THRIFT FLIP: I flipped your clothes (feat. VSCO)

I’m worried I’m like sleep-deprived or something. I’m starting to love my own ideas too much. Hey, everyone welcome back, it’s With Wendy. Today we’re kind of like turning the tables a little I have asked you to submit me photos of items you want to transform. Through that, you will get to see a bit of how I break down tackling a thrift flip. Part of the reason why we’re diving a little bit into the process is because this video is sponsored by VSCO. VSCO is an app that I love, I use it to create, discover, connect with other artists I use this app a lot, so this is kind of an ideal partnership and VSCO tasked me to make a video that dives more into my sewing process and explain like what goes through my mind when I look at an item or a piece of fabric and decide: “I will make this out of it: If you’ve never used the app before it looks like this, and I use this very heavily when I’m in the creative process. The good, bad, and everything in between photos goes here I’ll put them in here to kind of like see how they look with different presets and it gives me a little bit more inspiration on like how I’m going to tackle these projects you know, posting it to Instagram, sharing it with you all. If you have not tried this app before I will put a link for you to download and try the app in the description. It is free. And just as a side note to show how passionate I am for VSCO I even paid my own money to join as a member when they launched it. I think they had a couple of exciting features But the one that I’ve used the most would be getting to use all of their editing and presets on video. I put out an open call to look for photo submissions of clothes that people are looking to flip. Well, let’s see who’s up first? Adrianna she sent in this blue striped dress You can tell – oh there’s a back tie – you can tell from her twirl there’s a lot of fabric to work with. That’s a great thing when it comes to a thrift flip. You want FABRIC. One of the things we could do here slim down the sides a little And then take all the extra fabric and turn it into like big fun ruffles on the bottom There! Hope you love that. I, being someone who just loves clothes to be versatile, I think I would end up splitting this up into two pieces. So now I’ve got like a cute little crop top as well as like a nice billowy skirt because I think this skirt has some great features to it. I also love that she has this tie in the back. In order to make everything cinch together nicely All you gotta do is on the top half, sew the ties so that they can come all the way around the *blah* All the way around the back and into the front You can add a cute little bow as well You probably have to add like a little elastic to the back half of a skirt to help it fit nicely Oh, yeah. I’m into this. Let’s save this photo Maria sent us this lovely black dress. There’s a lot going on here. It’s like roses, black mesh Goth But then like make the shoulders nautical *Boat horn noise* Very interesting since there’s applique I can’t help but wonder what would it look like with more applique? We’ll keep them for now, but I’m not 100% this is the right way to go in this particular instance. Say, for example, we go with adding edge. I’d get one one gigantic flower instead Oh man. Yeah I don’t know, it isn’t doing it for me. This is an idea we could also just change the nautical ties Everything could come together better. Erase, oh Yikes. Actually scared me. I felt shook just now. I feel like this is the right way to go. Yeah, Maria my advice for you: change the ties. And… Maybe giant Gucci flower Thank You Elena for sending in a photo. She’s got this like pretty necktie theres moya? maya? And the word textile. In case you weren’t sure that this was made of fabric. Something I’ve been kind of tempted to try is I kind of want to see how it would look if we gave it some side ruching. I feel like there’s enough room on this dress to do that. One downside though, is that it will like not let this fabric really shine through and I feel like these working women prints is really a key feature of it. Once you ruch they’re all just gonna have like a squished face Do we think this will look good with balloon sleeves? You could cut off the fabric and kind of like a re-pump it into the sleeves. I did that in a previous Pulling the sleeve tutorial. I did a link in the description if you want to check it out. I think… I think this will work? The idea with this, I think, is if you’re gonna go balloons sleeves You should probably turn it just into a top so that there’s a bit of balance. I feel like personally, my approach would just end up being that we turn it into a skirt And then I think something that would be really really cute for it would be use the excess fabric. You know, we’re all about not Generating waste out here and you just add like a cute little bow. It could be in a red tone or a beige tone There’s kind of two tones going on in this dress. You could do totally different accent color I feel like that’s what I would do with this Joaaaaannee Come on down Joanne. Joanne sent us a plaid vested dress, I feel like Billy Eilish wears a lot of plaid So yeah, this is one road you could take with plaid. You can just be like is this plaid too much? No, I could combine two more plaids with it. See what I’m saying. Okay? Okay could work one like cute and easy thing you could do is You could just Square out the neckline. So I did a tutorial explaining this a little bit It looks like a drew a weird chef’s hat but the point is to focus on the plaid Yo, okay, so see you could square out the neckline then this looks a little more like cute picnic Yeah, and then with the bottom I feel like there’s enough fabric here If if this is like a little big on Joanne, this is what she could do I would chop it in half do a little square neckline and then these shorts that’s the idea that I’m going with here Tree new I hope I’m saying your name right girl. You look pretty cute. Also, this bathroom is gorgeous Is this your personal home the brass legs and the sink Hardware finish? Arched mirrors? Okay And there’s a note I already started by removing the elastic, but I’m kind of stuck from there. Don’t have pictures of it without the elastic but it’s basically a white tube. Yep. Can you imagine it now? It’s a tube. Alright Play along with me on this one. I think it’s tricky that it’s so shapeless like it begs Especially this type of fabric bags to have a little