The Worst Clothing Design Fails

clothing disaster although clothing disaster should I do at the same time yeah it's probably clothing disaster dammit no sequía said another BN yeah and you're a hedgehog are you not even a real hedgehog CJ blonde oh I see no Padres dormir por la noche oh yeah okay do you guys don't know that's Alfredo right here if you don't follow him yet make sure to do that as well as me please follow me because he's gonna pass me in followers eventually it's a stuffed Hedgehog no yes no yes no uh-huh no yes but today oh whoa that is fast I just spasm replay that real quick what the heck okay but today we are looking at clothing disasters the type that will make you say who really thought of this design unlike this okay this is amazing boom boom cloudless mmm or if you want the long sleeve well he looks so weird and many more colors options all a timeless brand calm or link in description the feedback I've gone so far is amazing so thank you all so much hopefully you don't consider any of these removing disaster plates of clothing and wing poor Mickey unfortunate you some fortunate placement you know those hoodies or Mickey's head it would be in the front coming out of the wall and then in the back you actually stuffed his head in the wall that's exactly what it was but instead woman decides to put it around her waist no unlucky just a random coincidence where now he's in there what is it smells funny let's just say he really got his head in a sticky situation please no out of everything we're gonna look at I think these are the clear game changers not only are they disappointed at the results but they're also disappointed at their outfits and they'll stop zooming on them please thank you and you know what's really funny most costumes for Team USA is not even made in Team USA it's made in team China it's made in China just like almost all our products it's imported from China not only are the Chinese making money because they're smart China is really smart they're making money and they get to humiliate us at the same time coincidentally esto es en vez que si oh sorry my voiceover solidia tanta Oh No you're a sweet little Hedgehog stop just stop look at you you need to know how to behave and I'm talking of stuffed animal okay and I also love pandas don't you love pandas everyone lost pandas their one are the most adorable animals on the planet that roam our earth whatever we do we gotta make sure animals don't go extinct especially pandas as well cuz what we would be without pandas luckily there's still adorable and oh my god oh my god what are they doing on a sweater my deal those hidden dopes the cartoon movies and cartoon shows that the adults type of slip in there oh don't say slip Jesus Christ um yeah but they were done we can't show this this is a kid-friendly Channel reaction time where a kid can be a kid or is that Toys R Us poor pandas so innocent I had so much hope for them but it was all ruined look I'm looking at every single one of them but we can't show it even though we're literally zooming in as we speak to every single foot oh my god this one is cool right it says friends and it's it's awesome but um if you cover the body what does this look like it looks like this come on come on people get it together know where you place it though yeah cuz this is how your brain thing sorry yeah mommy oh my god Alfredo not again every time I have to do a double-take I think it was the other way around who designed this you try not to avoid a the copyright the trademark or it's actually the company and they just messed up no the horse is not on the human okay it's kind of flashy yeah this is um supposed to keep you warm I guess it's like a top that you put on interesting choice of fashion called Fendi well Fendi's the brand but the color schemes chosen here um why would you make it skin tone excuse me apparently get some extra special when you flip it over it so say Paris yeah I'm company oh it is so how does I'm not gonna lie let's compare both okay I'll Fredo and the Fendi you guys have the same fur wait that means is me Rima is me who made these some saying I'm calling the police this is so ridiculous they get worse what do you you just like you have one giant toe is that it one giant toe that can fit in that little compartment and then the other four toes are just pushed off to the side a Wladimir t-shirt but uh I guess this is mail only because when a female wears it it looks like he has a lot of ideas smart ideas a very large brain is supported inside that head Nike decided to make a part camel part white shoe where the camel is on the bottom but for some reason the camo is also different shades of brown so you know it's already dirty don't worry about it the biggest pet peeve that people have with white shoes is that they get dirty super easily so Nike just thought hey how about they're already dirty so people don't have to worry about getting them dirty isn't that genius that's one for the book stamp clothing Wayne you know just a shoe running through the mud doesn't matter it's already dirty a bride's dream is to wear this on a special day with a little brown tone that compliments from behind next oh yeah getting curves you don't need to squat anymore squatting is so 2018 we're getting to 2019 so now make sure the stitching really complements your your black yes thank you afraid of the book correct it sounds like you're on crack okay cowboy slash beach boy if you can't choose one if you want to be a beach boy during the day but a cowboy at night you get the best of both worlds heels on top of heels who didn't think of that check it listen listen to the vision but heels on heels has never been done before oh so yeah it did so if not one customer many comment says hilarious guy says my wife's t-shirt says Saturday maybe just turned a hard turd sure it was meant to say dope all over actually have a shirt that says dope right here that's fine but when you scramble the letters if you have do PE but rearrange them in a certain way so people's eyes you know because people are not innocent people are dirty so their eyes automatically see eatable pedo fist bump oh we good an emoji dress but the fist bump was placed where it should not be placed okay I think design should be designed try it on look at it from all different angles and then understand what's going on so in this case they didn't understand what's going on look shocked