The ‘Shore’ Crew Prepares For Jen’s Arrival | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

(upbeat music) – [Host] Tonight, Jersey Shore Family Vacation is all new. – Is Jen coming? – Tonight? Yeah, she's gonna come tonight. – Are we taking her phone and her car? (laughs) – Is she cool with like all this joking around and bleep? – [Ronnie] Yeah, we have fun, like Vin was bleep great time. We bleep drink, we don't bicker, it's like… – [Mike] Ron and Jen's relationship has been very toxic
the past couple months. We've all seen it, big daddy sitch would have to predict that this bleep just gets crazier. Um, as the days go on. Yo, it's so crazy, taters hits Laurens up online all the time, yeah, right. – [Ronnie] Yeah, like friends. – And she's like I can't
wait to do a double date. Next, day Ronnie dragged from a vehicle. I'm like what the bleep. – Ronnie drops charges,
she's like what the bleep? – [Deena] I think she's gonna do a lot of what Ronnie is doing right now, and make jokes about the entire situation. That's what I think. – Yeah, but their not healed from that, so that's a dangerous- – He's physically not even healed. – [Lauren] I know did you see his arm, when he's like this, I was like, I didn't see it that bad. – It is a dangerous place, cus all you gotta do is say something. – Exactly, the tone not
even the wrong thing. – You think she's crazier then you? – Legitimately crazier than me. – [Host] After that, its' back to back episodes of How Far is Tattoo Far? – [Dominique] My name is Dominique, I'm 25, I'm here with my friend Jazmine. We've been friends for three years. – [Jazmine] My name is
Jazmine, I'm 24 years old. My favorite thing about Dominique is she's always down to
do my wild adventures. – [Snooki] You guys are besties, where'd ya meet? – We used to bar tend together at Hooters. – [Nico] A Hooters? – You were Hooters girls? – Nice! – Do you guys party a lot like…? – Yeah, we do we like to go
down to the Shore, Jersey Shore? – I've never heard of it. – What's your guy type? – Bad boys, the worst type the ones you should never talk to. – All girls love that. – And, what's your girl type? – Well, I like girls that are hot. – Ohh, are we bisexuals? – We actually had our own moments. – Cute! – What's that mean? – Like, we have our
threesomes here and there. – Threesomes. – Threesomes? – I've never done a threesome. – I can feel the sexual tension between Dominique and Jazmine. – Their going to mess each other
up for sure, I'm terrified. How do you feel about
the guys that she dates. – I don't like them for her at all. – [Jazmine] We like losers. – Like a bleep boy, they fricken… – Their nothing your
mother would be proud of. – Yeah. The Tattoo that I chose is for Jazmine is to teach her a lesson as far as people she chooses to have in her life. She needs to stop putting a man first if they don't respect her. – And why did you come here today? – Cuz I wanna reveal something to my best friend. – [Snooki] We got a secret. – [Jazmine] I'm really nervous for Dom's reaction, cus if she does say no then I may not be able to continue this
friendship with her. – [Host] If your in the market for more from Snooki or her roomies, check out the new Jersey
Shore YouTube channel. – Oh, jesus. – What?! – Oh yeah! – Fricken nuts! – What the … – Wait, those cameras are recording? – Ahh, what is that? – Oh my god! – What is that? – Can you imagine on another planet there's fishes like us?
And their killing a human. – Stop, we still have to cut his head off. – I love this store. – This is why I shop online. – Unconventional item,
what does that mean? – 4.99 you can't beat that! – Why is she talking to herself? Am I talking to myself? (screams) – We should chug our wine
so it's not in the way. I actually like this, this is cute. – I'd rather jerk
someone off then do this. – Jenni! – Yo, do I have enough
chap stick on, Louie? – Dude, do I have enough
chap stick on, Tony? – It's like putting like a
watermelon into like a pin hole. – Ow, what the… – Holler. – Bring it on, bring it the bleep on. – [Mike] Next thing
you know it, round two! – Bring it on! – Ow, you hit me in the eye Louie! How many bleep times
do I have to tell you! – Come check out the house. This is like where we kick
it at our living room. – We have sleeping guido. – Situation. – What ya call me? – Not guilty, not guilty. – My name is Jenni Farley, I'm from Long Island, New York. – You look like a stripper from 8 Mile. – I do. – Looks like a start to bad porno. Usually we take cash. – I don't have any cash. – We take other forms of payment. – And you can't more better than that. – What a douche! – Watch the guidos. – I don't know about this anymore. – Hello? – This is like Jerry
Springer, Maury type bleep. – Quack, quack, quack. – Bleep – I'm so excited, oh my god. – We killed it. – Killed it. – Get it bitch. – [Host] All this and so much more starts at eight, seven central on MTV.


  1. Angelina told about her past and i understand 100% why she all act like that.
    She didn't get enough attention in her house and she feels like she was nothing and when she go to the old jersey shore house they were actually mean to her, she did mean back. And it was all chaos and wth, but Angelina seems a nice person tbh, she is indeed nuts and is not normal?! But who else is normal in this world? Nobody tho.
    Just forget the past and give her a chance. 😉💯

  2. People talk still shit about Angelina, maybe she changed? Maybe she not like before, she looks much nicer now.

  3. What a sad bunch of losers. Mike S is the biggest creep of them all. He looks like an old transvestite who had too many facelifts and too much botox.

  4. think they should bring sammi and her bf. u know just to see what would happen.. hahaha thisisrome!! WENEEDTOBEENTERTAINED every1hastheirprice i'mabadinfluence

  5. I’m really worried about the safety of Ronnie and his daughter. Jen been arrested before for attempted murder of her ex-husband and putting her son in danger so if she’s willing to do that to her ex husband and son she has no fears doing it to Ronnie and Ariana

  6. When he was with Sam and he would go a day without fighting and he would go on about they don't fight anymore after whole 24 hours lol BUT at 30 and a father you would think one would want to grow up😞

  7. J wow is lookin old unrecognizable to much plastic surgery or Botox roger plz tell her to stop lol 😂

  8. I am so Shocked that they’re still together after she ran him over with a car trying to kill him and I’m so sad for their little girl that she’s going to grow up thinking this abusive relationship it’s OK😭😭😭SMH😔😔

  9. I think it has a lot to do with Ron unless he just likes crazy bitches but he seems to have a string of toxic relationships

  10. If y’all can stop disguising that tattoo show with jersey shore footage and thumbnails that’d be great

  11. If she's crazy in the bed she is crazy in the head any chick that has more than one baby daddy is a nut job only psychotic mentally unstable chicks try to to get pregnant and trap a dude dirty womwn Sam was a good girl top notch classy and never pulled that shit … Ron is the 2nd baby dad she got arrested for assaulting

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