The Shopping Challenge 2017! Sisters Buy Outfits for Eachother! Niki and Gabi

all right so I'm chopping for Gabi I'm going to her bit out there so I don't know if I'll find anything that's Gabi style but it's worth a look so I chose got Nicki things in front of 21 I think it's either a little yeah you're lucky this is going on the main channel yeah Nicki and I are have to shop for each other did I do good through the back and tell me if you think I did good shopping for Nicki would she wear that it's like I was singing like warm tones see what I mean yeah yeah hey guys I'm Nikki and I'm Gabby and today we have a challenge video for you guys that we actually came up with it's different but it was super fun it was totally like hard I don't know what other words to explain this because I don't have Nikki style at all basically if you guys are new to our channel or if you guys have been subscribed for a while you know that Gabby and I have totally totally different styles a lot of the guys say that I'm like edgy bold tomboy and I wear different kind of stuff and a lot of you guys say I'm very classic girly pasta ariana grande meets Kylie Jenner butters helen perris I know Paris all that isn't perfect words we realized that there's a lot of like cool challenges on YouTube but there's no super girly ones for the beauty community there so we kind of wanted to do a challenge called the shopping challenge which basically we shop for each other and vlog it and film it and then on camera we do a haul of what we got each other so basically I'm reacting to what she got me and I'm reacting to what she picked out for me so we're basically gonna be literally reacting to what we bought each other in this video it's gonna be really funny I have no idea what guy I picked out for me we have totally different styles so it's gonna be so fun I have no idea what you got for me pause and subscribe if you haven't done so yeah if you're on a mobile device you can click down below but if you're on a desktop just just click here it was click around enough to change the energy shion's so we're just doing that for the sentimental miss not because it makes sense say I know everything alright guys so come with us shopping all right so I'm shopping for Gabi I'm gonna her bit outfitter so I don't know if I'll find anything that's got a style but it's worth a look so I'm shopping for Nicki this is gonna be really interesting because I don't have any style at all I'm on the lookout for something red she loves red as of lately she loves like blue and red oh my gosh it's so hard to shop for Gabi adopting myself because I'm in the t-shirt section and there's so many cute t-shirts and I have to trust that Gabi is gonna be getting me cute stuff oh wait I see any right here Oh Justin I see where the behind you sure you have oh my gosh this is so Gabby I don't know if she like this but this is like kind of my style but with Nicky's color of course at top that ties up and it's like sad it's like a ballet babydoll pink and it has like four ribbon lace up the front it's like a corset should be look so cute in there maybe she liked that so these are mine me of like Marc Jacobs meets Ariana Grande and it's like super dainty and like girly with the flowers so I think I'm gonna get these for Gabby ooh these we boot cute with the sandals it's not a Nikki outfit unless i pair it with fishnets so sorry Gabby you're gonna go fishnets today would she be like a seven I don't know I have I do not have a style at all but I know she wears like whatever is trendy smells like a Polly Pocket yeah Nikki would like me can we please just throw it like a really random thing like the key reaction everything is weird so I'm looking at these jackets because they scream Nikki but I'm pretty sure she has like every bomber jacket in the face of the planet like I keep thinking of her Instagram this would go did I get this so the first store we shopped in was obviously Urban Outfitters and you guys saw what we bought each other but she doesn't know what I bought her and I don't know what she bought me so let's swap bags and see what we got each other from Urban Outfitters oh these are cute I could have worn these today with this jumpsuit out of it with the pastel scabby loves the flip-flops wait these are so cute I thought it I don't know they look like Marc Jacobs like yeah no totally they look so cute it looks like my favorite perfume that Daisy won oh my god it's so cute I love these I'm gonna keep these oh my gosh I got this light pink satin tie up corset top and for those divas on the blog footage you know I am learning it like why look at your bag oh my god and the next thing I got you guys with this goes the flip-flops oh my gosh these are like pastel pink like socks that are fishnet they're so cute oh my god I'd wear this with healed I personally picture them with the flip-flops but I would wear that with heels I always wear heels at least you'd wear them hey let's see what Gabby got me whoo oh my god I haven't worn out hot like this is like our fall lookbook of like 2014 oh my god I forgot how much I like hats why why did you get me a hat what was behind this please just throw it like really random they like what's your reaction well though I like it but I always like kind of making fun of it in the vlog but I knew you would like it so like I was like so good well I knew you would like it so I guess I still got it can we please just throw it like a really random please like let's see reaction well I'm gonna keep it I love it oh my gosh I was looking at these jelly sandals in around Paterno's if they're so cute oh my god I'm actually happy you got me these because I passed them I was like dang and I wish I was shopping for myself and urban oh ok ok I needed a shoot in this this screams like bebe Rexha Halsey like it is monitoring where I'm going a blingy choker with it oh my gosh I love this what size is it the small key good oh that's a lady big I feel like this is like Christmas I know wait so far we're doing a good job so far oh my gosh I never you know what when I go shopping I never get myself rompers for dresses I always get jeans t-shirts or bomber jackets like I don't have enough of these