The Weird World of Forever 21 Brand Collaborations

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel and today we’re gonna
take a little adventure into the weird world
of Forever 21 collabs. So there’s been this weird
phenomenon with Forever 21 that I only noticed a few months ago but it’s really vamped
up, I’d say the past month where they make collaborations lines, which is pretty common, you know, one thing X another thing, very
normal in the fashion space. But Forever 21 does these collabs with brands that would never
normally makes clothing. So, for example, Forever 21 X USPS, USPS as in the United
States Postal service. Hot Cheetos, Honda, brands that don’t make clothes but for some reason are
collaborating with Forever 21. I was in New York City a few weeks ago, if you didn’t see those blogs,
check out my blog channel. (puppy barking) But while I was walking
through Times Square, I saw a giant billboard in Times Square, which, let’s just roll the clip. Forever 21 X Ford, X Cheetos. And it got me thinking, first of all, what are these clothes actually like. Second of all, why? And third of all are people
actually buying these to wear or just as a gimmick. So we’re gonna investigate all of that. If you’re new to my channel, do make sure to subscribe
and join the family, we are on the long road
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Tuesday and Friday, so click that subscribe button, turn your notifications on. Let’s see the first item. So the first item we have
are the Pepsi biker shorts, Pepsi as in the soda brand, they’re now making shorts. Pepsi biker shorts, I got these in a 1X and they were $17.90. You guys already know
I’m pretty hot and cold on biker shorts, then plus
the fact that they’re white and they’re Pepsi branded, I’m just gonna be a walking billboard in an item of clothing I
don’t really like anyways. But we had to get the
matching top, of course. We have the Pepsi crop top, this is like a one shoulder kind of top, same exact print as the shorts. I got this in a 0X and it was $14.90. But we have one more piece to
complete the Pepsi ensemble. This is the Pepsi sun
visor, it was $12.90. This is like the nice cherry on top of my Pepsi ensemble, so
lets see it all together. Okay, so it’s hard to get passed the fact that I am a walking advertisement and actually talk about
the fit and the quality but I’m gonna try my best. So, first of all, I think we can all agree this is ridiculous, the overtly, just repeated Pepsi logo
on the top and the bottom and the hat is, where
are you wearing this? What’s the vision, is it Coachella? Is it to Trader Joe’s? It is to an event, is it for
an Instagram batty photo shoot? I don’t know. (chuckling) Also, I get that the outfit is trendy, even though it’s not my style, without the branding, this
kind of one shouldered, little crop top and the biker
shorts, very in right now, not my thing but very in. But the visor, I get that
some visors are in right now but this is very much an old man visor. This is what you wear
when you’re selling Pepsi at a baseball game and you’re like, ice cold Pepsi, get your Pepsi. It’s not cool, it’s not in, it’s not, there’s nothing cool about the hat. I mean, there’s not that
much cool about the outfit, but the hat especially I just don’t, I don’t get the hat. I’m actually surprised at how okay I am with the items themselves, the fit. I’m so glad I sized up
in these biker shorts because since they’re white, even the slightest bit of pull would of made them see through and these are a little bit big on me, which is so nice, the waist is elastic, so they stay up but then
this, I have some extra fabric so I’m not showing skin. Surprisingly not too see through, too, a little bit in the back. I wouldn’t wear these as shorts but not as bad as I expected. The camel toe situation
though, still pretty bad, definitely would not want
to wear these out and about. And the top actually fits great, I got this in a zero,
which is usually what I am in Forever 21’s plus size section and it’s nice, it’s got
a little bit looseness around the edge, it’s not
skin tight or anything. Even thought it’s one shoulder, it doesn’t dip down super low it’s kind of straight across so I’m not super bothered by it. Even though I did have
to wear a strapless bra, which I don’t like. And then the quality, it’s okay, it’s right on par for Forever 21, I’d give it a six out of 10 for quality. If this is your style,
if this is something that you would actually buy, please, genuinely, I want to know what the appeal is, let me
know down in the comments ’cause I clearly don’t get it. It is kind of fun thought that they have a little Pepsi can on the
tag, I like that touch. But wearability, not super there. Overall I’m gonna give
this collab (sighing), I’m usually pretty
objective with my ratings, this video’s gonna be
completely subjective, fully just my opinion,
I’m putting it out there. I’m gonna give this Forever