bit of accent. So ooh Let’s try So like, you know how I’ll do lots of tutorials where I show you how to gather something. I haven’t really covered is like strategic gathering where you kind of just only gather in specific places as part of a little detail or a little accent but not like Just like ruffling the whole thing You could add those two little studs and that would give it like a little bit more of a shape more intrigue. Um. Oh, another one. With all the excess fabric that’s in the skirt, again, If you kind of like give it a little bit of a circle cut You can get enough bend in it so that it makes a cute little ruffle and girl if you have time May I suggest? … pearls Yeah That’s quite the dress. I feel like the flounce shoulders will look even cuter if it was like a little top and then you can maybe just add like an Elastic waistband around the middle. Oh, no, that’s what she removed. Sorry tree new. If you want to do this you would re-add the elastic waistband around the middle But then just like cut off the rest of the skirt. So it just tapers below the bust I’m just gonna call this the shimmy sherls Shit, what? Shimmy shoulders? Pearl shimmy shoulders I’m gonna put those into VSCO. VSCO has a fun feature Where it will like once you publish the photo it will show you related images So I kind of think Through that you’ll get to see like a bit more of a collage of like how the look could all come together What kind of vibe is the entire outfit. Despite being an open call It looked like so many items that came in were dresses. So I feel like a With Wendy video is not complete without Me doing my own modifications. So actually I have thrifted a dress based all these photos and I gonna apply my own Consultation to it and transfer it into something new Should I? Dah stop thinking just do it. So I got this from thrift Awoke Vintage in New York and it was on final sale, and I kind of think I know why like it’s obviously very festive I don’t have a big butt and I have broad shoulders and this thing is Super snug on my small butt and still spacious on my shoulders Cute button detail all over the place including here on this randomly unnecessary Hip flap? When I approach a thrift update, I just try to focus on the thing I like the most that excites me. Like, does it have a fun print, does it have any like cool sewing details Since in that case, they’ve kind of done the work already for you. And for this the thing I love the most were The shoulders it’s got like this curved Raglan cut that you don’t find on a lot of clothes anymore And then I find these shoulders have like a nice little point to them Also, it’s like a keyhole back so let us try and Chop this up into something that’ll wear a little bit more often. All right so the first step that I’m going to do is I’m going to cut off the bottom of the Skirt, but because I kind of want to leave a little bit of a waistband, let’s leave 2 to 3 inches Since when did I switch back to Imperial? I’m so sorry folks We’re gonna leave 10 centimeters like a good old metric person Okay. Now we have a top here is basically now the new waistband but aside from these buttons up here this Part down here has no way to close I feel like something smart here instead would be if I used the rest of the skirt and Made them into like a waist tie. Two more 10 centimeter strips. We’re going to put one on each side *whispers* Nobody move *enables rotary cutter* … no body move Now that I’ve sewn this all into like a big ribbon The plan is to fold it in half. Do a good ole “stitch in the ditch” The goal is to stitch as closely as possible into the seam so that you can’t see it. Hence “Stitch in the ditch”. And to do this, I just have to keep checking Before I sew that I have enough fabric folded under to get caught It’s kind of too much How do I solve this problem? Okay, wait, I’m going to take that out. Every time I have to seam rip People seem to have a hoot about it. I added some pins to the waistband To show what it’s like folded up and that helps me see how much excess fabric needs to be hidden away Let me just throw these darts in *sewing machine whirs* All right “stitch in the ditch” here we come for real this time Moment of truth did I catch all of it? daaaaaaa Missed a few spots okay, I will go over that before I finish but before I take too long on it. I am going to finish off these waste ties I’m folding it in, lining it up. Straight stitch. Added one more stitch along the bottom edge because I feel like it just helps it to look a little crisper I don’t know if you noticed in the footage I’ll try to show it but there seem to be a bit of an excess fabric situation on the sleeve seam and so for that I think it’s a pretty easy fix, but basically, you want to look at the seam from the inside and Then make sure it’s laying really nice and flat wherever the seam is Currently you kind of just like sew a little bit deeper so there’s a bigger dark stitch is From the original industrial machine my lighter one since I’m just using a home machine is down here so that helped me basically take out one and a half centimeters in total and the only last thing to help you sell your Modification as if nothing happened is you should press the seams. Okay before I show the finish items here are the five Beautiful thrift flip creations. I passed all of these through some of my Favorite VSCO presets and also VSCO kind of help me serve up the mood board that you see in the background this is the time where you Obviously get to vote in the comments on which one was your favorite, okay? Are you ready to see how my shirt thrift flip turned out? tada I hope this got your creative juices flowing regardless of your DIY scale level a lot of the consultation I gave was just like stuff that I thought would look nice but also Are things that I’ve learned via experience are kind of like within the realm or not in the realm of possibility and a lot of you have shared with me that you’re scared to try because like you don’t know if you can pull it off and that’s why I was really excited that this video was Sponsored by VSCO their whole message with the Make it Anyway campaign is that it is about the journey not the destination But chances are if you have a great time along the journey the destination won’t be that bad either. Do not forget to vote in the comments. Don’t forget to check out the VSCO app also linked in the description Don’t forget to subscribe. Don’t forget to hit the bell. I will see you all next time Ba-bye


