The Try Guys Try The Japanese Tablecloth Trick • The Try Vlog

good morning my hair looks dumb we're vlogging welcome to the first ever try guys vlog so apparently the try guy is supposed to start vlogging now telling this is a stupid idea I'm having burgers for breakfast what's going on today well first of all let's give these hot shades on yeah we're gonna be trying this basically we're gonna do big video one week vlog the next week we thought you know we could probably let you guys in our real lives you guys let us know if you like it we'll keep doing it if you don't like it then I don't know man named Zane I'm gonna bleed you don't know where the flag is you don't know who DeParle bred to do you don't know there's another pub brother fuzzy it's no one and nobody's here that's Ned that's Eugene that sack Hey look cutes here Wow good job Keith you're so cute what are you saying man I had three burgers for a toast flappers because if you ever had hamburgers for breakfast No I'm late for my dance appointment and ready to go film myself in public like a crazy person so I guess today we got to find something cool to do hey guys I got something to show you hey guys so he puts the teacup on his dick there we go here we go is he serving somebody T we have more pubes than this guy yeah everybody hey you don't have four that's a foamer right over there let's be adults about this please somebody put a teacup on my dick that's the good stuff let's go far no more yeah great three two one that's amazing yeah it's cold that's great okay now now you need to be able to pull it off your stuff okay well I'm gonna come over here I won't okay not only do you see it go horribly wrong but then you see his dick oh my god on the full mangina this is when the game's not here you know what hell looks like being at the dentist surrounded by pictures of your own teeth you look like a 12th century Jesus you do only maybe like crouch down next to me yourself though yeah I'll sit I'll sit with you 3 2 1 it's very little oh my but you did up on my dick and you're a little crybaby about a little spill so I did it yeah you did it yeah so is it time to ramp it up ramp it it's grossly what I think okay oh you look great very like a high-fashion photo shoot in a way you know your tees that popping off just the way you like it piping hot yeah three two one go well it didn't work let's get some of these shards away from Ned's naked body why don't we try to imitate Alice it's certainly both okay well I guess we're a pretty cool dad yeah nailed it nailed it I thought we were gonna do it slower No did you do anything differently that time did I do any different like to this I hate no I certainly did it really fast again Eugene has great beautiful exciting team he man insect you got a little gross oh yeah no it's a thumb is that nose and the forehead so we are ready for the new approach we have the track on its highest Ned what's that tea bottle for just so I can really smack it and not hurt my hands see you but then the tea's gonna get is it'll work trust me okay my god what the no what are you guys doing I thought we were blogging today why that video I texted do it just it's cool to take your pants off but tea cup with water in it so this is that first line and hope you liked it why we'll see you next time Triceratops I am the best goddamn dancer at the American Ballet Academy and the are you no one all right let's do this I'm wearing a play come on baby all you needed was an Asian we're trying to do another try guys shoot you like this maybe we'll do some more goofy it wasn't as bad as I thought it in the car rolling out his window


  1. Working at Buzzfeed means one learns to not be easily weirded out. It does not matter whether one is an on-screen personality or not.

  2. What sort of friend ship do you have to have to be able to say ‘just take your pants’ with out getting reputations

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