21 collab a four out of 10. I think the quality is all right, the fit’s pretty good, sizing’s fine, the design is a big no for me but it could be worse, so
let’s go on to the next. For my next outfit, we
are doing the collab that started this all for
me, The USPS Priority line. This is the USPS Priority Tube Top, I got it in a large, it was $8.99, it is so small, I don’t
know how this is gonna fit but at least it’s gonna
make me a priority, so let’s see it. Oh my gosh! Why is any of this happening. So, first of all, let’s just address the elephant in the room, the fit and the sizing is not for me. This is such a small,
little bandeau already and then the fact that I’m
really more like an extra large in standard sizing at Forever 21 and this is a large. Now, I actually think I like
this more than the Pepsi one because at least it’s funny. It’s making a statement, it has a meaning other than the brand. It doesn’t just say USPS
like the Pepsi one did, I think it’s kind of funny. It’s like yes, I am the priority, my boobs are the priority. (laughing) Unlike the Pepsi one where
I literally couldn’t think of a single application
where it would work, and can kind of have, I
have an image in my head for when someone would wear this. Imagine you’re a sorority
girl, like I once was, you were ready to go to the
big frat party that night. Maybe it’s Fratlantis, maybe
it’s Fratalina Wine Mixer, but no, today is the Mail Shipment Packaging Party, yeah it’s a packaging party. Everyone’s coming dressed up
as a different shipping labels. And oh, look, Forever 21
has a USPS collaboration and this is a cute,
little, sexy top tube top. Can wear some little hight waisted shorts, maybe do your hair all cute. Put a little shipping
label in your ponytail. It’s a nice look, it could totally work for a very specifically
themed sorority party. If you’re a sorority girl, you know exactly what I’m talking about, ’cause there are some very
weird themed parties in college. But, regardless, I don’t really see very many other applications in which this would work but I actually think this
is better than the Pepsi one in terms of wearability and design. ‘Cause you could layer this
under a little denim jacket, I personally wouldn’t, but you could. Whereas the Pepsi one is just there’s not really any use for it. I think the quality is pretty low, it does not feel like very sturdy at all. Quality’s pretty low, for
the sizing and the fit, honestly, also very
low, it’s just not great for anyone who’s got
something going on up top. Overall, I’m gonna give it
a three and half out of 10. It’s just not for me but at
least it’s kind of funny. Okay, so the next collab I wanted to try, this one was all over Twitter. This is the Hot Cheetos X Forever 21 line and personally, I love Hot Cheetos. Ever since I was in high school, get my little bag of Hot
Cheetos, my little treat, I love it but would I
want to wear a Hot Cheetos bedazzled crop top, I
don’t know, let’s find out. So, the first item we have, the Cheetos Rhinestone Boxy Graphic Tee. I got this in a size large, this one was $17.90 and
what I love about this is it literally, the inside
tag is a bag of Hot Cheetos, the outside tag, also a
little box of Hot Cheetos. That just kind of, that kind
of make the clothing for me, I know, the tags. But it’s kind of funny,
I’m kind of here for it. I feel like I would rather
rock a Hot Cheetos shirt than a USPS shirt, ’cause I am
kind of a Hot Cheetos fangirl but I wouldn’t say I’m like a stand for the United States Postal Service. Hot Cheetos though, sure,
but we did get one more item which Skylar is gonna help me with. – [Skylar] Woot, woot! – I saw this Hot Cheetos body suit, it’s literally a bag of
Hot Cheetos on a body suit and I was like, I need this, I need to try this for the video and they only had it left in a small. So, Skylar’s gonna do the honors. This is the Flammin’
Hot Cheetos Body Suit, it is $24.90, Skylar’s gonna wear this, I’m gonna wear the rhinestone crop, we’re just gonna be like the little Hot Cheetos dynamic duo. So, let’s make it spicy,
let’s put them on! I kind of love this. – This is so much. – It’s so much. (laughing) – We were joking that we look like the twins from The Shining
but Hot Cheetos version. – Yeah but we’re like hot, Cheetos. (laughing) – You’ve chosen to go braless, – (exhaling) Yeah. Should we talk about that? Should we talk about mine and then yours? – Yeah, let’s do it. – Okay, so I know this
an in thing right now to wear the super short crop tops that show your under boob like this but I hate it and I literally feel like a gust of wind could turn me into a porn star any second. (laughing) – I mean, love that for Stephen. (laughing) I guess. I feel like that’s actually probably the most wearable thing. – I think this is funny
because like I said, at least it’s some sort of design other than just the logo, it’s got the bedazzled, it’s a cut crop. Also, it’s Hot Cheetos,
so it’s funny, you know. – Yeah.
