The TOP 7 Wildest ‘Jersey Shore’ Pranks | MTV Ranked

– This prank isn't a simple prank. This prank is gonna take some work. Some hard work, but well worth it. Prank wars! They're not gonna be our
friends anymore after this. – [Vinny] No, no I know. – One, two, three, four,
I declare a prank war. – [Vinny] Look at that little guy. – [Pauly] Oh that's a good one. – A little Hershey kiss. Ugh! – Put some holes into
those so it airs it out. (bag pops)
– Alright that's good. Oh yeah (bleep). – These girls are dead. – Yeah there you go. Perfect. That'll be there for weeks. (Vinny snickers) Yeah buddy! – I'm here bitches, I see it. So as soon as they go
out I run out of the bed, I get it and I put it under Vinny's pillow and it was kinda like,
karma's a bitch baby! Like, jokes on you. (Snooki laughs) – Because Mike loves pranks so much, sending me to the city, last year putting (bleep) under Vinny's bed. Why don't you get a taste of
your own medicine Michael. – Let's open up the fridge
and see what we got. – See what we're working with. – Cream cheese. – Grated cheese (Ronnie laughs) – That'll do. – So me Snook and Sam are gonna go upstairs and prank his bed. (Sam and Snooki giggle) (playful music) – [Snooki] Looks like a pizza. Should I add some cream cheese? – (Ronnie) Yeah, go ahead (laughs). – [Sam] Shmear it in between his sheet. (Ronnie laughs) – He doesn't wash his sheets anyway so he's never gonna find it. And we just start making
a nice smorgasbord of all kinds of cheeses and red pepper. (Ronnie laughs) – That's for sending
me to New York (bleep). (all laugh) (blows raspberry) – Pfft, and that's like the
sealing to the whole joke. (belches) – [Sam] You got cheese
ya old, cheesy bastard. – (laughs) Yeah, it's gonna stink. Mike we got you (bleep) (bleep.) – Oh! We got you.
– This is for sending me to New York ya (bleep).
– (bleep) your face. – Cream cheese (screams).
– (screams) (laughing) – Team sober bitch!
– Oh! – Boo yeah!
– Woo! – No, what are we gonna do to Deena? – Somethin' good. – Deena is like the bastard little step sister of this house. Deena is just funny to prank. So we just constantly bust her balls. Maybe we can do, like replace– – Can we put our faces in it. – (laughs) replace these. Can we go to a, let's go to a photo booth. Take these same pictures. (Pauly laughs) Put 'em in here and
then hide the pictures. – That's exactly what we're doin'. The pictures is all she has of Chris when he's not in his house. So if we remove those pictures and put our pictures she's
gonna be super pissed. Prank war champions! (electronic music) – Oh, here photos. – We wanna re-enact these photos so we go to this photo booth right next to the Shore store and we
take every single picture. (photo booth counting down) (rock music)
(camera shutter click) (camera shutter click) (camera shutter click) (camera shutter click) (camera shutter click) – Prank wars champions!
– Prank wars champions! – Yes! (Pauly and Vinny laughing) We're killin' it, the
pictures come out hysterical. And I can not wait to
see Deena's reaction. – Alright, we gotta blow these up. We print them out but
they're just too small so now we take these
photos to Old Time Photo and than Old Time Photo
blows them up for us. So they're exact size of Deena's pictures and then we replace them in the frame. (laughs) – This is a great prank. – Where do I put this, in the freezer? – [Deena] Yeah put it in the freezer. – Are they? (playful music)
(bleep)! Like girls usually take like
10 hours to run one errand. But today, like the girls did their errands in like three seconds. Should we put 'em like
right behind that wood. (playful music) (gasps) – (bleep) (bleep) heads! (playful music) – Busted! – Where's my pictures? – What are you doin' in my room? – Lookin' for my pictures. – I didn't take your pictures. – Deena is very easy to distract, so that's what we had going
in our favor right now. I mean you can like, you
know get a laser pointer put it on the ground and
Deena will be distracted. – What pictures? – Come on. – What pictures? (mischievous music) – What are you doin'
