Thrift Store Fashion Show

[Lank] Hey! [Loud] Hey! [Lank] How are you today?[Loud] I’m good girl!
[Lank] Where we going? [Loud] Thrift shop! [Lank] Whaaat? Woohoo.[Loud] WOOOO!![Lank] Let’s do this. [Loud] Alright.[Lank] Okay [Loud] *singing* WOOOHOOO! [Lank]
We’re about to go into the thrift shop we’re here now and this is what’s gonna
happen… we’re both goin in, but we’re separating. I’m gonna pick three outfits
she’s gonna pick three outfits we’re gonna meet back at the dressing room and
then um.. I’m gonna model my three outfits for her, she’s gonna model her three outfits
for me, I’m gonna pick her favorite of the three. Imma, Imma.. I’m gonna pick my favorite, my
favorite on her of the three and she’s gonna pick. [Loud] I’m gonna pick my favorite of
her three and they gotta be seriously ridiculous though[Lank] Yea. [Loud] we’re picking we’re
picking something we would definitely not wear, I mean maybe but. [Lank] I’m really
hoping to find like a onesie or some [Loud] Somethin with pockets I love pockets[Lank] a wild..yes..[Loud] I love
pockets. [Lank] a wild print dress something something that we would just not
normally pick out you know maybe something from 1980s or 1990s something
vintage that would be fun[Loud] Right [Lank] but anyway so at the very end when we’re
done modeling our three outfits, Laah.. Loud is going to pick her favorite of the three
that I tried on and then I’m gonna pick my favorite of the three that she tried
on and then we’ll just show you at the end what the winner was and what you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna vote on your favorite. Did you like Lank’s or did you
like Loud’s? The best. And then our next video the winner will have to wear their
ridiculous outfit for the next video so stay stuned we’ll be back in a flash. *Music playing in the background* *Loud is Laughing* Get it. Uh. Work it. *Loud is laughing* *Music continues to play in the background* *Loud is laughing* [Loud] That one’s actually cute. *Loud continues to laugh* [Loud] Oh goodness…. *Door creaks open* *Loud is dying of laughter* [Loud] *while laughing* You’re face.. ahh, you kill me.
That’s like Safari-ish you know? Like we’re goin on a safari? *Loud continues to laugh* That’s cute! Ooo and it’s got pockets! I like that you should just get that
just to wear you should wear that to work
that’s cute *Music plays in the background* [ Lank] whoo I like that sparkly sassy miss ooh sparkly mama look at you I like that
one that actually looks pretty on you looks like you’re going to a little
cocktail party OOO.La. La…… Oh my goodness… this has got to be my favorite. [Lank] Bright big pockets [Loud] Oh yeeea! [Lank] that looks
comfortable [ Loud] It is.[Lank] That’s a good color for you. [Loud] *Giggles as she walks away.* [Lank] Alright, our fashion show’s over. I’m tired. *Loud giggles* That was fun tho. [Loud] That was fun! [Lank] So Ashley picked the Safari outfit for me and um..what did I pick for you? [Loud] The green one with the big ol’ pockets, cuz you know I just looove pockets anyway… [Lank] So you just vote on the one that you like the most and I guess whoever wins, me or Loud, uh will wear it in our next video, but I feel like we’re gonna end up wearing them anyways. [Loud] Yea. We’ll prolly just both wear em. [Lank] Yea, I might even wear mine on the first day of school *Loud Laughs* [Lank] Alright, have a good day, thank you. SUBSCRIBE!! [Loud] OH, OH! [Lank] Don’t forget to subscribe.[Loud] SUBSCRIBE! OH! And don’t forget to hit that notification button so you the ringadingdingdading. Cuz you need to know! [Lank] Yea ringadingdings are good. Subscribe, it says down there on the bottom if you just look down a little bit, its in red, sub-subscribe. Do that. Thank you. [Loud] I think they know. [Lank] Not everybody knows.[Loud] Well, maybe not.[Lank] Mom? [Loud]*while laughing* Mom.. [Lank] Mom? Do you know where the subscribe button is?[Lank] MAMMA![Lank] Dad, show her where it is. Hit subscribe. Alright. LOVE YOU GUYS!


  1. Hmmm… they were both cute, but unless you're going on safari everyday or stalking animals, I'd have to go with the green pocket sweater. It'd be weird on its own, but looks cool with skinny jeans.

  2. Had me rollin!
    And I didn’t know what the ring a ding dingy dang dong thing was. Now I know. I seriously just pushed it for the first time ever…bc you told me to. There ya go. Mind control.

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