– Like it’s… – I feel like my 13 year old sister would actually wear that. – You know what and I think 13 year old me would of worn this, too. – Yeah. – And honestly, if anything in this video is actually gonna get wear from me, it’s probably this. – I feel like you might wear that. – It’s kind of funny, I, I– – Like around the office. – For sure but with a bra. (laughing) – And also this keeps crinkling. – It’s so funny. – ‘Cause it’s like a little
mini bag of Hot Cheetos. – I love it, I love it. – I just can’t take it seriously. – I wish they put,
wait, I’m gonna open it, I wish they put a Hot Cheetos in there. – Just one. – Just one. – Just a singular. – But no, it’s empty,
so, that’s a little sad. – Okay. – I feel like the body
suit is definitely funnier than the top but less wearable. – Okay, this is the worst
body I’ve ever worn. (laughing) I’m just gonna, so I’m always
just a small at Forever 21, I can be a small or a medium. – Yeah. – I’m only 5’4″, so I’ve
never in my life had an issue with a body suit being too
short in the crotch area. – Right. – Literally never. – Yeah. – This is so crazy. It’s, first of all, it’s cut like this, it’s cut like an ’80’s, it
pretty much ends right here. (laughing) Also, the back is so low cut, you could not wear a bra with it. – Now it goes down to your butt. – And you couldn’t wear underwear ’cause this is so high cut. – Yeah. – So you’re just supposed to
go commando, which his a lot. – And it’s completely
flattening your chest. – Yeah, I’m usually a D cup, I’m a solid B in this. (laughing) Which is fine but just
not the most comfortable. – It’s kind of like a gymnast’s suit. – Yes. – Like what are they, like
a unitard or whatever. – And it’s swim suit material,
which is very interesting. – Oh, but it’s not a swim suit, right? – No, it has snaps. – Huh. – Which also I feel like
is kind of concerning if you’re going commando (laughing) and then there’s just like snaps. – Some snaps. – Also, I feel like the
best part of this design is Chester, down here but with bodysuits, you wear them with high waisted things. – Right. – So is that just supposed
to be your personal secret? Like I’ve got Chester the Cheetah. – You wanna see what’s in my pants? – Inside my pants? It’s Chester the Cheetah. – [Chester] Dangerously cheesy. – It’s a lot for me but for
someone else, love that. – I would, if I saw someone
at Coachella wearing that I would be like oh my
gosh, I love your bodysuit. – I feel like didn’t Niki
Demar wear something like that to Coachella this year? – Maybe she did. Editor Rachel, insert
something if she did. – Ah! (laughing) – Okay, overall rating on this. – I give this a two. (gasping) I think the material
is bad, the fit is bad, I feel like the design
is bad, Chester’s hidden. – I love when you’re brutally honest. (laughing) I think the quality and
the wearability on this top is definitely better than the others. I would give it maybe a seven out of 10 for both quality and wearability. In terms of fit, it
fits like a true large, like I said, I’m usually an
extra large at Forever 21 and it fits me fine. I’m gonna give this one
with my overall rating, I think I’m gonna give this
one a six and half out of 10. – Yeah. – It’s really not the worst thing, it’s kind of funny, I like the bedazzled. I might wear this. The next collab we are looking in to is their collab with Honda. Which honestly kind of seems
like a conflict of interests because they also have a collab with Ford, so they’re apparently not exclusive with their car dealership collaborations. Apparently it’s just a free for all, so we went with the Honda look. So, we have the Honda
Graphic Racing Jersey, I got this in a 0X, and it was $16. And to match we have the
Honda Graphic Racing Pants in a extra large and these were $45. Now, these are actually the men’s line, I would say that when we were ordering, the Honda collaboration was
definitely the most inclusive. They had plus size and
standard sizing and men’s, so we went for the men’s
’cause I just thought these were the coolest looking. But some of the other collaborations, especially the Hot Cheetos one were just small, medium, large, which made it a little bit more difficult for me to order as mid-sized girl. But Honda, the Honda collaboration
is very woke apparently. Let’s try it on. I’ve never hated anything more in my life than I hate these pants. And I’ve hated a lot of clothes that I’ve tried on for my channel. These pants are so terrible, every single thing about it. Let’s go through an itemized list of everything I hate about