going through my stuff? – Looking for my pictures. – That's cool. Oh, dear. (mischievous music continues) – (shrieks) (bleep)! (laughing) – I don't want that! – [Pauly] Whata ya mean? – [Vinny] What happened? (Pauly laughs) Nobody touched your pictures. Whata ya talkin' about? – I think they look better. – No! – You don't like it? (Pauly laughs)
– No! – It's like a montage of you and me. – [Vinny] You better leave that (bleep). – [Pauly] Hell ya! – So where's the pictures? – Prank war champions strike again. – Bring her here. We'll fly her out here. I have this idea of
flying Angelina to Miami to prank the whole house. So it's been a little
kumbaya so we need to bring in a little villain to stir things up. Right, you know how much– – Stop. – (bleep) off!
– Listen– – Hear me out, hear me out! hear me out!
– I'm leavin'. I'm leavin'. No they didn't! No they didn't! – You know how much he hates her. You know how much she hates him. – You know what you're good at? You're good at being a hoe! – Just shut the (bleep) up now! – You shut the (bleep) up! – Get outta my face! – So you bring that girl
for him, mic drop moment. Roast that! Prank war champion! – This is a prank war and
Pauly is like a kamikaze pilot. Just (crash noise) taking
everyone out with Angelina's ass. – Picture his face when
you ring her in this house. – Picture my face when I bring her into this house.
– That's what I'm sayin'! – What are you talking about! – And actually I've been
talking to her and she's down. – What! – We just gotta make a phone
call and make it all happen. We'll fly out here tomorrow
or something or whatever. (Ronnie laughs) And then, eh yo listen! Listen, wait hear me out. – Bro I can not. – When you roast it– – This isn't a prank just
on Mike or the girls. It's a prank on all of us. – [Vinny] You guys ready to eat? – Oh yeah.
– Hell yeah. – Salut! – Salut!
– [Mike] Salut! Great job Vin. – Yeah. (ominous music) – Chopped those up, chopped up avocado and put some goat cheese, onions and oil. It's so good. (phone ringing) – [Angelina] Hello. – Yo, all good now. It's all good come through. – [Angelina] Alright, alright. – At home it would be like
having steak and vegetables. – Girls missed a bangin' meal. Do we know what time
the girls are coming in? – Said their flight was
delayed, they'll be here soon. – It's a three hour flight. Anybody need anything? (ominous music) – The Staten Island
ferry is about to dock. I'm excited, no I'm not. – We have a bus–
(knock on the door) Is that a knock? (knocking on door) – Get that bro, please. – Yo, what happens if, I could be– – Maybe it's the girls? – Oh (bleep) probably the girls, probably need help with their luggage. – Oh my god, I'm nervous. – Me too. – You got your popcorn for this show? – I got my popcorn. – You got your popcorn? – I got my popcorn. – I got candy too and a soda! (ominous music continues) – Oh yeah, you think I'm
a dirty little hamster! – What the (bleep)? – Get out of my face! – Yo shut your mouth,
you dirty little hamster! Oh (bleep)! This is the ghost of dirty
little hamsters past. Yo, who sent you, yo? (guys laugh) – [Pauly] Mike saw a ghost
when he answered the door. – Dirty little hamster. – Never seen Mike so pale in my life. – (mumbles)
– Wait, ya'll did this? – Mic drop! – Do you still think I'm
a dirty little hamster? – No, not at all. I didn't even know you were alive. – Oh!(laughs) – (bleep) you! Oh my god. – Yo Ronnie you got to get the phone, bro. – (laughs) Want me to do it? – Pronto. – Hold on. – Yeah the Situation. – It's Mike. – What up girl? These (bleep) stalker twins
keep callin' the house for Mike. So I decided to play a prank on Mike. – Alright bye. – She really comin'? – She's really gonna come (laughs). – Yeah buddy! Mike is in bed sleeping right now. He has no idea what's about to happen. I didn't think Ronnie had it in him but he came up with a good prank. (Ronnie laughs) Yo let's go. We could go eat. (Ronnie laughs) (doorbell rings) – Deena. – (doorbell rings) – I'm sorry babe. I miss you so much. You didn't? What the (bleep). – [Giovani] What? – This is nice. – The hell? Nothing. Why are they here right now? It's day time. – Who is it? – Who's who? (Mike laughs nervously) – I turn around and I see the twins. – (laughs) Twins.
