– So, this is this sweater. I’m really into knit sweaters
this year, so. (laughing) It’s like the same style,
it’s just a different color. Really nice, soft, so comfortable. I’m in love with these sweaters now, I’ll probably wear these
for the rest of my life. (laughing) We basically asked
whether you guys thought that this was thrift or expensive. (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys, it’s Kayla, and
today we are going to be doing thrift store versus
expensive clothing challenge. So, basically how this worked was, we went to a few name-brand stores like Brandy Melville and Tilly’s, and then afterwards we
went to some thrift stores like Plato’s Closet and TJ Maxx. So that was really fun. Here’s a little clip of us shopping. (harp music) (moves to upbeat electronic music) That was fun. (laughing) Let’s just get into the
showing of the clothing. By the way, this may or
may not have just been an excuse for me to go thrift shopping, ’cause I really wanted to try, ’cause it looks like a
lot of fun, and it was. But, let’s just get into the clothing. So, this is actually the
first shirt that I bought, this is from Brandy Melville. So this was $32. It says Malibu on it, and I’ve
seen these shirts everywhere, and I really wanted one, so I got one. It’s so comfortable, I
couldn’t help myself, I had to wear it. This is the second shirt,
it says Los Angeles on it, and it’s got the little
American flag on it. And, by the way, if you have not heard of Brandy Melville, it
is not a thrift store. It’s a very trendy, awesome store. And this is my first time buying from it, so I really, really like it already. This is the second shirt, this was $28? Yeah, this was $28. Pretty average, I like it, though, and it’s really comfortable, so. I’m gonna try this on, so that you can see what it looks like. So, it looks like a little big, but I kind of like my shirts big. I would wear it with a
different pair of pants, so that I could tuck it in. But it’s really comfortable,
like that, could be like that. So, it says Los Angeles
on it, it’s got 1984, and a little American flag. So, I’m very excited that
I got some Brandy clothes, ’cause I’ve seen them on the internet, and I really wanted some, so. Next store. (laughing) The next shirt is from
Charlotte Russe, I believe. So, it’s like this really nice,
soft, purple knit sweater. And I love it, and I’m
so excited about it. But this was $24. I really like the pattern,
and it’s super soft, so. I’m gonna put that on. So, this is this sweater. It’s so soft, and I love
it, and I’ve been seeing this type of sweater
everywhere since I bought this. It’s like, almost like a
metallic-y kind of thing, like a velvet, but it’s
knitted, so, I really like it. Oh, this was not thrift, by the way. Next. (laughing) So, next is gonna be an outfit. This is what I mean by, I’ve been seeing this kind of knit everywhere now. It’s like the same style, it’s
just a different color, so. We got these jeans that go with it, and these are high-waisted,
so I’m very excited, ’cause I’ve been wanting
some high-waisted jeans. So, we also did a poll on our Instagram, if you did not see it, then make sure you go
follow us @wearethedavises. But we basically asked
whether you guys thought that this was thrift or expensive, and most of you guys
said that it was thrift, and that is correct. (bell dings) It’s super cute, and it’s super comfy, just like this one. So this was like $8, and
it’s super comfortable, and I’m very excited about it. And then these were $17, so the jeans were a bit
pricey, but it’s still thrift, because TJ Maxx is technically thrift. I dunno, it’s a different type of thrift, but it’s still thrift, so
now I’m gonna put these on. So, this is the shirt,
it’s like the same thing as the purple one, but
it’s a little oversized. I can wear this down, or
tucked in, which I really like, and then I’ve got my
high-waisted jeans on, and they’re super comfortable,
and they fit really well. I’m in love with these sweaters now. I’ll probably wear these
for the rest of my life. (laughing) (fingers snapping)
So, thrift store was a success, for the first outfit. I don’t think you can really tell between the thrift or the expensive, I think they’re like the same thing. So most people would probably think that I got them from the same store, so definitely a good find. Next outfit. (laughing) The next one is also an outfit. So, I got this pink sweater
with this fall-colored, stripey thing on the bottom. It’s super soft, it’s not
exactly the same thing, ’cause it’s not shiny, but
it’s still really soft. I really like that, and
then I got these pants, which are high-waisted again, and these are like a gray color. I really like these, and we
also did a poll on this sweater. So, most of you guys said
that this one was also thrift, but sadly that is incorrect. (buzzer buzzes)
This we got from Tilly’s, this was $30. These pants that I got
from TJ Maxx were $20, and these are $40, so
pretty big difference. And they’re both high-waisted, so, I mean, pretty good deal on the TJ Maxx ones. But, let’s try this outfit on. This is the outfit, it’s
got the pink on top, and the stripes, and I really like it, it’s super comfortable,
it’s really super soft. Not as soft as the other one,
but it’s like the same thing. And then the jeans have
multiple buttons on them, and they’re a really nice
gray wash, and very nice, they’re like the perfect length. I think it matches really
well with this sweater. I’m really into knit sweaters
this year, so. (laughing) This is from Tilly’s if
I didn’t say it already. So, that is one of the expensive stores. It’s up there. (laughing) Let’s do the next outfit. Next, we have another thrift shirt. So, this is an oversized Vans shirt, I was very excited about finding this. Usually I don’t buy
things that are orange, but I just really like this shirt, it’s fairly oversized, I
can tuck it into my jeans, roll the sleeves, make it look all cute. And then, it’s got this little
checkered embroidery on it. It’s like, more of a peachy color, but I think it’s still pretty orange, so, usually I don’t buy orange things, but I just thought this was really cute. I might wear it to bed,
I might wear it out, I think it’s good for both. This was only $7, so pretty
good for a Vans shirt. ♪ I’m pretty stoked. ♪ It’s super comfortable. Next, I’ve got this jacket hoodie. It says Pink on the sides, so, pretty good find for the thrift store. It’s got these little stripey
things on the sleeves. This was $14. Pshew! (laughing) This is the jacket, it’s kind
of just like a chill jacket, not really too fancy, just
kind of around-the-house, or to the movies, or something like that. It’s really nice, though, quite like it. So, this is what it
looks like all zipped up. It’s got this little dog, so
I like that, little doggo. Yay, Pink hoodie. Next item, pshew. Last, but not least, we have this sweater. It says 1981 on it, we found
this at Plato’s Closet. The original brand is H&M, though, so pretty good, this was only $8. It’s really comfortable, and
I like black, so. (laughing) I’m gonna try this on. (laughing) This is what it looks like,
it’s really comfortable, it’s like a blanket, but a hoodie, not a hoodie, it’s a sweater. It’s really simple, I really like it. We found it super last second, I was getting ready to
try on everything else, and I saw it on a rack and I
just grabbed it really quick. (hands clapping)
So. That was the last item, though. If there is anything you
can pull from this video, it is that you don’t have to shop at the name brands all the time, because you can get almost
the exact same thing at Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, anything like that, for super discounts. I got way more clothes from
Plato’s Closet and TJ Maxx too, than I did get from Brandy
Melville and Tilly’s. You can get the same stuff,
and it’s really cute, and I’m going to be
wearing all of these a lot. Don’t forget to subscribe down below, if you wanna see more
videos like this one, or if you wanna see slime, or squishies, we’ve got everything here,
it’s like YouTube central, get all of your videos in here. Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed this video. Comment down below if you have
ever gone thrifting before, I think that’s what they call it, if you’re gonna go thrift
shopping, thrifting. So comment down below if
you’ve ever done that before, and until next time, bye! (upbeat electronic music)

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