THRIFT FLIP CLOTHES NO SEW | transforming oversized clothing + thrift flip jeans

Alexis sunshine 83 it's always sunny here hey sunshine yours looks at sunshine anything right here hello hello super sunny day what is up happy Wednesday so basically I've talked about this but my goal for the summer is to learn how to sell it is not summer yet so with today being a thrift flip I'm gonna do or try to do very different nope so through flips I went on YouTube search no so there flips and I found three different ones that seemed kind of easy like I can't even draw in a straight line used scissors in general I don't even own scissors you've got three different thrift flips that I'm gonna be attempting is number one this one is by Drew Scott as he rolled up the sleeves and then like just said a needle and thread in like three different places to keep the sleeves rolled up number two I'm gonna find some thrifted denim jeans and cut them into shorts and then thirdly I am going to do this really cool throw flip by Melanie lock and she liked with this like tape thing I don't even know how she did it probably should find out because I'm going to be doing it but anyway that one I really want to try I am now going to take you guys with me to sabers and jo-ann fabrics I kind of feel like a toddler in this look so I figured I would put on my Doc Martens to make me look more grungy we we made it all I'm looking for and all that I am getting is a oversized sweatshirt a t-shirt and jeans only three themes I'm getting so we need to find like knowledge it's like kind of oversized but not like too oversize well this is a really nice wash what you did low-rise oh my gosh what in my womb so the lake pause on the Jean Department because I went to the guy section so I got their genes but there's no gene in mice I have to go back to the rural section smelling such as Sousa Mari over here and just like a crewneck tape sweatshirt it's a tie I can cry well I really tried to do this without getting a car CH um but I grabbed a lot and I am only gonna buy three things but I got to try this stuff my mappings I found a good sweatshirt and I also found some Levi's that I'm hoping will fit me and will also be high waisted um so now I'm looking at the t-shirts and I grabbed a couple but I don't love them so I just like find a good one fingers crossed seriously striking out with the t-shirts but I did come across a bit so pretty but I mean but it is really cute but I'm I'm not back together more than I would have liked but I only bought three things three things for the ended up being 17 dollars which I mean it's not bad I ended up getting some Levi's so that's mostly why which i think is pretty awesome but they were like ten dollars um but yeah I'm gonna grab a Starbucks even though it doesn't seem like it I'm running low on energy okay so we made it back I just changed because I was like oh I mean I feel like try on these clothes like I'm wearing overalls and do it it's just a lot yeah I got to be close right here I figured it will start off with the hardest third flip so then we can end on the easiest there will be a happy ending so I got this so what's your there weren't that many sweatshirts which I was like kind of upset about there were a lot of like plain ones and I was like no I want like a graphic one so I really like this color because it's like green and and it was only three dollars and 49 cents it isn't large sickly I want to kind of crop it and then that way it'll like like singe I got knit elastic you don't stick fabric beYOU don't really know where my iron is so this one just said I have to look kind of like stick it on I'm going to first figure out where the heck I want you crop this but this on but leave enough space in between for this a little hole right there okay it's definitely not perfect cutting fabric is like doing your eyeliner like you start doing it it's going great then one's a little a little bit more intense than the other to make the other one a little bit more intense events too intense and then that one becomes too intense and then before you know it your eyes are black and basically what I'm going to do is kind of like fold it like ah end up putting this in there so it's got to be like big enough for it I made this part like too thin so the elastic will not go in it technically is cropped I mean so obviously that did not turn out how I was supposed to so I'm doing everything that I already said I did again with a different sweatshirt but this time I'm just leaving enough room for the elastic to go through okay I kind of got it and then you just want to make it so then it's like that crinkled look oh my god it actually were totally MOLLE that way you don't really have to tuck in your chunky sweatshirts so next what I'm gonna do is just like cuff the sleeves I have some needles and I have some thread I am just going to fold it so I'm gonna cuff it how I want it and then um do like just small little indents with the needle so obviously I did not explain that well whatsoever basically I'm taking that needle and thread I'm going from the inside of the sleeve to the outside back to the inside to the outside end again basically just to make sure it keeps the sleeve cuffed and I did that in three different places on the actual sleeve and yeah and the good part because it's like white and like white thread and all that jazz then you can't see it I'm actually doing something right yeah they're like super secure yes but look at this look look at this look and then lastly we are ending hopefully with a bang so I originally got these five oh five at Levi's but the way that they fit they become tight right where I was thinking about cutting the shorts into and like I don't know I just don't think those would look very good so I'm actually gonna keep these I have these jeans that I've literally I think they were my very first thrifted jeans and I've always tried to dig I ride that so I figured it was time especially because they are high waisted and they're a little bit loose and I'm going to take some shorts that I already love the length of and just put this on top of that and cut it because trying to freehand that this whole cutting thing ain't work it out I think I am going to maybe cut some like a tiny bit longer just in case I mess up this is what kind of shirt like taking out the thread just to make it look a little bit like grungier and not in like a perfect ish and also you could like use some tweezers but I don't know where my tweezers are so I think these two actually turned out really well especially because I hadn't worn these Jean probably for the past like five months I'm pretty happy about this especially since summer is coming on up the only thing I do have to say is I think the front is a little but like I think they are so awesome these ones are a little bit loose so I definitely like how to put about with them but this video went better than I thought but not as good as I hope I destroyed one sweatshirt but then renewed another I'm very proud about myself and this is the start of my thrift flip journey my like first time actually like putting an effort into it so definitely keep that in mind if you would like me to continue to try to do like thrift flips and DIYs make sure you give this video a thumbs up so like I know to do them um and also if you do like 15 videos third cause the ripping with me is make sure that subscribe or write down below and hit that little bell to be notified every time I make a new video and to keep up to date with me during the week make sure you're following me on Instagram and Twitter Alex in shave 83 I always see you guys this sunny Sunday for the brand-new video thank you for coming along this journey with me I learned something and hopefully you did as well that's I cannot cut in a straight line I totally didn't say my last part enjoy life be happy and I love you lots bye


  1. I am impressed with your desire and efforts to sew. It is a real skill and will give you so many options in your style, clothing and the way that your eye looks at fashion. It was something I learned as a child and find that has been a wonderful gift and skill! My grandmother and mother taught me. Keep it up!

  2. Kinda sad because I’ve always wanted to learn how to make those kinda of cinched crop tops but you went a little fast. If only you filmed your hands using the elastic waist band then it would’ve been better, but great video

  3. I searched for videos on how to style thrifted clothes, gound your channel, and binged my whole day away, I loveeee your style and your videos! Keep up the good work!!!❤️

  4. I went to goodwill the other day and while I was shopping for pants and I did the neck trick! Thanks so much

  5. I feel like you've gotten like so super comfortable and funny and just all around even more enjoyable than you've already been and I just love it lmao idkk

  6. You could perhaps buy some thin round elastic to save the green sweater that couldn't fit the flat strip elastic band. Cute video! Just a technicality for the no sew title; making stitches by hand, is actually still sewing, ^^' just by hand 😉 xp. That's how they used to do all the sewing back in the old days you know ;p

  7. you can still selvage that sweatshirt! instead of using the elastic, cut 2 liiitle holes in the front (like a tie on the waist of sweatpants but like on the inside of the sweatshirt) and then thread a shoe lace through and tie it in a little bow after you put it on, tucking the bow up so its on the inside and you can't see it 🙂 that way you don't waste it and it's still a cute thrift

  8. did anyone else notice the cart? like is that a normal cart? i have never seen anything like that before lol. it's like a basket? with wheels? and a long handle? idk 😅

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