Thrift store clothing haul! #withcaptions

Hi everyone, hope you’re all doing well! I
thought I would try doing a haul video because I just got back from the thrift store. Bear
with me because I’ve never done this before, but I’ve got all my stuff here, and I’m just
going to give it a go! The first thing I want to show you is the
scarves. I’ve got three scarves here. Two of them are just basic straight rectangular
scarves, and I will wear these on my head. And the second scarf, sorry, I should say
third scarf I got is an infinity scarf. As of right now, I don’t plan to wear it on my
head, but I’ve seen some tutorials on some ways that you can do that. So we’ll see if
I end up trying it. And then I also found some pairs of shoes.
I got these brown ones here. There we go. And I got this cute pair of black boots Sweaters: I got this tan cardigan and this
olive green one. Obviously it’s too see-through to wear it by itself, but it will add some
nice texture. And I got this skirt. And this is also too thin to wear on its own, but I
can layer that over another skirt, and that’s one of the ways I stay warm in the winter
when I wear skirts, so that works out great. And then I’ve got this skirt. And this one
isn’t terribly long. It’s like just at my knees, maybe a little bit past, so I would
probably wear this over another skirt as well. I’ve got a couple more sweaters here. There’s
this one. This is kind of a rusty, reddish-orange color. [Laughs] I’m kind of obsessed with
earth tones, as you could probably tell. And last but not least is this one. And I also
got some jewelry but I bought way too much jewelry to fit in this video and I also got
some books. But I want to do separate videos for those. I really want to talk more about
the books. So yeah, that’s my thrift store haul. Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you next time!

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