Tim Gunn Calls Kanye West’s Clothes Basic And The Kardashians ‘Yuck’ | BOSSIP REPORT

And the real nigga award goes to
Tim Gunn right here on The Bossip Report ok finally somebody in the media is keeping
it real about their opinions about people in power that’s right fashion designer
extraordinaire whatever you want to call him Tim Gunn was on Huffington Post keeping it real about the Kardashians when asked about Kanye’s clothing line he
said in the words of my man Lil Duval it was basic pieces, yup
that’s right Kanye’s swag was basic the paper bag look is not what he was going for he didn’t like it I don’t think anybody likes it but the shit is sold out
whatever so when asked about what he thought about the Kardashians as a whole
family his response was “The Kardashian aura of yuck” yuck that’s right yuck he was
disgusted by everything that had gone on from the losing of the balls to the
exploiting of all the children in the family he stopped short of talking shit
about Kylie and Kendall because they are young girls and I salute him for that you
can’t get the real nigga award talking about little girls and also when asked what can be
done to combat the Kardashians -like they’re roaches or some shit he said “The Obama girls” The
Obama girls because they are dressed sophisticated and they look great. They’re not trying to look over their age. Let us know what you think about Tim Gunn and his comments in our comments below and then subscribe right here on
YouTube but y’all ain’t going to put nothing about how I talk or how I say the word nigga all the time. I’m sorry nigga


  1. Never seen a Detroit cat rocking Kanye style clothing. All things given, its problloy for these best cause someone might commit a hate crime.

  2. I love Tim Gunn! He throws shade only to those that NEED it lol. Tbh, he was actually nice by calling Kanye's clothing line basic because truth be told, it looks like he hired a bunch of homeless people to sketch up some designs.

  3. "I don't think anyone likes Kanye's clothing line" and the next thing he says is that it's sold out loool, you gotta be a special type of hater for that to come out your mouth and not realize how dumb it sounds

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