THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF GIRLS || Best Funny Situations by 123 GO!

Can you relate to this woman? She’s confident, and knows how to get what she wants with that killer smile of hers. But in todays day and age, there are two types of women. They’re either put together and poised like our girl, Emily, here… Or they’re a little more, uh, down to earth…. Like Olivia. Neither one is better than the other, these two types of girls are just a little, well, different. So we’re asking all our ladies out there: which girl are you? Snapchat is all about being goofy, right? Perhaps you prefer using the so-called “pretty filters”. Oh man, that filter is a whole new level of ugly. ME-OW is right, girl! Girls like Olivia use all the filters, even the ones that make you look just like your brother. And of course, no angle is left unused. Ooh, Olivia. I hope you’re not sending this to anyone important. Girls like Emily know exactly which angle to use to accentuate their best features. Work it! But while these kinds of girls may look silly, they’re having fun and don’t take themselves so seriously. Just be careful with those faces, Olivia. You don’t want your face to get stuck that way. Everyone looks forward to Halloween, but for girls, this is a major yearly event. You’ve spent months thinking up the best costume and usually go with something that’ll get a lot of attention. But not all girls take the opportunity to show off their girlish figure. Case and point: Olivia. Ew, you smell that? Who knew Olivia could look this ugly? Hey, you gonna eat that? Girls like this appreciate Halloween for what it is…a total scare-fest! No matter which kind of girl you are on Halloween, remember it’s all about having fun. For a lot of girls, one of the most trying times of the day can be deciding on what to wear. And for girls like Emily, there are sometimes too many options to choose from! Hmmm Woah, there’s a lot of colors to take into a account here! Neither of these feels quite right. You often pick a color based on the way you feel that day. Ooh, what’s this? Yep, today is definitely an orange day! Now that you feel fabulous, it’s time to start off this beautiful day! Other girls, however, don’t struggle as much with what color to wear. But that doesn’t make the decision any easier. Let’s see here. This black dress or this black dress? Yep, definitely this black dress. No matter what kind of girl you are, it’s all about wearing what feels good makes you feel happy. It’s okay, Olivia, we know you’re smiling on the inside. If you’re anything like Olivia, you dance with your heart, not your head. Girls like Emily, on the other hand, are very aware of all the eyes watching them. Act cool, act cool. Wow, these are some pretty nice moves, ladies! Whether you dance with abandon or with well-thought out steps, dancing is a great way to express yourself. Wow, there are so many people here! Better not get too crazy. These people better get out of the way because I’m about to tear this floor up! Don’t be afraid to try any new, crazy dance moves, Emily. You’re secret’s safe with us! Face it: we all love shoes. But the question is, do you prefer comfort or style? Whether you love heels or tennies, you can still look totally fabulous, right girls? Take your time, Emily, you don’t want to fall! Even when it’s freezing out, some girls simply run warmer, and only need a simple jacket when they go out. You sure that’s enough, Emily? If you do this, you’re probably one of those people that wears shorts all year round. Some girls simply don’t get that cold. Plus it’s a lot easier to take a quick trip to the bathroom. Stay warm out there, Emily! If there’s a chill in the air, you can bet you’ll be grabbing something extra cozy to walk around in. Watch the hair! When it comes to cold weather, you don’t mess around. You make sure every bit of your body stays toasty warm — especially those sensitive ears. Ah, that feels good. Ooh, almost forgot my heavy jacket! Never underestimate the power of layers, people! Alright, we’re almost ready to go! Wow Olivia, you’re really bundled up in there. It must be blistering cold out there! And I’ll add a little scarf because, hey, why not? Okay, this oughta do it. Ooh! Don’t forget to leave some room to breathe! Is this what you usually look like when you venture out into the cold? Bring on the snowstorms because this girl is dressed and ready to face anything! Good luck out there! Perhaps you’re the kind of girl who’d rather prepare a beautiful meal than order delivery. Yes, it’s finally 6 o’clock! And that means it’s time for pizza, baby! Why slave in the kitchen after a long day at work when you can have dinner dropped off at your door? Ooh, it smells amazing. Meanwhile, Emily is still chopping away! Hey, it’ll be worth it when you feel like a million bucks after finishing that well-balanced salad. Alrighty, it’s almost time to chow down! While girls like Emily would love to order a pizza sometimes, they try to remember to eat healthy when they can. Even if that means settling for a monster salad on a Tuesday night. But if you are indulging in pizza for dinner, it just tastes better in front of the TV. And lucky for you, your roommates not home so you get this pie all to yourself. Ooh yeah, come to mama! Get a load of all that cheesy goodness! Woah! Crust first? You’re on fire, Olivia! Aww, look how happy she is. When it comes to doing your makeup, there are two kinds of girls. Those who keep things simple. And those who like to go all out. But for girls like Olivia, nothing more than a little lip balm is necessary. Just give the hair a little smooth-out and your’e good to go! Way to embrace your natural beauty, girl! Girls like Emily, on the other hand, take their makeup routine very seriously. As these girls already know, putting on makeup is a delicate science and it’s all about the order of operations. Each step is carefully executed to accentuate your delicate features. And you never underestimate the power of a good contour. Now it’s onto the eyes. This step can take a while. Ooh! Almost forgot the brows! It’s mascara time, which means we’re almost finished, right Emily? And as girls like this know, a quick dusting of highlighter can up your radiance level by 100. Yep, we’re still goin’! I hope you didn’t have any morning plans, Emily, because you’re definitely going to be late. Wow! Emily, you look fantastic! Aw man, is it time to work out again? When it comes to getting your blood pumping, you either know what you’re doing… Or you have no clue what’s going on. Ooh! Careful there, Olivia! Whether you’re a certified yogi or a —whatever that is — squeezing in some exercise to your daily routine is always commendable. Alright, that’s enough working out for one day. Which girl are you? If you thought these scenarios were relatable just wait til you see the bloopers! 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  1. i would say i'am both of them. some times i am perfect but some times not so perfect. or like some times i'am nice and some times i'am not nice. smash like if some times you act nice and other times your not so nice. and reply too me if your the same way as me. and actually read this. thankyou.

  2. I Think I am 80% Emily and 20% Oilvia I Don't Really Like Makeup I Like Yoga I Love Cooking I Pick Colorful Dresses I Wear Shoes Not Heels I Dress Up Cutely and I Wear only a Sweater When It's Winter But When It's a Little Too Cold I Stay Inside or I Dress a Little More Just a Sweater Scarf and a Hat

  3. Hey Guys it is adventures with Bella if you didn’t subscribe to my channel sub to the down and smash that like button

  4. wheres Helly! i miss her so much! i really want to have Vicky and Helly videos please.If your noy vussy can you please try to make Helly and Vicky videos cause i love them and could you also please try to make a video with all the actors in it please if it isnt too hard.

  5. Me: ''what a good video.''
    Video: ''Look how happy she is.'' olivia

  6. No one: Literally no one: The whole comment section: “I’m OlIvIa”
    I’m just my own person I don’t fit you’re formate 😤😤

  7. Emily try's to act like she got every thing like she's all that but she's not. Not trying to be rude but ya 😏😑😐

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  9. 1- Both
    2- Emily
    3- Emily
    4- Olivia
    5- Olivia
    6- Olivia
    7- I love cooking so Emily
    8- Olivia
    9- Emily I love gymnastics

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