Throwing Knives at the Rogue American Shop with the crew

America look at that shit that came out with blak this will definitely stop somebody from KCT or whatever you know it would give them tall you know like Google and all that I'll send employees to go do yoga or whatever meditate this will be our like meditation [Applause] so a lot of the stuff that I'm showing with these big knives is all things that translate down to this so every principle that we throw all these modulus is the same and it all translates down to what you carry or what you have at your disposal you down there Robo know you ain't growth yeah anything with the point man anything you throw this – yeah needlenose pliers we call it a flying titty twister nice and they open up three-quarter inch range spike – the big knife small knives it's the same principle in principle everything now there is different styles I will say that there is differences between throwing with the spin and then no sincerly what so what's what's more functional what's more I guess not competition lies but spinning or the non spin like what delivers the most impact most notes been throwing and I love no spin guys I love all the stuff plus they throw with a push style for the night kind of comes like this I developed it because I wasn't going to do it if I couldn't do it hard enough to actually be effective so from close range you hold your knife just like you would using the knife right and I can go right and just let my cut for just out of the hand let it slide out and it's in it basically you've got a little bit of room like I was telling you about the slow down that flip to give yourself room so that was just like one kind of rotation not even yeah it comes out like this comes in like this so it's a spinning just for just because it looks neat it's a technique or this is more effective so no spin there's not a lot of guys that throw no spin hard just because it's such an alchemy it's such a not expiry so basically what I'm doing is when I'm throwing that knife hard I have to strike a parallel between the push down on the knife and it wanting to spin so that's where it gets to be more of a technique the way I show instinctively is is with rotation whether it be a half a rotation or one whole rotation so you're holding by the handle it's one spin if you're holding it by the blade it's a half spin but no spin in itself is a different kind of a category so but the principle is the same like I said so when you come and you can draw and throw pretty quick yeah that's a 3/4 inch race so a lot of this is what I'm showing with with a combat knife because it's so simple you can't screw that up single edged knife straight blade when you're close you got that full grip and you can just you know and that's an invasion now look how I'm standing I can run I can move I'm centered in my position but I can be like stop stop back up and we can roll or come in not like I said we don't throw our only night but I'd rather throw a knife at somebody that's coming at me with a crowbar then try to engage them with the blade plus it looks really cool too so like I say in close you get that full grip now as I back up I'm out of the range where it's going to be able to go straight with the handle grip like this so what I do is I give it a hammer grip and I give it about half of a hand of it and what that does is allow me to throw the same way but it makes a quick flip as you back up from there let's start putting my thumb on it and that retards the spin that's definitely going to stop somebody I think from yoga Thor that's distance and give you that moment to get away or get to your next weapon or or make a make an escape so that is functional because you can go from that like said the same principle and use your actually daily carry knife and do the same thing that's right what it translates to here I'll see if I can do this for you real quick I pull it out now for his flat blade edge fine I'm cool with that even if it hits blunt edge you're still throwing something it's ability to throw and hit on target I keep almost outweighs your ability to stick it in somebody I mean it's a it's a primal defense negative you know the ability of fucking throw something even to rock so that's cool just just that you're hitting in the center of the free target is impressive it's a the same principle applies you throw actors but they think oh here here we go here we go savage yes Oh Oscar chop I mean could you just imagine the suck factor of someone throwing a knife like you just did and sticking meat why mean it's bad enough to get killed by a knife but too fucking nice throwing that one times pardon my language I mean I just feel like yeah this is not my day I mean and your grouping was I mean in the kill zone come closer it's my hands are drying and never see a brother yeah I'm impressed you ain't got a Fiat Wow I mean that's insane so we were going you're going like that Oh straight hammer right so you got your thumb out here this is if you're gonna fall down use it first shot there you go go again tonight I won't get the next one though hi here rose look at that look oh yeah I'm gonna film you look at that I'm gonna film the camera guys filming me yeah what do you think about that yet I know what I'm gonna be doing every day now love it alright where are you I'm at our rogue I'm in Texas rogue American we're not Austin Texas throwing stuff we're getting ready to go work out and do some cool stuff that is why mr. ray is not throwing knives because I'm going to get out hustled by her you guys a little hesitant pulling in there huh so you guys up on the porch throwing 9 try the car by we should we stick it I didn't expect anything like this I mean I see you guys on Instagram and YouTube way more different in real life than it isn't in the in the videos and stuff you want to throw a knife player here come try it get up there now we're just pulling in customers off the street and that's awesome no waivers are being signed we're just throwing [Applause] thank you Bailey's going to throw shit when you're going there do you think another one because I have to go next do not walk away bro leave it there Mikey did quit here yellow would be delicious see that still a little Cajun spice on that thing good look at the speed look at it look at it look at the moving most River there we go from writing like blue or I'm going to come in and shove that block we appreciate you coming out and showing us I've been I've been watching your stuff for a while man and I always wanted to learn from a pro so got to learn a lot of cool stuff out there so yes we'll keep doing and doing man because it's motivating appreciating it I've made our day real good today right yeah where can people find you Bushido ninety eight forty on on Instagram as you guys know on Facebook I'm Jason Miller Johnson and my YouTube channels Bushido ninety eight forty as well so yeah the tour next year and still a little bit this year so you ever got up seminar they want to set up we can do it there you go yeah thanks for yeah absolutely dudes I'm going to go buy pepper after our is it Kerry American


  1. What's up with the Westerners and the tattoos?🤦‍♂…natural white skin is much better looking than inked…

  2. Tattoos=ugly as a pile of shit. Putting a tattoo on a woman is akin to slapping a bumper sticker on my wife’s SL55 AMG Absolutely vile absolutely disgusting.

  3. The ability to throw multiple objects with precision is an amazing skill…….
    To be able to actually teach and inspire others is a gift.
    Well done Jason.

  4. I don't agree at all no spin can be a very hard hitting and accurate from more distances than spin. Underhand no spin the same. Remember technique before speed. Nice video though.

  5. Am I gonna have to be the one to point out how utterly "uncool" it is to be standing too close to your practice target and have the knife come back and fuck you up. Ain't nobody is above getting hurt by accident..this is how a good times turns into a nightmare quick time. Nobody ever thinks " well, today it's going to be the day I get hurt".
    Just sayin the obvious ..

  6. Very confident thrower…but risky…he's throwing close range with a little kid in very close proximity…if he's not dead on, that knife…with the force he's throwing, can ricochet in all directions something nasty.

  7. At a distance of thousands of miles and 14 months later, I can still smell the testosterone from this video.

  8. Talking about throwing deadly weapons and seeing a dude with one leg……….and a little girl standing in the middle of it.

  9. This Is an excellent video ive been doing primarily no spin and give good time for blade throw i dont like handle throwing.

  10. Man…Spiritual boner here. Just found me a set of three knives at a yard sale. Can't wait to throw!

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