The Ultimate Shopping Guide To Plus Size Clothing In India!

Shopping in India for plus size clothing used
to be a nightmare. The only way to get some decent styles was either on a trip abroad or you had to get them stitched and the tailors just knew how to spoil them. Hi guys, I am Prerna from Inspiration Plus and welcome back to our Plus size series. The scenario has started to change over the
last few years. I am going to tell you about the stores and online platforms in India which house some really good plus size styles. I am also going to share with you some international websites that ship to India and are my personal favorites. Jabong and Myntra are my go to platforms. They host so many brands that go upto XXL. My current favourite is Miaminx on Jabong They also house some international brands
that do bigger sizes. If you are looking for only western wear some brands like Lastinch, Revolutionplussize, Stalkbuylove and Faballey do a variety of good styles. If you are looking for Indian wear, Pluss , Xxllent and Amydus house Indian and western wear for men & women. Afamado, Eshakti and Lurap are known
for their customizations. Be it sleeve length or dress length or neck, they will take care of it. When it comes to stores, the first name that pops in our heads is ALL the plus size store. They house a mix of Indian and western wear. Westside also houses three brands Gia, Sassy Soda and L.O.V. that do plus size western wear. Nexus is a recent addition by Lifestyle that also does western wear. Similarly Pantaloons launched Alto Moda that does western and Indian wear. Some other brands like Marks & Spencer does upto size UK22 Whereas, AND by Anita Dongre does upto size UK20 and H&M has a dedicated plus size section that goes upto size 4XL. Asos, Newlook, Missguided and Boohoo are my personal favourites. Other international platforms that ship to India are Yourclothing, Lovedrobe, Pinkclove Justcurvy, Riverisland & Forever21 also does Plus size Some of these international websites might charge an extra shipping charge and all of them charge a custom duty that is an ascertained amount to be paid
at time of delivery. If you are heavier on the hips and thighs, buy bottoms that fit your thighs perfectly even if it’s a size or two bigger at the waist. You can always get the waist altered. The same goes for your tops. Try on everything that catches your eye. Certain silhouettes look different on your body
than they do on the hanger and we often get caught up in a really narrow definition of what looks good on us. Don’t speed-shop if you’re searching for something really specific. Give yourself enough time to browse and
try different silhouettes. Take a trusted friend with you who is willing to give an honest opinion. When shopping online make sure to always check the size chart for measurement specifications. Also check what size the model is
wearing and her height this will give you a better idea of the product. Make sure to check the product details as it will help in deciding what size to order and whether that particular fabric works for you or not. When shopping on international websites be
very careful of your purchases as their return policies can be complicated and you might have to pay for the return. Whereas, Indian websites offer free returns. Make sure to read the return policy before making a purchase. I hope plus size shopping is going to be
much easier now. Remember, clothing should be a way to express yourself and not slim yourself down. If you have any questions or suggestions, do write to us. Happy shopping! and until next time, stay tuned stay Glamrs.


  1. this was a grt vid very helpful; only thing that wud make it simpler wud be to give the links to the websites she mentioned. thankyou!

  2. Can you please tell the names of all websites you mentioned ?????
    It wasn't clearly audible..
    Would be grateful if you do the needful!

    Thank you so much! ❀❀❀

  3. Hi, thank you for this video. The websites you mentioned were not very clear and I couldn't follow you. Please could you mention them in the description box. Thanks in advance.

  4. Thanks for the video….. in addition to the options in the video several stores on Hill road and lokhandwala also have amazing plus size clothing both Indian and western

  5. That's a really informative video. That was Soo true years ago that being heavy had almost no choice of clothing. I was obese years ago and had to slim down since there was no choice of clothes. Thanks again for the video and you look lovely.

  6. You are very fat but it's ok never fell bad that what people say always be happy in your life love from Pakistan

  7. Everyone is pretty, i love how you're confident in your own skin. But you need to take care of extra fat to prevent heart diseases. More power to you ! πŸ’•

  8. We sell plus size leggings that fit waist size 46-58 inches and kurtis and tunics for 46-56 size. Check us on or on our fb

  9. Woww dii u r helping so much with ur informative videos! 😘😘😘😘 love and hugs to uu 😘😘😘 cutiepiee

  10. Jabong and mitra, last inch and revolution plus size. Plus, excellent and leura? All the plus size store? Sassy soda? Lov?
    Marks and Spencer. H&M. ASOS, new look, misguided, and boohoo.

  11. love the video as usual !
    please make a video on plus size shalwar kameez in casual wear style .

    I would love to get tips from you guys πŸ˜‰

  12. love the video as usual !
    please make a video on plus size shalwar kameez in casual wear style .

    I would love to get tips from you guys πŸ˜‰

  13. At your weight you can die anytime soon with heart attack you should try to lose weight slowly but try and before anyone comment here if she was following healthy lifestyle she won't be size 3 or 4 xl being fat is not good for ur health specially this much

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  18. Lady, you need to lose weight. Start eating healthy and avoid soda and soft drink & junk completely.
    Trust me being overweight and getting diabetes, hypertension, kidney failure and high blood pressure in your 30s – 40s is not cool.

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  25. All my clothes are from the all plus store. While i check the latest online, i am lucky to go to the nearest store and try the clothes. I have found the quality of the clothes in terms of material durability and comfort good.

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