The Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine Every Guy Wants and Why

this is the kind of sewing machine that every guy wants and I want to tell you why I sell sewing machines I talk to a lot of people typically what I hear first of all they have decided that they want to make the leap into industrial sewing machines 9 out of 10 guys that call me are guys 9 out of 10 want to do both seats car upholstery a wallet and they want to know what machine to get this machine is the prototypical walking foot sewing machine that every guy wants so that's not literal but 9 out of 10 on a machine just like this and I'll talk about why so the console is not the only game in town I think probably the singer 111 started it all off the singer 211 jukey Lu 562 and the Lu 563 now they're making a Jew Keys making a 1541 those are good ones to start with those are all kind of the same type of unison seat or triple feed fitting on who makes and what they call it the console has made in Japan it's made by Seiko it's a quality machine these are fairly common and you can get parts for them and they're well made if you look on the bottom of this machine Seiko is actually part of the casting on the bottom of this machine also some of the parts say Seiko they made machines for console for a long time they're now making this machine under their own name I have another video made with this exact machine where I changed some lubrication out in a couple gearboxes in that video you can see the quality of the materials engineering and assembly this machine is really easy to set the stitch length I think you can see right here this is an R this is a zero and right here is s so forward reverse and nowhere besides the zero demarcation which is here there are five more and that's one through five millimeters so if you have a set on the first demarcation you're going to be sewing at one millimeter and you're going to reverse in one millimeter it's real easy to adjust it's got a nice clicky detent we'll go down to five and now goes up farther so it reverses five millimeters that's a real nice feature so here we are as the business into the machine people talk about a walking foot sewing machine and that only partially describes the feeding mechanism of a machine like this so this machine actually has three forms of feeding mechanism first is drop feed second is needle feed and third is walking foot so as the foot in the needle come down the drop feeds coming up and they meet the outside feet lift and the material moves back at this point that's the feet alternate so the outside feet go down and while that's going on that's holding this material in place this is what you want when you want to do upholstery car seats both seats wallets you want that ability to hold multiple layers of material together as they're being moved through by plunging that needle through looks like pinning it every time you might be a little concerned about manual lubrication versus automatic lubrication but if you're like 9 out of 10 guys that I talked to and I fall into that category in practice the manual might actually be better for us so with a automatic lubrication machine you need to run your machine at near full speed so when you're doing a wallet you want to go really slow any sort of a pump that's in the bottom of the machine it's not going to spin fast enough to lose the top of a machine when you're just creeping along naked wallet the manual it's super easy it's just whenever there's a red dot it's just one drop oil boom there's one one drop of oil these are oil ports you don't slow every day that's cool you don't boil them every day if you come back to it two weeks later boom you hit those oil points and you're ready to go another reason this machine is so great is that it has big bobbins now this bobbin right here the same size bobbin that goes into a singer 211 another very popular walking foot sewing machine so while these may not look a lot different in diameter there this one's also thicker these big bobbins are double capacity of what this is so when you're doing car seats or something you want to use big thread you're dealing with the construction methods that need to be stronger than say underwear for some of the top stitching you want that stitching to be noticeable so you need bigger thread so when you have this standard size bobbin and you go and you start putting larger diameter threads on it you can't get as much wound on there what happens is you have to change bobbins more frequently during your project so if you use a double capacity bobbin you change your bobbins half as much and that's a good thing so this is great for all kinds of stuff like denim okay that's three layers and here's your six and then we just go right into some webbing you can do three layers of webbing you can do leather so they do all this pretty good stuff so what you're looking for in a walking foot sewing machine is actually three forms of feeding mechanism drop the walking foot needle feed manual implication is okay auto school the manual is good too you want to know what size your bobbins are big bob lazar a good thing you want to make sure that you buy a quality machine one that you can get parts for and repair thanks a lot for watching and please consider subscribing to my channel Oh


  1. I want one so bad! I want to make leather handbags. And I dont want to tear up any of my vintage machines

  2. My mother used one of these machines sewing draperies and bedspreads. She passed away and I would like to sell her machine. Do you know of a site where I could post it for sale?