– (mumbles) – Hi guys, how are you? And I was like, oh my god they found me. (mike laughs nervously) Wow, I didn't even say hello to you. – You told me to come in a hour. I feel bad, you're not ready. – No it's okay. Hi.
– Hey! – How are you?
– Good. – Yeah you know what if you guys want you can wait in here– I have no idea how they got there but I just go with the flow and say, "Alright girls I guess we're
going out for breakfast." – Pronto, pronto. – Chill right here and just gimme a couple minutes to get dressed. – (girl) This is nice. – I'm so confused right now. – How's your beard? What's up buddy? – Yo Jenni.(laughs) (Ronnie squeals) – Oh.
(Ronnie laughs) – [Pauly] Yeah. [Ronnie Laughs] – Who did this? [Ronnie Laughs] – She's crazy. Like they're really waiting. – I know they are.
– They're on the couch waiting. – I know they are. – She wants to know where
she could put her toothbrush. (Ronnie and Mike laugh) – Thanks (mumbles). – Welcome homie. – I'ma be honest with you
twins is not a bad deal. It's not really not a bad deal. – So if you wanna go
to Jenks now, I'm down. – I'm down. – Call a cab. – Mike's on the phone. – Mike we need the phone
like for two seconds. – Alright I have to call you back 'cause Snooks needs to call a cab and I 'll call you right back. – [Sister] Alright, bye. – That was my sister and I
got off the phone with her. – Goin to Jenks.
– Can we call a cab really quick.
– Yeah let her call the cabs. – I'll call the cab for you. – [Snooki] Thank you Mike.
– [Deena] Thank you Mike. – They're like, "We really
need to use the phone." So I was like don't worry
I'll call the taxi for ya. (dialing phone) (line ringing) – It's me and you. Meatball power. (burps) – [Taxi] Taxi. – Yeah hi, I have two
people I'm sending them to Time Square, New York City. – [Taxi] Time Square? – Yeah. – If you're gonna do a prank you really need to get somebody good. And the two passengers in the car think they're going to Jenkinson's. It's a surprise, we're gonna
take them to Time Square. – Yeah. Alrighty. Bye. Bye. You guys are goin' to Jenks. It's on me I'm paying for the taxi. – [Deena] Are you coming?
– Aww Mike! Come with us! – I'll meet you guys there. They think they're goin' to Jenks. But guess what? Your not going to Jenks,
your going to Times Square. See you later baby. – Bye.
– Bye guys. Bye you guys. – We'll be back at eight. – Bye you guys. – Is this a Cadillac? – How classy. Hello sexy! We're gonna be the funnest cab ride ever. People think I'm dumb but
I'm really not that dumb. – [Snooki] You're not dumb. – No. – Do I? – Thank you.
– Yay! You wanna see my (bleep). – No. – If it were up to me I'd be like hurry the (bleep) up.
– Did we pass Point Pleasant? – We're like by Red Bank. – [Snooki] Oh we're doing back way? – We're still going the right way or no? – We're having such a
good time driving to Jenks that we don't realize that
we passed the fricken exit. And we've been in the
car for like an hour now. This is way too long. I think we need to turn around bro. So where the (bleep) are we going? (Snooki laughs) – We realize Mike just sent
team meatballs to the city. – Mike had booked this. – Cool, cool. I am pissed beyond belief
and this is the last straw. This is (bleed) up, I don't
even know what's going on. And this is not funny anymore. – We're gonna remove the couches. – Remove the couches, right? – Remove the beanbag, remove the chairs, empty this bad boy out. – Me and Pauly got everyone out of the house and now we are going to flip this house inside out, literally. – So the couch is gonna be just like this. Like a L. This prank isn't a simple prank. This prank is gonna take
some work, some hard work. But well worth it. Prank wars! – (chuckles) They're
not gonna be our friends anymore after this. – No, I know. This (bleep) is heavy. It's just me and Pauly
and we are liftin' couches and tables and we are
like arranging furniture. – Woo, yeah buddy. – This not only takes
muscle it takes brains and it is exhausting. – This is pretty big, ya know. 58 inches. – Obviously we can't fit
the jacuzzi inside the door so we got like a baby pool to
