THROWN IN THE NEIGHBORS POOL! (In his clothes) | Sam & Nia

Our first hike as a family, haven’t done this before They like it! Don’t let them bite you guys I don’t want to do this anymore Daddy What bud? I’m pretending these are choppers and You know what my choppers gonna be? And I’m not even gonna pretend cause it’s really a chopper My hand Stop it The fight is over. I only fight. And I’m his side kick She’s my roommate. No I’m your dog What up fan to the B to the A to the SIC how are you guys doing today? Welcome to Warren Pennsylvania. A historian came through here and found out that the architect of Grand Central Station came through in his 20s and designed a whole Bunch of homes, and they think the one that we’re staying in is one of them pretty cool, right? What’s up guys? We’re at shoe sensation doing a little Warren, Pennsylvania shopping because we’re going on a hike today Which I’m so excited about the weather is real nice and hot and so we’re gonna go on a hike but nobody has tennis shoes Except Abram and myself so Sam and probably Symphony for sure need some tennis shoes So I told Symphony that if she gets a pair of shoes here, it’s gonna be her back to school shoes So she needs to look real carefully. Why don’t you keep looking, we’ll remember that you like this shoe though Those are cute. Well, well, well, what do we have here?
That’s awesome Guys we’re gonna go feed some carp some catfish. I thought. I just said we’re gonna feed some carp some catfish I meant cat food. We’re gonna go to that ledge over there And drop cat food down All the way down there Hey bud you carry the cat food.
Don’t throw it all in at once Throw some bud. Abram are you eating it? Ew what the heck? It’s our first hike as a family, haven’t done this before Whoa! Oh! We gotta climb this big baby! Climb that big baby You can actually go up it! Guys you know where this rock came from? Where? It fell from outer space, yeah Wait like a asteroid? You bet! Actually probably not but it makes it cooler All right let the pro’s come through.
Daddy you go first!
Get out of the way kids! Yep, we’re going up there. There’s a way there’s a will I’m too old for this He’s actually doing it! Oh gosh Justin just fell. The way I saw it you just pushed him. It looked like it Did you see him push him? No but There you go, he’s got you I don’t want to do this anymore That was fast I’m going down this way. Whoa! That was scary Do you know where all these rocks came from? Outer space Really, come on walk down Came from outer space Right daddy? That was just a joke bud. Oh. Sorry They really came from God Dad look I actually made it! Good job bud We made it! We made it! No help at all huh? No help at all You’re gonna pretend you’re the bear Okay Wait, buddy, I want to see this. This is amazing. Wow, what in the world Aw Your little excursion in the forest has come to an end. Did you like it? Yeah Oh good My trees My trees aw you’re so sweet, you’re an adventurer, huh? That was an incredible hike it just inspires me to do more of it with the kids It was very doable Going through that trail and it just makes me want to go to Broken Bow with everyone and find all the hiking trails and Go do it. If it just wasn’t so hot in Texas. That’s why we don’t do as much stuff like this But anyways now we’re on to feed the fish All right Macy go for it. Throw a handful in there They like it! Don’t let them bite you guys Oh my gosh look at those guys Abram look at these guys Holy smokes! Party’s getting started. Is it cold? Feels great. While you guys are here paint an emoji on here? You know I could if you wanted me to. I don’t mind. It doesn’t take long right? That would be awesome Breaking out the hot tub. It’s gonna be hot We get. No this is for the adults guys. I don’t think so. Get in the pool. So this is a nice little place Really cozy in the backyard. I’m trying so hard to eat healthy just for one day and they keep putting yummy stuff out It makes it so hard for me I’m gonna eat one of those by the end of the night because you guys know if I can say no once that’s enough and I could wait An hour, then I’ve earned to eat one. For now I’m just sitting here talking to myself Okay, nice talking to you. Abram mommy said you have to stay out of the pool for how long? Nine minutes. For nine minutes why? Why buddy? Because I’m sorry You better not throw me in. Why He still has his clothes on! My turn! My turn! You going in the pool right? We have got a Basketball game going on back here now. I’m not sure if they’re playing pig or horse or what. I’m just kind of chilling here Abram how was your ice cream, bud? I got it, I got it daddy! You got it? Abram what are you doing dude? I’m doing this I used to do the same thing, when I was his age In front of the ladies It’s hilarious All right guys long comment of the day Nia told me this was it Nia you and Sam should do one of those ancestor DNA kits Nobody knew about we’re gonna meet up with him and his wife. Cool thing you guys should really try out. Wow that sounds interesting Maybe we will thanks for the suggestion Emma Powers. We’ll catch you guys tomorrow. We got some fun things planned Don’t forget he loves you and remember to love each other I wanna hold the camera Oh you do, okay Action Action Oh dabbing Do you do the floss? Wow you’re good at it

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