The Upcoming Industry of Hemp Production Clothing, Chiang Mai Thailand

Hello, my name is Nuansi Promjai I am the head of the group who produces hemp products from the Sai Thong Village. Our group makes and specializes in crochet, knitting and we incorporate the hemp material through knitting to make hats, bags clothes and products to decorate the home such as coasters and place mats. Hemp is a plant that has many purposes. Hemp is a plant that that can be manufactured into clothing that keeps you both warm and cool It is believed that the yarn of hemp should be tied around your wrist to prevent illness. The people from the Hmong village say that newborns should have the hemp tied around their wrist to act as a blessing. Hemp has benefits from the roots to the leaves. We just use the hemp fiber to make clothing But if we could manufacture the plant it could be very useful.


  1. The clothes look so comfortable! But 5,000 baht….. Maybe if the industry was more regulated it would drop the prices.

  2. More business owners need to voice their opinion on hemp/marijuana legalization. The more talk gets buzzing the closer we are to legalization, business will be booming!

  3. I'm in Japan, I'm using CBD oil (conentrated extract) which is great for chronic pain relief. I bought it in the US and it was expensive. Is CBD oil available now in Thailand?

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