  3. Im torn between the consew 206rb-5 and the sailrite fabricator, what are your thoughts on these two machines ? Thanks

  4. used to work at a place where we made heavy duty backpacks and messenger bags. there were 2 jukis and a consew. I for sure preferred the jukis, but that was mostly because the consew hadn't been taken care of and was loose as a goose. not to mention that it had an inverted revers lever (meaning that you lifted up on it to reverse rather than press down)

  5. Quite frankly the bottom load bobbin loading is a joke. A basic Pfaff 545 is better than this. Even a 145 Pfaff has a top bed bobbin load as well the jukis too

  6. What every guy wants!?  Well I'm a woman and I had a Singer 111W when I did upholstery many years ago.  But I sure like this Consew.

  7. I live in the heart of textile industry. I think they call it the carpet capital of the world. Anyway, a buddy of mine owns a local scrapyard, and you would be very sad to see the tractor trailer loads of like new beautiful vintage machines that get dumped there. A lot of times they were never even put into production… The carpet Mills around here… Dozens and dozens of them have closed down over the past few years and continue to do so. It’s really sad to see the machines just get melted down for scrap. One guy literally had a dump truck full of 28,000 pounds of beautiful vintage machines. I salvage what I could, beautiful old lead to type sets for fabric and label printing, tons of amazing needles and trinkets to go along with the machines… But I don’t have anywhere to store dozens and dozens of heavy vintage machines. Some of them were still in their wooden crates from 50 years ago. I could’ve cried that day.

  8. 0:39 buy a $1000+ sewing machine to make a WALLET? I get it… Just some fun. Love my Consew 206RB!

  9. A great video that I’m happy to see on YouTube i got into sewing only 10 years ago as a hobby i did start out doing exactly as you stated Vintage car interiors and boat upholstery for my own vessels i wish there were videos like yours back then but they just didnt exist i did winf up going with a Chinese walking foot off of Ebay and honestly it performs as promised and i found out that it is a hobby that i really enjoy doing prior i was a professional Woodworker for 20 years so i was used to machinery and detailed craftsmanship I did however watch whatever videos i could find and read any books i could locate my Mom who was a seamstress. Did show me a few tricks and I wasn’t afraid to ask strangers at my local supply places i do not really regret buying what i did at the time based on the information i had because at that time videos like yours didn’t exist to help educate the “Newbies” i basically knew i wanted a walking foot machine And simply found what was in my price range at that time if your video had existed i may had purchased one of the machines you discussed or mentioned because of the overall higher quality o the Japanese and German made machines ironically i do generally tell my freinds and family that these days you can usually find something you are interested about on YouTube and your video helps confirm that theory

  10. I have a 111w155 Singer. I made a whole backseat set for my 70 Impala and started one bucket for my 80 Grand Prix. Haven't used it much and all of a sudden it started jamming up. After three times of the needle going in it would just get hung. Tried for hours to fix it. Took it apart and now I've broken the bobbin hook. Have to get a new one now, but anyway, I hope that maybe it was already bad then I made it worse. I really love the machine even though it doesn't have reverse. Can't make the right decision for a brand new one under $1,500

  11. Helpful video thank you. And please consider subscribing, I like that, not – make sure you subscribe.

  12. Hi! Thank you for your video! Any tips on a good machine for sewing leather sweatbands into hats? I'm just starting and am quite overwhelmed with which machine I should get for hatting. Thanks!

  13. Hello, I'm new to leather working and I am really taking on to leather work. I made a knife/flashlignt belt sheath and a Rambo knife sheath. My next project is a gun holster or maybe a phone and flashlight belt holder becasue i have to carry 2 phones and a flashlight for work. I am hand sewing the projects and so much videos out there any many types of machines, when I think I have narrowed down the machines, I find myself rethinking. It is just a hobby and I am going to make stuff to sell as well. What machine would you guild me to? You guys get this question alot and maybe you can guild me to a video? This machine in th video here seems to be good for me but maybe its not

  14. Dude, can you sell me a 226? I just need the head. The grey cast heads from the late eighties to around the mid nineties were the strongest for Consew. I miss sewing on a 226. I'm also looking for a 330 E duel needle feed. 😎

  15. Hey man, I just picked up this machine and curious about some rope or cloth plugs on the internal side of the needle bar cover. there are two "plugs". Curious if this is intentional by the manufacturer or just trash thats found its way in over the years. Thanks!

  16. Hi !
    I have a consew 310. Given to me. Its a single needke lockstitch machine. I love it. But wondering can you buy walking feet to go on it? I am starting to work with canvas, a walking foot would help i think.

  17. Do you know what might cause this sewing machine to automatically resort to sewing backwards? Then when we hold the lever up (which should be reverse) it sews forward!

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