THRIFT FLIP NO SEW // We turn OLD clothes into NEW!

hey guys it's Millie and Chloe and welcome back to our Channel so in today's video we are about to head on into the thrift store and we're going to be doing a thrift flip so we're going to try and find some items which we can maybe flip and make cute art because sometimes there is items which have a lot of potential to be very cute at the thrift store so today we're going to be turning some like meh items into some yeah items oh I can see the light because I can't use a sewing machine yeah we're not very crafty like that so we want this to be like easy flips thank you so so remember some things we're going to choose out are going to look very disgusting but it's all part of the process they'll eventually hopefully you just cross a little cute oh I say something okay recently bright fluorescent colors are in so maybe we could like drop this into a small flowy top that's oh yes that is like literally one cigar shop like this oh this is my friend Leonard printing at the Marlon Bloodshy back there just how can I go with your name go grab it but in the men's shirts you can often find cool like I'm no graphic tees yeah I've had lots of like Nike before and graphic tees these little kids t-shirts are very small scratchy t-shirt hold on okay wait here's my thoughts I know it's really tiny but these are one of those scrunchie t-shirts you could cut this off and turn it into a little scrunchy take it to you the team heads because you can drop them into shorts I've got like a collection then okay so we're going to head into the change rooms we both have a million stuff okay I'd like a handful Plus this basket so we probably have to like decide what we're actually gonna draw out of this information I just found the Buddhist booty shorts I just want to get away with this I had to try these shorts on and I'm not going out in public and they saw I'm just gonna do a little vlog fish he's a tiny what the heck so we just finished trying everything on that took like literally an hour I'm gonna talk for so long you tried on like 30 things about we finally narrowed it down to just like this little pile here without you still framing your honor so we're on the way home but we need to go home have some lunch I made it we're going to do in the afflict flip part of this video and we're going to crop America's most of these a t-shirt so a lot of this will be copying and t-shirts into like a new different ways of cropping them so let's just see how this guy is able to see you guys when we get home a couple of days since you've been to the thrift store and now it's time to start thrift flipping so all we've actually got to do this first flip is a pair of scissors and some fabric glue this is know so so we're gonna see how this goes we've got a heap of tops to crop and realized a jumper which I'm so debating whether I want to crop that but now let's just get right on into flipping all these islands okay so the first stop is this a Calvin Klein top and I don't need $5 which is an absolute bargain but we don't like the length of it because it looks a little bit baggy so going to crop it this t-shirt was actually from the men's section and tip whenever cutting it t-shirts make sure you always do it longer than shorter because it's gonna roll up okay so here's the first crop top and as you can see the edges on the bottom aren't the neatest so if you just stretch it a bit and when you put it in the washing machine it'll roll up at the edges so you won't even see them so this is the before so here is how to t-shirt turned out this was only five dollars from the men's section which is really good because of Calvin Klein here in Australia is very expensive so I'm really happy with the top I really like the length because it's good because they like you can wear it on the lower rise of jeans as well as high rise and then I'll just rolled off the sleeves example about added a cute touch because they're a bit long sorry now we're going to first flip these cabinet Klein Jeans which we only got put five dollars so cheese sounds like yeah incredibly cheap and I've never actually earned a pair of Calvin Klein Jeans before so what we're going to do them to them it's gonna feel a bit sad but we're going to rip the knees and distress the knees as well and with might just like cut the bottoms or like roll them up but let's just do this super knows for this condition tie down the jeans and we're just going to market the center of my knee you know it's about yet here and we're going to that's the line where we're going to cut them I know you can't see the line right now but I can see it so you're just going to pull up the first layer and just make a little snip right where that is cut a second line because we're going to pull out the threads in between okay so now we're going to take some tweezers and pull out these strands in the middle we have to try and keep the white strands there so just try and pull out the blue denim bits this is quite time-consuming but that's what you want to get it up okay so it's been about five minutes and this is how far I've gotten so let's just keep on going I found once you get on a roll it's super easy but then you lose your old like buddy we finished pulling out all the little denim bits a bit now we're going to just stress these edges because they're a bit too like fine cuts we're gonna rough them up with a bit of sandpaper and here is the art of the jeans I really love how it's just a simple whip in the name it's not like too much so they'll be piping for winter because you won't get too cold with all the riffs and I think they just like really cute I'm definitely going to be wearing these a lot so next we have this really cool glittery shiny top what we're gonna do with this one is we're gonna crop it but then in the middle with Conny obviously give a shape and tying into a not ready to flip it inside out and do some markings on this one measure from under the arm so we're gonna do about 20 centimetres across this t-shirt and we found our centers so ours was about 24 centimeters now I'm going to make a straight line down so now you just need to make your triangles from a point to point you probably couldn't see our lines with this light color so here are all of our lines we've got one across one down the center and then the triangle base but you need to make sure that you don't cut the V in to the back of the shirt we just want to make the back straight across so here's the tops now just tie this up and put it on so this is number four of this like shimmery gold shirt so here's the after of this three dollar top let me tie it off I think making this a tie up top rather than just cropping it really just added something to the top and makes it look so cute so next is this of $3 a little kids cotton dress this is way too short on us so we've got to make one of those cool trendy tops where it's like scrunch here and then like loose really oh okay I need you to hold on this tight milli so this is the final top and I would actually buy this in store and the ones I do have tools like this we're definitely not $3.00 more like 20 sorry this is a before this is the after of that pink dress and a little is 12 and definitely think it is something I would buy in a store for more than three dollars so I'm also going to be cropping this jumper and it does have a few marks right so you put that through the wash but I do really like this jumper and there's me a lot of brandy melville vibes it's just a bit too long for me so I think I'm going to cut it up to about like the fourth or fifth line so I'm just gonna follow one of these lines and cut it down that was so simple and I think it's made such a big difference so let's go try this one on so here's the full of this jump ah sorry here is that the final Wednesday Tod jump off polar I don't know what to call it sorry whatever you call this here's the final I really like it the length it Cropp – yeah I think it's perfect and exactly what I wanted I will just pin it with this hat because under my 6ad would like that brandy melville Ralph Lauren Polo lives I don't really know so we hope you guys enjoyed watching us flip all of these items and if you would like to see more make sure you comment down below because I thought it was so fun doing this and I reckon we definitely turn some really ugly old boring items into things you can actually write a store and it was where chamber because we brought them done with your store so yeah I would definitely recommend it doing some through flipping forget to comment like and subscribe unfollow our instagrams a link will be down below and we'll see next time bye


  1. I feel like chloe gets everything and doesn't share anything withe Millie. Chloe did you ever ask millie if she want those calvin klein jeans?? I feel like Millie should standup more and not be bossed around by chloe

  2. What thrift store did you guys go to?

    P.S thank you Millie and Chloe for liking my comment! 💖💖💖

  3. 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚎𝚍𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚙𝚙 𝚍𝚘 𝚢𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚞𝚜𝚎???!!
    𝚋𝚢 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚠𝚊𝚢 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚊𝚌𝚌𝚎𝚗𝚝!

  4. I love yall’s accents! I am from america, and from what i can tell, (i’m not good at identifying accents) are you from australia?

  5. Hey Girls, Just wondering where Chloe got her pastel coloured knit with the ruffled sleeves from?

  6. Millie said she doesn't want to go out in public with those shorts on yet she posted them on YouTube for 200,000 people to see

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