the Honda Forever 21 pants. First of all, the material, it is terrible, I don’t even
know what to compare it to because it is just the worst. It is like if those scandals I tried on in my Instagram ads video
were Satan’s sandals, these are Satan’s pants. Satan’s putting together a whole wardrobe and this is definitely part of it. The fit is so bad, granted
these are men’s pants, so I shouldn’t be too critical but they are so tight on my thighs and then pretty loose everywhere else, the waste, and the ankles,
but the thighs are so tight. Third thing, so the zipper,
the zipper right here has nothing protecting it on the inside, so you can see there’s
a little cover here, there’s no cover on the inside. Most pairs of shorts have
a little piece of fabric on the inside to keep you
from zipping your skin. This does not have that,
so I zipped up my skin the first time I put them on. And every time I’ve zipped them since, I have to pull it out and then zip it to keep myself from zipping my skin. It is very uncomfortable,
very inconvenient, and now my skin hurts from getting zipped. All of this not even
to mention the design, which makes me look like the girl from that Disney Channel movie, what was it called, Motocrossed! I look like the girl from Motocrossed. I have vivid memories of watching that on my parent’s couch when
I was eight years old. And, you know what, I
feel like the only time this would be appropriate to wear is A, if you are, you know,
going to ride BMX bikes or B, you’re watching Motocrossed. And this isn’t even motocross
gear, this is Honda, this car racing. But I can’t, I just, ugh, I don’t get it. And the other problems with
some of the other items were more like how branded they were, the Pepsi thing, the
Hot Cheetos, the USPS. This isn’t super branded,
it’s only says Honda here and then has the Honda logo on the front, so at least they’re a little more unique than just having the logo but the pants are so bad. They’re so bad that they’re
kind of overshadowing the top. The tops isn’t that bad,
it’s not really my style, is it anyone’s style? It’s just a Honda Racing jersey, but it’s not bad, the fit
is fine, it’s breathable, it’s comfortable, it’s soft, it’s got some fun color blocking, I guess. So, okay, wearability of
the pants is a fat zero, just no way, uh-huh, absolutely not. Wearability of the top,
you know, it’s cute, it’s cropped, it fits nicely, I’d give it, you know maybe six out
of 10 for wearability. Quality on the top, pretty good. Quality on the pants, terrible! And the outfit as a whole,
this collaboration as a whole, at least it’s more inventive than Pepsi but in terms of the actual
materials and the look, I definitely hate it
more than I hated Pepsi. So, this is a tough one,
what should I give it? – [Skylar] I would say like a four. – All right, we’re going with Skylar, it’s a four out of 10 but at least I can go channel Motocrossed, so thanks for watching. So, what did you guys think? Did you have a favorite outfit, is there a collaboration that you’re actually interested in purchasing? I feel like I am still not
fully convinced about this even though I do think
it’s kind of gimmicky and kind of funny. I don’t know if I would actually
wear a lot of these items. It was fun to try them though, I’m glad I got to try them,
I hope this gave you guys a little bit of insight into what these clothes are actually like. I don’t know who Forever 21’s gonna end up collaborating with next,
maybe it’ll be like Clorox, I’ll have a bleach me on my top, maybe like Mr. Clean, the
Brawny man, I don’t know, the doors are wide open. But, if you guys want to
see me investigate more of their weird clothes
and weird collaborations, be sure to subscribe, let me
know down in the comments, like I said, I would love to have you in my little YouTube family. We’re on the road to
one million subscribers and I post every Tuesday and Friday, so lots of new content for you. Anyways, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video, be confident, love your body, and I’ll see you on Friday
with another new video. Bye! Oh my gosh, okay, I put on
the Hot Cheetos body suit that is literally three
sizes too small for me, just to wear it for the thumbnail ’cause I thought it would
make a good thumbnail. And now I can’t stop
laughing because I’m like, squeezing out of it in every way, it look so ridiculous. It feels like I’m wearing shape wear because it’s so tight fitting and fitted. Oh my gosh, okay, enjoy, here you go. Thanks for watching. (upbeat dance music)


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