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My husband is watching me. Scary anyways so I wanted to give
you guys a little intro to my DIY video today so I’m finally back with a DIY
video and this one is not creating something some kind of design that’s
already existent but this is just maybe like my own design but it’s also like
thrift flip video too and for this DIY I combined two pieces of different article
of clothing one is big jeans and the other one is a super simple striped
shirt and I wanted to just give you guys like different perspective of how you
can do flip and just combine like the different kind of fabric and make it
into your own design it’s just like a simple inspiration video for you guys
and hopefully I did a okay job and explaining like the tutorial way of
explaining how to do it so anyways without further ado let’s dive into it
so let me show you how the clothes look like before this is a simple shirt dress
I got from my mom when I was in Korea last October she didn’t want it anymore
so I was like huh why not I’ll maybe DIY it so here we are also remember these
pants I showed you guys in my thrift haul video yes the super big jeans I
bought to use as fabric I’m gonna use both to make something new out of it so
first I laid the dress on the floor to brainstorm some design ideas this is how
I usually do it when I DIY I just have a brief idea of how I’m gonna
DIY and just wing it as I go then using the jeans I thrifted it I envisioned how
it looked like when I saw it together and see if there’s gonna be enough
material for my design and then I cut the jeans in the middle like this to
save as much material as possible without cutting too much then I cut the
fabric according to the size I need then I shaped the fabric and using the clips
I have I folded the ends of the fabric to sew for a clean hem finish I use the
denim fabric to shape other side of the chest part too but this time I wanted to
give more unique shape by making it unbalanced length see I didn’t even plan
this the first time but I felt like this would give more personality to the
design I clip the hem like the other one and then I decided to see how I want to
design the bottom part I used the leftover fabric from the jeans where the
pockets are to see if this design will look cute at all then I decided to flip
it and give this inside-out design vibe to DIY this kind of design is kind of
popular so I’m gonna give you guys some ideas of how it’s gonna look like I just
felt like this will be more interesting this is literally how I come up with my
design ideas just something unique but also add some trendy element to the
design then now let’s think of how I’m going to
do the back part hmm I kind of use scene fabric attached to the pocket front part
and I decided to use the back part of the fabric to cover the butt part of the
dress if you know what I mean at first I was like hey maybe I would just leave it
attached to the front part of the fabric but then I wanted to see how it looked
like as I go so I came back to the front design to start sewing I pinned the
fabric in place to start sewing here I think I’ve already sew the hem part of
the fabric and and then sewing it attaching to the main dress fabric but
if you want to save time just fold the fabric hem part and pin it together to
the bottom fabric and sew it together at the same time then you save so much
freaking time you can either hand sew it or use a sewing machine
sometimes I prefer hand sewing because I don’t know it just more sturdy at times
but it’s your preference I kind of went back and forth hand sewing and machine
sewing but here is a finished look for the
first part of this project so the chest part is done now going to the bottom
part I started pinning the fabric together and started hand sewing it
took me forever but it was so worth it now going back to the back part I wanted
to use the elastic part of the jeans on the back side so I pinned it initially
all together but then I didn’t like the shape of it overall so I cut the elastic
band and cut the fabric from the front part and leave it separately the design
to match the front part so I cut the middle of the fabric and let some space
in between also I wanted to make small straps from the denim fabric so so I cut
the fabric around like 16 inches in length and 1 inch width then I folded it
in half and sewed the outer part of the fabric like 3/4 of the fabric like outer
part of the fabric and using this long wooden chopstick
I put the end of the chopstick on the end of the fabric and kind of push it
inside the space in between the fabric to turn the fabric right side out but
you can always buy a loop turner I think it’s what is called and make things way
easier for yourself and save time so I’ve been sick like several days now and
my voice is so weird and my throat hurts like crazy anyways so this is my ow my
process oh just be careful guys if you have these pins on here I had to put the
pins on here – when I like hand so it doesn’t like go cricket or something
like that this part is done so there’s a process
this is like in the process so this is just random thread yeah so this is I’m
gonna do it just like hand sew it all together you can also use a sewing
machine but for now just like doing hand sewing so if you like – if you don’t
like the process of hand sewing you go for an a sewing machine if you don’t have it
you can still do it and it doesn’t have to be perfect like if you look at
closely nothing’s perfect my another moto for
my DIY is that you don’t have to be perfect as long as it’s wearable and it
looks pretty cute from far away like it’s okay
okay I’m sick but I’m just gonna continue doing this and then on the top
part I was thinking maybe you know these like elastic bands that was attached to
the back part of the big jeans I’m gonna just like maybe put it over here like
this and oh maybe yeah these were two separate um what is it straps I guess
but that’s because I cut it if you had it just not cut it cut it in the middle
it would have been just like one strap but because I did it I kind of like
sewed on the back and kind of flip this so it just looks like this anyways back
to the back part of the dress then I started sewing everything in place yes
this is how I look like when I do my DIYs who can relate so yeah oh goodness
I look like a sad fish you know it takes forever for all this DIY process to go
through so make sure you’re watching something like binging watching kdrama
or something like that or listening to the audiobook to make it less boring then it’s all done this DIY dress was
not that complicated since you just have to like cut the fabric pin them in place
and start sewing just making sure to use the right color thread it would be
important especially if you are hand sewing so that your mistakes are not
that prominent when you look at it the dress like the shirt dress was simple
and classic before and it was cute by itself but I felt like adding more
fabric to it and make it more interesting and trendy and look more
kind of expensive like it looks more than just two dollars you spent on
thrifting I just love unique things like unique clothes and everything and
something that is trendy and cool and people will ask you where you bought it
but no one else owns it cuz you made it that’s kind of like my flex going on
something I can flex on anyway still have this video gave you some
inspiration for your next DIY project and even if you don’t create like
exactly similar design if this inspired you in any way please
upload a picture of it and tag me on instagram @aboutzoelee and make sure
to also follow me @aboutzoelee actually I want to make a hashtag about
this like I don’t know #aboutzoeleediy but that’s like so freaking long so so I
have no clue how to make the hashtag so if you guys want to help me out with it
um if you guys have any ideas for it please comment in the comment section
down below and yeah and we’ll see which one we like
um thank you guys so much for watching and more styling and DIY videos are
coming up soon so stay tuned and see you guys in my next video bye


  1. 한국분들 자막켜고보세요!
    I forgot to mention why I made the straps (lol) I tied it on the wrist for a detail touch! haha hopefully you guys like this video! <3
    그 끈을 왜 만들었는지 말하는걸 까먹었어요 ㅋㅋㅋ… 손목쯤에 묶었어요! 요즘 저런 룩이 이쁘더라구요. 디테일을 좀 더 더했어요.

  2. maybe u could just drop "about" and it would be #zoeleediy, so a bit shorter… love how creative this is… i recently strated doing embroidery and it also takes so much time 😄😄 but i love it still 😁 do u have so kdramas or books to recommend?

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