there's this so cute and be honest cool and warm tones of color and the material I love it oh my god only thing I'm suddenly confused about was the hat but I dig it good just like it's random yeah look at the random like it's not fall time but like it's cute yeah yeah we have more oh my gosh we had a great forever 21 so now we're in forever 21 and Jessie's gonna help you shop I found an icky section for Nikki those don't look like something Gabi would wear me shut up okay so I'm looking in like a Gabi looking section and I see the bomber jacket which I get that I like bomber jackets more but it's a light purple sheer bomber jacket and it says roll with me which is super cute eyes like a roller skate super retro vintage it's vintagey I kind of want to get this for her yeah she wears it does she I wish her boyfriend that camera guy could tell me what she has but she doesn't have Niki's notorious for wearing a bra under fishnet really bride tribe does it make sense but it looks like there might be like Judy Couture and like Gaby style so I couldn't help myself I was standing on the second floor and I saw this weird freaking top and I remember when it get a little used to laugh about on views embedded and I was like oh she actually might wear this I'm a huge table person and I think so I just got Nicki bangs and firm at 21 I think it's either a little you're lucky this is going on the main channel yeah Nicki and I are have two shot for each other did I do good go through the back and tell me if you think I did good shopping for Nicki would she wear that act like I was thinking like warm tones see what I mean yeah yeah this is what I've got Gabby in forever 21 I added a touch of Nicki flavour to her word where I try I'm not getting married it doesn't make sense built-in Juicy Couture cute though I know I loosen up in the blog footage I was like bride tried makes no sense but it looks like Juicy Couture so you like it though you know I love it I thought it was like super generous the thing though is like that's a thing yeah have you gone to Coachella oh no I didn't know how you feel about that I thought it was different for your style I think you you wear a lot of the same things all the time and I feel like this is a mix of your style mixed with what's super trendy right now so I thought like wear a bra with it yeah like I pictured like a lace like pink bra one I'll take a glam chalk secret to try it for sure it's just my first reaction just like why is there a roller skate with wings I don't I feel random and cute you got to learn the red the blue key yeah okay I'll try anything cute this is so funny mmm there wait Rose golden like they're tinted like pink and the sheets oh my gosh you're so cute oh my gosh thank you you like them yes you should probably look through your bag something pretty big and I had a field day in forever 21 with you Frankenstein is that you hi guys what do you think comment down below what do you think about the Frankenstein shoe oh okay make sure I'd like that under oh this is cute ooh I dig it oh my god I love this I've been wearing bathing suit tops as top saline yeah that's right I got her as a good top oh my god I love it oh my god forget what it says on this bad but does it look good on is the question I can't tell from the viewfinder but I like the color in the font and I like what it says the last thing you got are you making fun of my style no it's beavis and butt-head I feel like I don't wear this but I would hope nobody knew that it was beavis and butt-head on the shirt is like me oh my gosh I'm getting this for Gabby it's rose-gold done it's different I think she's like this it's like I have some color and it's a bodysuit I think this is so I think she's gonna like this I had to stop at Victoria Secret because I was walking by it and I was like you know what this is a Gabby store plus you gotta be a lot of purple oh my gosh yes I wanted this rose gold top so bad oh my gosh you love it oh I'm obsessed wearing this tonight and then the last thing I got you I thought it was different but I could see you definitely wearing it I love this I would wear this with jeans I would wear this with a cute little like romper Sperry wearing it going out ya know I would love to wear this this was really successful I hope that you guys enjoyed this we tried something different we wanted to do a haul and then we wanted to do a challenge that we made up of some sort some are like you know what why don't we shop for each other and bring you guys along with it combined it's like a hall sized shopping with us slash challenge so I hope you guys enjoyed it seriously if you want more something like this like let us know in the comments down below we're really trying to be like super creative and different so like if you have any weird ideas even if you think they're weird like still combat them because yeah we just love seeing what you guys promise and we take suggestions so yeah please do that and also get ready for more summer videos on our channel we are so excited I know and if you guys are new to the channel and you're wondering where we are we're in LA in my LA room in our LA apartment so yeah we're like all over the place but we're always to of from Pennsylvania and LA so I hope you guys enjoyed this video let us know in the comments down below which item with your favorite and see you guys in the next one bye


  1. I like Gabi more bc I feel like she is more genuine with her personality and owns her style more. Niki tries too hard to be like everyone else

  2. I wish you guys would of tried them on but luv this video

    Gabi would dig that rose gold top from Victoria secret my fave

  3. TURNED ON NOTIFICATIONSπŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ””πŸ”” OMG I AM Y'ALLS BIGGEST FAN

  4. Hey why don't you do a celeb drive threw whatever the person in front orders so basically as celebs you do the whatever the person in front orders

  5. Then: Guys We Have TOTALLY different styles
    In the Shop: Literally Buy The Same Things For Each other

  6. For Niki those shoes are just not lookin good on her but Gabi those would look good with your pink offits

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