face is right next to the fist ball the shocked face is gonna be really surprised at the fist bump right her her Botox yes her botox amazing yes put the umbrella in that precise location Oh Susan even is that BB that's one man with me another one come on people like who would design this who would think of something like this I'm telling you what these designs are bad but the no clock collection a super fresh god no pop go buy some to let everyone know maybe you'll get Yuko maybe you won't timeless brand calm go get some before the sold out or if you're just a timeless type of guy or gal he's just drunk as well I love pink okay but seriously you're the description go buy some it really supports the channel so I would really appreciate it come back to more clothing disasters let's have some coffee stains on a shirt and sell them why create your own coffee stains when they come pre equipped that is on genius pure genius dry coming soon but they didn't misinterpret that to like wet coming soon oh my god you're going back down you're going you're going back down defeating the purpose just create a fashion statement a visor is a purpose is to shade you from the Sun as you can see here Sun Visor person visor protects face from harmful rays well if it's clear raised go right through sample text here I guess you designed your huh it's okay it happens you forgot to actually put the sample text this is perfect for Michael Jackson you know the moonwalk oh god those so bad oh my god they me that I may go okay I'm gonna do that again wait that doesn't look like I'm not actually moonwalking though so oh exposed so Michael Jackson when he moonwalks he goes backwards but he's actually going forward cuz that was double shoes so now you know what to wear huh maybe if we have double shoes if one side gets dirty you just use the other side that's actually smart think about it get some help now Rushmore a national memorial yeah I'm never gonna forget that it's gonna stay my memorial forever look at that face like what did you see last night what do you need to tell me it's like you saw a freighter with no pants on Oh dios mio yes exactly what I'm saying and look at Abe babies give me the creeps the heebie-jeebies he's looking like he's trying to get something from me no Abe hey we talked about it you're too old buddy someone is over it clearly over it oh my god I cannot deal with these being weirdos and there's a guy who's just zoned out what what were you doing you need to some explain to do were you um mm-hmm they know they know what you were doing guys please touch the children touch him in the heart nowhere else or else you're gonna be like that guy yeah do you want to be labeled like him no stop do not touch him this dress sweater why not we have the stress genes the stress sweater fits the bill I mean it doesn't really fit the bill because people think you're broke if you wear this I understand you tried going for it but you you feel it's bad oh not only that when I go down I see that's easy made sense to me now and it's 999 dollars I don't think that's enough I think you need to give these away you need to pay people to wear them just kidding I mean like I said it's a fashion statement it makes a statement that you're overpaying for this for sure and this okay I'm gone you know she looks like one of those things where you just like swish them around and they become instant inflatable sofas oh my god we found her does she easily inflate because this person does look they're enjoying life actually looks really cool it looks fucking jokes I'm just being a hater cuz I'm jealous okay I'm gonna have my own one so I could just run I'll wear it and you just start running and you just hope it inflates then you look like that girl from Willy Wonka someone thought it was brilliant to put you know hello that's cool hello it's chill it's for children but um I guess the smiley face doesn't really come off as an O so in that case if you just like take off the OH I'm trying to be trendy what do you guys think did I make a fashion statement how about another distressed one with mud but it looks like you sold yourself Congrats and finally the creme de la creme the best of the best why have distressed jeans to have rippin tears where you can just complete cut off the sides now looks like you're trying on jeans when you try something on you just you kind of go like this just to see how it fits same thing with jeans at least it'll make sure you're not sweaty down there I'll solve those problems a lot of ventilation there might be a lot of them yeah so you better watch out you better not cry those jeans are so bad I'm telling you why cuz this guy is coming to town and he's gonna yeah okay I'm not a rapper Taco Tuesday with pizza this is a fashion statement and it was created in Japan part bathing suit party pne's which one is better Jean list or Jean thong you guys think I'm joking here it is there you have it this better not get dress coded we got more now let's not get friendly anymore boom here you have a guy like I said don't forget fall-off Fredo on Instagram and me if you don't follow my socials stay up to date with new launches all these photos are more in the description as well as getting don't Thomas merch and no cloud collection join the no cloud Club be part of the movement I'm not I'm not having any clout because you know it's been a tough time that's it see you guys next time and few selves give me a chance just let escape with a black [Applause] give me a chance just told me that you love the bird just can't escape with


  1. Omaigid these dbz quotes are killing me😂👏👏🤣 Alfredo is da boi just cuz of the 9000 thing

  2. 8:06 Thats good because when you actually get your period while wearing this you can just be like "Oh no, thats just the design of the skirt" and no one will know ;DDD

  3. Let's just say.. it's not a fashion statement, it's a deathwish.. if you know what I'm talking about then I actually love you.

  4. Pandas having sex on the panda… also thanks Alfredo for teaching me Spanish you dirty bulging hedgehog

  5. When Tal said that Michael Jackson doing the moon walk forwards with the double shoes how can he go forwards and look backward at the same time because he goes backwards and looks forwards.

  6. He’s so sad he talks to a stuffed hedgehog because he asked Siri, ‘Hey Siri, what’s 0 divide by 0?’

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