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are forgetting to do is tuck in their shirt or if not they’re wearing their
shirt tucked in kind of like in a muffin way
which is when it like protrudes out to help with this problem I have linked a
video right up here that shows ways that you can tuck your shirt and if you’re
having trouble tucking your shirt in in most cases the easiest way to tuck your
shirt in is just tucking it in right in the front now the second way that women are
dressing wrong is that they’re forgetting to accessorize their outfit
you can accessorize your outfit in multiple ways you can throw on a belt
you can throw on a bracelet a bangle a dainty little necklace honestly if you
just go out and buy a necklace that you can wear every single day it will change
the look of your outfit when you don’t accessorize at all your outfit ends up
looking empty as if something is missing from what you have going on third way
that women are dressing wrong is that they’re not switching up your shoes if
you’re someone that always wears sneakers try out some boots or heels
vice versa if you’re someone who always wear boots or heels try wearing sneakers
get out of your comfort zone that’s how you start switching up your style and
you start trying out different outfits I find that the hardest thing for people
is just to get out of their comfort zone so I challenge you to get out of your
comfort zone and try a different style change out those shoes change out those
heels try something different fourth thing that women are forgetting
to do is steam or iron their outfit honestly I am starting to see this way
more often than I should I’m not saying that I’m not a culprit and I have not
done this in the past but I’m definitely working on not
doing this because I have honestly seen some amazing outfits just not look as
amazing as they should have if the three to four minutes had just been taken out
to steam or iron that outfit I picked up the steamer from Amazon for less than
$20 and I’m so happy I did it has definitely decreased the amount of time
I spend fighting with wrinkles the fifth and final way that women are dressing
wrong is that they’re wearing the same handbag just like shoes you want to
diversify your handbag collection maybe look at getting a large bag a
medium-sized bag a clutch or a smaller miniature bag you want to do this
because to be honest not one size bag will fit every single outfit that you
have for example if you’re going out and you have a nice beautiful dress you’re
not gonna take your big handbag and wear it with that dress or if you’re someone
that just has one small bag what if you’re going out and you need to carry
more items you want to have a larger handbag the point to this whole thing is
just diversifying your collection get out of that comfort zone invest in
yourself invest in some pieces I know some people have some thoughts around
buying luxury items however if you enjoy them and you want to reward yourself for
all the hard work that you put in in the sense of buying a handbag then feel free
to do you seen any one kind of doing the things that I’ve mentioned please let me
know in the comment section down below if you also have some tips or ways that
you’ve noticed that women are dressing wrong then also let me know in the
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  1. Super helpful! Yea, I've definitely done a lot of these 🙈 I DO get comfortable with my shoe selections, or purses. Smart to change it up I could see the difference that would make!

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