  1. More pics of my finished thrift flip is here!
    A seriously heartfelt thank you to everyone who sent in photos!! If you want to do this again let me know and I'll announce it on my IG stories 🙂 Which thrift flip idea was your fave?

  2. i really want a sewing machine but i’m not sure which one to get. I know singer and brother machines are popular and work well but i’m having a hard time choosing one right for me. i am a beginner and i would primarily use my machine for alterations ( including denim. i know some machines can’t handle denim). i would love to hear anyone and everyone’s suggestions/opinions!!

  3. not only a fantastic video concept, but in love with the editing, graphics and sound in this video too!!!! great work, wendy!

  4. Wendy could you try making the Dior Saddle Bag yourself cause I would make it and I trust your method would be amazing 😂

  5. i got the second dress from buffalo exchange like 3 years ago and have never worn it!!!!! definitely gonna try the new straps

  6. I absolutely loved this video! First of all yes to all the thrift flips (fav was #5) and the one that you did too! But I also just loved the little edit details throughout the video. It made the video that much more enjoyable and fun! I don't even own a sewing machine but your videos always get me inspired to look at my clothes in a different light! Thanks girl ^-^

  7. The first one is mine! I was thinking about separating the top and bottom but didnt know what to do with it. This helped a lot <3

  8. Wendy your content has been so good lately. I can see the effort you put into everything (posting videos, being active and super cute on insta, having a healthy personal life, getting partnerships etc. You are probably the most inspiring youtuber i follow <3 sending you so much love!!

  9. i really loved the women's work dress and i think it could have been completely restyled as a dress into something super trendy and simple, like a short half circle skirt attached to a bodice with some gathering in the bodice at the waist, the pussy bow gone, and then do a leg of mutton sleeve with the extra fabric length from the skirt.

  10. wendy this was awesome and i had no idea what VSCO was before you explained. #4 is the cutest and #5 is the most creative.

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  12. Number 1. You got me flipping clothes. My next project is dyeing white linen table cloths I got at the thrift for 3 bucks cornflower blue for summer clothes. Thanks so much you are awesome at inspiring me!!

  13. I just started an online consignment shop and part of the business is taking old or unwearable clothing and “repurpose” them. This app seems like a good way for me to get inspiration, and engage my followers 🤗
    I hope all those ladies take your advice on their transformations!!

  14. It made me feel so much better that you missed some fabric with the stitch in the ditch, I'm garbage at doing that and catching the fabric in bias binding I'm glad it's not just me who struggles with it. The tutorial videos are always making it look so easy.

  15. Most are probably dresses because they have so much fabric. You said it yourself. Lots of fabric–> a better thrift flip.

  16. Sorry if you've already answered this kind of question. Where do you get the photos of the photo details you superimposed? Is there some kind of library or did you find those details and save them to the app?

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  18. What if the girl with the name Trinu did like ruffled sleeves but shorter, less crispier ruffles and shortens the dress up to get fabric for those. If you add a Little bit of shape (without using elastic) to your dress on the waist using a zipper at the back it might look cute?

  19. I think the raglan "curve" is actually because it's too narrow for you (aka tight). Best to open up the raglan to give you more room.

  20. My favorite is the red top! But in the ideas submitted, the "pearl shimmy shoulders" is my favorite.
    I've been binge watching your videos during the holidays and my addiction to thrift shops is going to get worse during 2020! I used to pass up a ton of clothes that were the wrong size or model but caught my eye because of the beautiful fabric… You make it look way easier to change them around.
    I also appreciate the way you get to the point in your tutorials without un necessary rambling 😉 and your sense of humour. And all the great gadgets you show us.
    Now, if I can just leave the lap top and actually get to my sewing machine, it will be great 😀
    Happy new year!

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    But even shrinkage of peoples over the long term. As the collective social fabric adjusts to the excess force and pressure exerted by certain psychological profiles.

    Creating giants and midgets to maintain harmony – or may as well be master and slave classes

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    Until they rise to the top and stab you in the back I guess LOL

    And beat back glory hogs or control freaks, who are that way only after being stabbed in the back one too many times maybe

  22. These were amazing ideas! I especially loved number three; I was really drawn to that look of the skirt with the big ribbon and the white blouse paired with iy

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