make believe it's the jacuzzi. (playful music) (air hissing) – This kiddie pool is no joke. But teamwork makes the dream work. Come on bro. Give it one good hard blow. Pinch it with your teeth a little bit. Let's the air in. – See how hard it's comin' out, bro. (guys laughing) (knock on door) Who's at the door? Welcome to prank wars. How can I help you? – Brought some supplies.
– We got some supplies, nice. We need more back up bro. – [Pauly] Yes! – [Vinnie] We're dying. – Five boxes of (mumbles).
– [Vinnie] Nice! – What the hell did you guys do in here? There's nothing in here. – Danny comes over and
he brings the man power. He brings some guys from the T-shirt Shop. And he also brings AstroTurf. Golf anyone? 'Cause we're gonna AstroTurf
the whole living room to make it look like the upstairs deck. Alright, so than the bar will go there. Jacuzzi will go there. And then we'll set up the
couches and stuff here. – Alright sweet. – Alright so let's go. – You wanna get the stuff from up top? – Yeah, yeah let's set up the party deck. – Should we paint the walls blue? – Oh yeah! – It's gonna be awesome
looking down there though with this thing. 'Cause that's how official. That's how elaborate this prank is. That's shock factor right there. – Watch that mirror, you
know it's seven years. – You're gonna see a
hammock in the living room. You're gonna see a pool
in the living room. You're gonna see that
your bed is upstairs. And then when you walk into your room we didn't just take half your stuff, we made your room completely empty. This is awesome. Thanks for your help guys.(laughs) When the roommates walk
in they're gonna be like, "Oh my god, what did they do!" – Later guys. – Thanks a lot man.
– Thank you. I gotta know exactly what happened, you gotta come by and talk. – You got it. – Victory for the prank wars– – He'll never be able to top this, ever, ever, nobody can.
– Ever. – Good luck. – Later. Not bad for a DJ and a
couple t-shirt pressers. – This is the life bro. – I wonder what the poor people are doing? (Vinnie laughs) – Oh, hey guys!
– Hey guys. – How was camping? – What is this! So I walk in and then I'm like, "Oh my god!", like they
just threw us a tiki party. – Cool! D look! – How fun! – Three, two, one. And que the scream. – [Snooki] What the (bleep)! But than I walk into my
room and there's nothing. Like there's no bed, there's no furniture and I'm like, really? Where the (bleep) is my (bleep)? – [Vinnie] What?
– [Pauly] What? – [Vinnie] What are
you guys talkin' about? [Pauly] What are you guys talkin' about? – Oh my god! – What the (bleep)! – How was camping? Jenni's like speechless. The look on her face is priceless and the same thing with Mike. Mike looks even dumber
than he normally looks. – Where's my room? – [Deena] What is going on right now? – [Pauly] What are you guys talkin' about? The robbers came in. – I am freaking out right now. I'm just, did we get robbed? Like, what happened? Where's my (bleep)? – What the hell. Where am I gonna sleep? – [Vinnie] Hey Ron, how was camping? – Where's my room? – I dunno this is the top deck. – [Deena] Pauly! – [Pauly] We're outside. Go inside and check it out. – Oh my god. – Where's my room? – [Deena] What the hell? – Our living room is outside. – Oh my god! – What the (bleep)! – We go to the top deck
and there's all of our beds and dressers and stuffed
toys and stiletto shoes. And I'm just like bastards! You must be kidding me. – (sighs) Just bask in it bro. – [Pauly] I am more than happy with the way operation inside out turns out because this prank ends prank wars. There's no way they could beat us. We are prank war champions.


  1. The fact that Pauly and Vinny had time to take new pictures and replace the old ones shows they have waaayy too much time on their hands lol

  2. I remember when I saw Angelina again for the first time and I couldn’t recognize her cause of how much work she’s had done

  3. the cheese prank on mike should be number 1. he thought the girl he brought home was the source of the smell. they convinced him to call a doctor to ask if vaginas can smell like cheese and mike thought she had a yeast infection.

  4. Sam: Smear it between the sheets lol

    And Idk why Deena's lashes caught my attention when Vinny was sneaking In the pictures

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