the most happiest that I have ever been especially when you come to that point in your life where you finally understand who you are and you finally embrace who you are and you anomie you don't question you don't question or doubt yourself you don't mean that you really have come into that you have embraced and come into that all of yourself or whatever so yeah I don't want nothing or no one to take that all for me so I'm pretty much um as far as like when it comes to this question I'm pretty much the loyal customer the lawyer customer base I want people to drive I want people to be drawn to me from them just seeing me being authentically me so I want when I when people see my work I want them to see it and like it because I you know because they are attracted to my eye and my artistry you all right so you see many small boutiques and they are some really really nice fun boutiques or whatever sorry my channel cut off but they are really nice boutiques but you can tell that the owners like the big like it's like a mom-and-pop mom-and-pop shop of fashion businesses pretty much that's what I'm going with this it's like a mom-and-pop shop of fashion vision is to where you see a lot of mom-and-pop shops where they're not really trying to become like these big old huge corporations or whatever because it's almost like they're really a part of the community you know what I mean like they're a part of the community and they're comfortable with the incomes they're making the living that they're making there it's not really about greed or money or nothing like that but it's like yeah they want their business to succeed and flourish but they really enjoy what they're doing so they're a part of the day-to-day operations why you're literally involved in the involved in your loop and your boutique it's like you're a little baby you're like nurturer you're still caring for that baby that belongs to you you have not given it over to clean it and put it in the hands of someone else like you no no you don't need a nanny you are the mama and you're gonna take care of it you gonna take care of that baby that baby is yours forever nobody else nobody will ever take the job of me in their baby's life so um you know it's all it's like you're you're that that type of mom and pop um boutique style business it's like you are literally like I said you're a part of the community you're a big part of community you have personal relationships with your clients and it's just like ona it's such an intimate such an intimate makes me think or whatever in personally if I was to answer that question for me that will be the type of boutique that I would like for myself and that is an intimate like I would want to be running it further away like for as long as I can do it because I really have a for the things that I do for what I do and I really want to mean I don't it's not it's not something that I trust not necessarily even trust but it's not something that I should I have a desire to kind of just like throw off to someone else like I really enjoy it it's like motherhood for me like I really enjoy being a mom I really enjoy being a mom so for me I don't I'm nothing like you can ask my parents wait it took them a while for me to kind of just be like you know let the kids know us a wee bit more they mess with me to this day because it was just like I want my babies all to myself and I had we're not sure of course but but this is how I'm like that that's my baby you don't know me listen it's like I have a passion I have a passion to see the growth and development and just and I know one day of course I'm had to let my kids go or whatever I know that but and I understand that or whatever but um but I feel like that's kind of how I want to run my boutique I want my feet to literally be everybody will know the owner everybody would know the person who who founded that boutique they want they will be able to walk in their boutique and see my face and speak and say hello and tell me give me talk to me directly and give me ideas of some of the things that they would like to see or some of that some of their favorite things that they'd like me just right walking hands and feet on the field you know to me not hiring a big old marketing company to go and um take surveys for me if they like nah I will conduct the survey okay no but I'm kidding but yeah that's pretty much um another long-term goal that you could have and as you can see those are different definitions of success I don't know if you watch my video that I mentioned earlier but like I said there's so many different paths and definitions of success to some people having that small little um intimate mom-and-pop boutique is like success for their own best goals for them that's goes for me goes for me is not having a kazoo in shops with my name's splattered all over the world I'll you don't to me like I don't really care to be doing all that I don't really care for all of that or whatever so that's not my Ingo my can gold is not dead or whatever so yeah those were the questions that I wanted you guys to pretty much ask and really think about and contemplate on or whatever so um what I'm probably gonna do is make a cartoon of this video because I feel like this video kind of ran kind of long so part two of this video I'm gonna be talking about ways that you can set up your shop based off of the answered questions that I have just talked about in this video so like I said you can go back and I'll make sure I'll type the questions on the screen so you can see the questions or whatever but I'll go back and you well you can go back and just go over some of the questions that I asked and just listen to some of the examples that I gave and even my perspective of how I see my business and my shop and stuff like that and you can write down some of the things that you want for your business your some business and your INGOs and stuff like that and then you can watch the next video so you can then see give some information on different ways that you can start to set up your sewing business to get things rolling to kind of get towards to reaching your goals so I hope you guys enjoy this video and go ahead and go check out the next video part 2 of this video but remember to always embrace every part of you and always continue to be beautifully you you guys I love you guys and I love you guys have a wonderful day bye

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